OSWtv Meets… Damien

NameΒ – Damien
Main Promotion(s) – WrestleZone
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Before we go any further, congratulations on becoming Undisputed WrestleZone Champion at Halloween Hijinks. How did it feel holding that belt knowing that it was now yours?

Thank you very much! Regaining the Undisputed championship was a great achievement and a high point on what has been a very interesting and enjoyable few months for me!

Let’s get some of the standard questions out of the way, how did you get into wrestling and what was the moment that got you hooked in?

I’d say I wasn’t truly hooked until the attitude era, I enjoyed watching wrestling before that when I came across it on tv and had a few WWF shows on VHS but never watched it religiously. It wasn’t until I had cable in my room that I was able to watch wrestling every week, I think the real ‘hooked’ moment was staying over at my friends for Wrestlemania 14, it was my first live ppv and with the build up and the pay off of Shawn/Austin being as great as it was I knew that was me fully converted!

You’ve been wrestling for quite a number of years in Scotland, what made you decide that this is something you wanted to do and how did you get started?

My friends and I had always spoke about how great it would be to go to a school and learn to wrestle, but when we were younger we thought the only schools would be down in England, we thought it would never be more than just talk, until years later a friend of a friend got in touch telling us he was opening his own school and promotion in Kirkcaldy called Wrestlezone and asked if we wanted to come down. Luckily we had a few people who could drive within our friend group so we jumped at the chance! Wrestlezone Kirkcaldy didn’t quite work out, but it was able to evolve and turn into the Wrestlezone you see today so it all worked out for the best if you ask me.

Who have been your biggest influences when it comes to your style and/or character? Be it from a training standpoint or a personality that you look at for inspiration.

I try to draw influences from as many sources as possible, as I feel all styles have things that we can learn from and utilize. Younger influences ranged from guys like Raven, Chris Jericho and Christopher Daniels, as a smaller guy myself I really looked to these guys and how they made themselves fit in amongst bigger wrestlers. Over the last 5 years or so my style has shifted alot to a faster paced, hard hitting, aggressive style, watching wrestlers like Sami Callahan have really helped me adapt myself into a style that I’m much more naturally comfortable with and feel like I suit.

From a training standpoint I feel a owe a lot to Johnny Lions. He helped in the start so much in terms of picking up the basics, ring positioning, giving out to the crowd, all the things that I feel people can take for granted once they get past the ‘basics’ stage but is always very fundamentally important, he was also very supportive and encouraging. Having Aspen Faith around is also very helpful. Guaranteed if you have an idea in your head he knows an Indy wrestler on a random show from years ago who did it once and can remember exactly how the move is done, the guy is a well of wrestling moves!

You’ve faced a great deal of opponents from Chris Archer to Tyler Bate, have there been any matches or opponents that have stood out as favourites over the years?

Obviously wrestling Tyler Bate was a great personal achievement and a fantastic experience for me. That would probably stand out as my favourite match I’ve had so far. I’ve been fortunate enough to have wrestled or even fueded with most of the Wrestlezone roster and had a blast helping create great moments with them all. Such a talented yet overlooked bunch up here in my opinion.

I also put a lot of importance on a period around 7 years ago and the matches I was having around that time. I went from wrestling guys of a similar experience level to wrestling guys of a much higher level than myself, wrestlers like the super talented Bingo Balance, Lionheart, BT Gunn, Joe Coffey to name a few and all within a short period of time, it was a very steep learning curve but really helped me come along in terms of the things I needed to work on and get better at.

What has been your top highlights in your career so far?

Aberdeen Anarchy each year is always a very special time, the excitement and buzz surrounding that event each year is felt by all, from fans to the workers to the staff and everyone tries their utmost to live upto and surpass that buzz!

For me though nothing can top that moment when you conclude a story, win or lose, like for example when Bryan Tucker won the Undisputed championship at the cloverleaf and the crowd came undone! The crowd hugging, high fiving and crying tears of joy that night, no cares over what is ‘cool’ and how they should act. More recently, when I won the Undisputed championship from Shawn Johnson, the reaction from the crowd that night was incredible and very humbling. Feeling that pure emotion from a crowd who have fully invested their time and emotions into what we are doing genuinely can’t be beaten for me.

You mainly ply your trade in the North East at WrestleZone, a company with an ever-growing reputation for high quality family friendly wrestling, you also made a couple of appearances at Discovery Wrestling when they started running shows, are there any companies that you have on a ‘bucket list’ that you’d like to compete in in the future?

Yeah there are a few. Discovery are a great promotion that I had alot of fun wrestling for and they have only gotten bigger and better since then, couldn’t be happier for that Alan and Alex have created. Hey, also heard they have a rumble coming up soon…

Obviously would like to one day wrestle for ICW, they have something very unique and special down there. Always liked the Allstar wrestling shows too, I think they’d be alot of fun to work! Would jump to wrestle for SWA/Source too, heard nothing but good things about them. Reckless Intent have built up a great following from nothing too, alot of respect for that.

Still on that ‘bucket list’, as far as dream matches go, are there any wrestlers that you would like to face from the current British wrestling scene and/or worldwide?

If looking to worldwide then Sami Callihan definitely!

Originally battle of the nation’s was meant to feature Pete Dunne before he had to pull out due to WWE commitments, I don’t know what the original plans were, but it ended up being me vs Tyler Bate. Definatly wouldn’t say no to Me vs Pete Dunne…

Closer to home I can’t wait for the day myself vs Aspen Faith happens! Would love to wrestle BT Gunn again! Nathan Cruz, Martin Kirby and El Ligero are also top class wrestlers I’d love to wrestle and learn from.

Where do you see Damien in five years time?

I have absolutely no idea! I still see myself involved in wrestling in some capacity, so long as I feel I can still perform to my own high standards and have something to offer I’ll still be here, hopefully wiser and not picking fights with monsters like Crusher Craib!

And finally, where can we find you on the world wide web and where can folks grab that snazzy Damien tee?

Facebook – The Revolutionary – Damien

Twitter – @damienWZ

You can get the tee amongst other merch at any wrestlezone show I’m at or by messaging direct on the above platforms. Thanks!

Our thanks goes to Damien for taking part in our OSWtv Meets series.