Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘Uncivil War’ (Billy)

November 5th 2017 | The Jam House | Edinburgh

It’s full steam ahead has Discovery Wrestling have lined up another packed line up in Edinburgh. Even though I’m two events behind with reviews here on BritWres Review, one of which I aim to get done as soon as possible, in the meantime let’s take a look at Uncivil War, the culmination of all the tournaments Discovery Wrestling have been running this year. The Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational, the Woman’s Championship and the Tag Team Championships winners will be decided at this event.

Originally British Strong Style where to make their debut but due to WWE commitments they were no longer able to appear, the loss of Seven, Bate and Dunne looked to be Discovery’s gain as favourite Matt Riddle returns to Discovery with a huge opportunity to add another shiny belt to his growing collection.

Riddle faces the new Discovery Wrestling Y Division Champion, Joe Coffey. Joe vs Bro at The Jam House. Riddle is 1-1 in Discovery whereas Coffey has an impressive win-loss record plus he has faced the best the world has to offer in Disco like Ciampa, Lethal and Ohno. He won the Y Division Championship in a match many have hailed as the best in Discovery Wrestling history. A strong start to the reign of Coffey and he comes up against a seriously strong challenger. The former champion, Lewis Girvan, must be watching this one closely as he will be due a rematch in the near future.

Girvan will be busy that night when he goes up against the debuting El Ligero. Ligero is one of the busiest wrestlers in the country, you get booked everywhere unless you are one of the best in the country and Ligero is certainly that. Girvan’s 666 day reign as Y Division Champion ended in a spectacular fashion, he will be out to regain the momentum that powered him through that 600 day plus reign with a win over the lightning quick masked man. Expect Lewis to try and slow down the pace from the get go and attempt to tie up Ligero. This will be a phenomenal match.

Lewis won’t be the only King of Catch in action as Aspen Faith has, possibly, the biggest match of his young career when he enters as the finalist of The Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational. He’s up against Rampage Brown, who defeated Mikey Whiplash on route to the final. You have the power of Rampage and the technic of Faith who will have no doubt scouted Rampage for any weaknesses. The only problem with that is that Rampage has very few flaws, he’s got the strength, a lot of speed for a man his size and doesn’t seem to have a conscious when it comes to inflicting pain. Faith is coming in as the underdog but has found, not always legal, ways to get past opponents before and will be out to claim himself a future Y Division Championship opportunity.

With the tournaments wrapping up, one feud looks set to conclude when Michael Chase and Christopher Saynt square off. If Chase wins, The House of Saynt will disband in Discovery Wrestling, however, if Saynt wins then Chase can’t touch or go near anyone in The House of Saynt. This war has been raging on for months with an end in sight, will Saynt have one more trick up his sleeve?

Rescheduled due to the match stoppage at the last event, the Discovery Wrestling Woman’s Champion will be crowned when Sammii Jayne, Martina and Lucy Cole return but due to scheduling conflicts Nina Samuels couldn’t return, instead the current number one contender Ayesha Raymond takes her place while Samuels has been promised a shot that the championship in the future. I did a big breakdown of the four competitors previously but the inclusion of the only English entrant in the WWE Mae Young Classic throws a spanner into the works, the powerhouse has already got a bone to pick with Martina seeing as she was the reason that Raymond wasn’t in this match in the first place. Cole will be entering with some trepidation as it was due to an injury she had suffered that the match was called off, that leaves Sammii Jayne, The Queen of Catch. I’m still in the thought that Jayne is the favourite to win this one and be crowned the inagural Discovery Wrestling Woman’s Champion, will it be second time lucky?

Tag Team Champions will also be crowned when four teams enter Uncivil War, a four way elimination match where the last team standing will be crowned Discovery Wrestling’s first Tag Team Champions. Let’s take a look at the teams involved:

Dave Conrad & Deviation | Defeated The Fabulous Bakewells To Qualify

A bit of an odd-but-not-so-odd couple of two beasts in Dave Conrad and Deviation. They haven’t teamed up often but have some surprising chemistry when they get going. Could fly under the rader in this and sneak an upset.

The Buffet Club (Gene Munny & Uncle Bobby) | Defeated The Headbanders To Qualify

The Buffet Club have been a staple in Discovery Wrestling for a long time, they’ve made some enemies along the way, including Polo Promotions who aren’t in this match following The Buffet Club’s intervention. If Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey are in Edinburgh, they might want to view the final themselves. Munny and ‘Your Uncle Bobby’ are an unorthodox team and it’s that unpredictibility that may follow them to being crowned Tag Team Champions.

Kid Fite & Krieger | Defeated The House of Saynt To Qualify

Originally due to the Fight Club, Liam Thomson could no longer compete and has been replaced by the debuting Krieger who is putting in an impressive body of work right now in Scotland. A graduate of the PBW Academy that Kid Fite owns, Fite will have had a hand in teaching Krieger everything he knows. Fite is wily, having been no stranger to tag team gold, this will be his playground to cause some havoc.

The New Age Kliq (BT Gunn & Chris Renfrew) | Defeated The Kings of the North & Polo Promotions To Qualify

Highly decorated, faced possibly the hardest fight to get into Uncivil War and aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. Could say The New Age Kliq are a favourite heading into this one.

Also on the card is a triple threat with some young talent including the debuting ‘Turbo’ Josh Terry, the returning Delsin Dayre and the high flying Lucha DS. A blink and you’ll miss it match to round off a packed line up taking place at The Jam House.

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Matches Announced:
Lewis Girvan vs El Ligero
Michael Chase vs Christopher Saynt
Triple Threat – Lucha DS vs Josh Terry vs Delsin Dayre
Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Final – Rampage Brown vs Aspen Faith
Discovery Wrestling Woman’s Championship – Fatal Four Way – Sammii Jayne vs Session Moth Martina vs Lucy Cole vs Ayesha Raymond
Discovery Wrestling Tag Team Championships – Uncivil War – Buffet Club (Gene Munny & Uncle Bobby) vs Dave Conrad & Deviation vs The New Age Kliq (BT Gunn & Chris Renfrew) vs Kid Fite & Krieger
Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship – Joe Coffey (c) vs Matt Riddle