12 Reviews of Christmas: W3L ‘Remedy 2017’


On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, W3L Remedy 2017, ICW Fear & Loathing X, ICW Appetite for Destruction and WrestleZone Battle of the Nations 2015.

The World Wide Wrestling League made their way to the Buckhaven Community Centre earlier this year as they presented their first mega event of the year, Remedy. With Joe Fordyce on commentary, Stevie Wizard introduced the show before we got into the first contest of the evening.

El Technico def. Johnny Lions by Pinfall

The opening match featured a returning El Technico facing off with “Tenacious” Johnny Lions. Technico used his speed and agility to outmatch The Tenacious One. Lions busted out some of his trademark moves, including the Lion Bite and the Tenacious Gunn before being clotheslined over the ropes and down to ringside, where he was met with a suicide dive. As the action returned to the ring, Lions overpowered El Technico and grounded him with a great cradle DDT for a near fall. Technico soon grounded Lions and connected with a big splash off the top for the three count. A fairly random ending but a fine match nonetheless.

W3L Women’s Championship
Leah Owens def. Sara (c) by Pinfall

The first of three title matches was next as Sara defended her Women’s Championship against Leah Owens. A handshake began the match as each women showed respect to the other, but it wasn’t long before the masked Leah began using the ropes to choke the champion. Sara bounced back from this with some beautiful snap suplexes. As she attempted a roundhouse kick, Owens shoved Sara into the referee. Sara knocked Leah off her feet with the roundhouse kick to the side of the head but the referee was still recovering. With the champion distracted, Leah rolled her up for the three count as the referee came back into it. Sara begrudgingly handed the gold to Leah after the match before walking off, ignoring a handshake from the new champion.

W3L Tag Team Championships
The Contingency Plan (Dickie Divers & Taylor Bryden) (c) def. Gainz N Games (Jason Reed & Kevin Williams) by DQ

The third match of the show saw The Contingency Plan putting their Tag Team Championships on the line against Gainz N Games. Dickie Divers and Taylor Bryden kept Kevin Williams isolated in their corner, distracting the referee to beat him down. The Super Wrestling Entertainment System fought back and dropped Bryden with a full nelson bomb before avoiding a Divers running crossbody as he finally tagged in Jason Reed. Reed was bursting with energy after entering the ring, with clotheslines all around. After the referee got taken out (two matches in a row, bad night for the ref crew), Taylor Bryden brought in a steel chair and slid it towards his partner. Instead of clobbering Reed, Divers smacked the chair on the mat and tossed it to the cheeky wrestler before dropping to the mat. As the referee got back to his feet, he put the pieces together and disqualified Gainz N Games after assuming Jason Reed had used the chair on Dickie Divers.

Royal Open Challenge
Dave Jeremi def. Prince Asad by Pinfall

Prince Asad was in the ring and issued a Royal Open Challenge, which was accepted by Dave Jeremi. The larger Jeremi busted out some dropkicks early in the contest, causing Asad to roll out to ringside. Jeremi followed and lit up the chest of Asad with some stiff chops before the action returned to the ring, with Asad superkicking Jeremi right in the jaw. Jeremi regained the advantage and planted Asad with a Michinoku driver, a move he calls The ACE, for the pinfall.

Ladder Match for the W3L Heavyweight Championship
Nathan Reynolds (c) def. Mike Musso

Main event time as Nathan Reynolds put his Heavyweight Championship up for grabs (literally) against Mike Musso in a Ladder Match. Both men used the ladders to their advantage, with Reynolds dropping Musso onto a ladder on the apron with a brutal looking bulldog, before delivering a jumping splash with a ladder on Musso’s chest. Musso got payback later on however, as he dropped Reynolds on a ladder leaning against the apron with a Blunt Force Trauma fireman’s carry DDT. The action went up to the stage, where Reynolds speared Musso. As Musso took control, he climbed the ladder but was interrupted by The Very Good Euan G. Mackie, who sprayed mist in the eyes of The Merchandise. Mackie shoved Musso off the ladder before yanking down on the rope that was holding the belt to take it all down. Reynolds retrieved the title to be declared the winner.

The full show can be watched right now on YouTube;

Quick Results
El Technico def. Johnny Lions by Pinfall
W3L Women’s Championship – Leah Owens def. Sara (c) by Pinfall
W3L Tag Team Championships – The Contingency Plan (c) def. Gainz N Games by DQ
Royal Open Challenge – Dave Jeremi def. Prince Asad by Pinfall
Ladder Match for the W3L Heavyweight Championship – Nathan Reynolds (c) def. Mike Musso