12 Reviews of Christmas: Discovery Wrestling ‘Year Three’


On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, Discovery Wrestling Year Three, ICW 5th Annual Square Go! MatchWrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy 2015WrestleZone Battle of the Nations 2014WrestleZone Regal Rumble 2015PBW Academy Attack 5WrestleZone Christmas Chaos (Comes Early!)W3L Remedy 2017ICW Fear & Loathing XICW Appetite for Destruction and WrestleZone Battle of the Nations 2015.

Discovery Wrestling made their way to the Edinburgh Corn Exchange on Saturday September 16th 2017 for a huge show to celebrate their third anniversary, featuring former WWE star Lisa Marie Varon and ROH’s resident party enthusiast Dalton Castle in action. Randy Valentine ran down the huge card before a video package played highlighting the history of Discovery Wrestling, followed by another package focusing on the main event before we got into the first match of the night.

Before we begin, it’s worth mentioning that the footage of the Women’s Championship Elimination Match between Sammii Jayne, Nina Samuels, Lucy Cole and Martina was cut from the edited event due to an unfortunate injury sustained by Cole.

Intergender Match
If The House of Saynt win, Michael Chase can never face Christopher Saynt in a Discovery Wrestling ring again.
If Michael Chase’s team win, he will earn the right to face Christopher Saynt at Uncivil War.
If Michael Chase goes on to win that match aswell, The House of Saynt will be forced to split up.
Michael Chase, Lou King Sharp & Lisa Marie Varon def. The House of Saynt (Christopher Saynt, Theo Doros & Jayla Dark) w/other members by Pinfall

The House of Saynt’s Christopher Saynt, Theo Doros and Jayla Dark made their way to the ring for the opening match, accompanied by some of the other members, who presented the audience with an entrance to remember. As Lou King Sharp and his bestest friend in the whole world Michael Chase stepped through the curtain, LKS broke the news that talks for The Undertaker to be their third partner had fallen through. Luckily for them, Chase introduced Lisa Marie Varon as the three stormed the ring where Chase immediately came over the top rope with a huge suicide dive. Back in the ring, The House of Saynt isolated Lou King Sharp and beat him down before he could tag in Michael Chase. Chase went to town on The House of Saynt before everyone got their main moves in. Varon laid out Dark with her signature Widow’s Peak before Sharp dove off the shoulders of Chase, who was perched on the top rope, with a diving headbutt on Theo Doros for the three count. After the match, Lisa kicked Doros in the face before everyone made their way to the back.

Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational: Semifinals
Aspen Faith def. Chris Ridgeway by Pinfall

In the first of two Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Semifinals as Aspen Faith faced Chris Ridgeway. As expected, this was a very technical bout between two of the UK’s best with Ridgeway using his vicious kicks to fight off Faith in the early going. Early in the match, Ridgeway locked in a cross-legged STF, a move that isn’t used enough in wrestling. As The King of Catch went to the outside, Ridgeway went to the ring apron and performed a stiff penalty kick before they got back in the ring at the count of 9. Aspen used some technical holds in an attempt to wear down Smashmouth, but the hard-hitting Englishman countered with a headstand to escape a headscissors. A striking exchange ensued between both men, with Faith using vicious forearm strikes while Ridgeway used his kicks. As the match progressed, Aspen snapped Chris’ fingers twice before planting him with a Tombstone Piledriver for a one count! Aspen couldn’t believe it and followed with a Tombstone Thunderbird for the three count to advance to the finals. After declining his handshake at the start of the match, Aspen offered his hand to Smashmouth after the match who responded with a massive roundhouse kick.

Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational: Semifinals
Rampage Brown def. Mikey Whiplash by Pinfall

In the second Semifinal, it was a powerhouse collision as Leeds’ Rampage Brown faced “The Necromancer” Mikey Whiplash. Whiplash focused his attack on the legs of Rampage throughout the match with the colossal Englishman showing brief glimpses of a comeback as he attempted to pull Whiplash off the ropes for his signature piledriver but Whiplash knocked him off. Rampage managed to come back later in the match after shoving Whiplash off and over the ropes, before connecting with a diving clothesline, something not often seen from him. As Rampage was beating down Whiplash in the corner, The Necromancer managed to pull himself up on to the ropes but Rampage caught him and spiked him into the mat with a piledriver for the three count as he joined Aspen Faith in the finals of the 2017 Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational.

Triple Threat Uncivil War Qualifier
The New Age Kliq (Chris Renfrew & BT Gunn) def. Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) and The Kings of the North (Bonesaw & Damien Corvin) by Pinfall

Next up was a Triple Threat Match between The New Age Kliq, Polo Promotions and the debuting Kings of the North, with the winner earning the fourth and final spot in the Uncivil War Finals. As much as I’d heard of The Kings of the North from their work in OTT, this was my first time seeing a full match of theirs and they’re two big brutes. Later in the match, both Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey were the legal men so they started dancing instead of trying to pin each other. I mean, they would still win. As the match broke, BT Gunn slapped everyone in sight, including referee Sean McLaughlin and his own partner Chris Renfrew, before diving off the ropes on to everyone else at ringside and then he took Mark Coffey over the barrier with a clothesline. As it looked like Polo Promotions were honing in on victory, Buffet Club member Uncle Bobby appeared to distract Jackie Polo, allowing Nina Samuels to enter and low blow The King of Chat. As Coffey chased them to the back, The New Age Kliq performed a superkick/T-Virus combo on Damien Corvin to be the fourth and final team in the Uncivil War Finals.

Joe Hendry def. Dalton Castle w/The Boys by Pinfall

Dalton Castle made his way to the ring for the next with The Boys in tow, before we got a Joe Hendry special entrance as a video played of ‘Why Does Dalton Castle Need to Fly?’, something we don’t usually see nowadays due to his prestigious character. With both men having amateur wrestling backgrounds, there was a lot of mat-based offence before The Party Peacock started mocking The Prestigious One with his trademark antics. This only made Hendry angry, as he slammed Castle into the ring post. Back in the ring, Hendry kept going for the Hendry Lock but Dalton managed to counter and attempt his signature Bang-A-Rang. Hendry reversed it into a surprise rollup for the three count as he scampered through the crowd with the victory in hand.

Matt Riddle def. Dave Conrad by Pinfall

With Discovery owner Alan Smith still in the ring after drawing the raffle, he was interrupted by “The Alpha Male” Dave Conrad. Conrad told Alan he better have an opponent for him, otherwise it would be the two of them facing off. As Alan headed up the aisle, he introduced Conrad’s opponent as “The King of Bros” Matt Riddle. Riddle entered to a huge ovation and rightly so, seeing as he’s one of the best going. He managed to get out of everything Conrad tried to do, but The Alpha Male managed to get plenty of offence in. Riddle nailed a huge jumping senton, but Conrad got his knees up as Riddle went for a second one. Later in the match, Riddle performed a Bro to Sleep and a bridging German suplex for a two count before countering Conrad’s powerslam into a leaping Tombstone Piledriver for a one count. Riddle nailed Conrad with a bicycle knee strike before Conrad retaliated with a stiff headbutt, causing both men to fall over with Riddle landing on top for the three count. Perfect ending. Riddle wanted a handshake after but The Alpha Male left instead.

2 out of 3 Falls Match for the Y Division Championship
Joe Coffey def. Lewis Girvan (c) 2-1

Main event time, as “Mr Discovery Wrestling” Lewis Girvan put his Y Division Championship on the line against “The Iron Man” Joe Coffey in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match. The match started slow but picked up not long after as Girvan performed the first of many double foot stomps diving off the barrier. Coffey took control when the two went back in the ring, where Girvan loosened one of the turnbuckles and shoved Coffey into it face-first before dropping him with the Saturday Crush brainbuster for the first fall of the match. Coffey came back into it in the second fall as he threw himself over the barrier and into the crowd, where the champion grabbed someone’s handbag and used it as a weapon, before nailing a leaping senton while Coffey was laid out across some chairs. Coffey performed a Giant Swing in the crowd before the action returned to ringside, with Girvan nailing a jumping cutter on the ring apron. After he missed an enzuigiri in the ring, Coffey regained the advantage and performed a discus lariat for the second fall. As the third fall began, Coffey took Girvan off the top rope with a ring-shaking superplex before the champion pulled the referee in front of a Joe Coffey dropkick. The Iron Man countered another Saturday Crush and performed a discus lariat. As another referee ran out, he was blindsided by Aspen Faith. Together, The Kings of Catch nailed a number of superkicks on Coffey before dropping him with an Apter Burner. As another referee entered, Coffey surprisingly kicked out at two. Girvan locked Coffey in his own No Mercy submission hold before Coffey locked in Girvan’s signature Peacemaker. Aspen pulled the referee out of the ring as Girvan tapped, prompting Faith to be ejected from ringside. Coffey got Girvan in the No Mercy and repeatedly stomped on his head, forcing Girvan to tap and end his record-breaking title reign at 666 days. Girvan awarded Coffey the title after the match, before the new champion thanked Discovery management for giving him the opportunities as the show came to an end.

Fall 1 to Lewis Girvan by Pinfall
Fall 2 to Joe Coffey by Pinfall
Fall 3 to Joe Coffey by Submission

The show is available to watch over on YouTube right now;

Quick Results
Intergender Match – Michael Chase, Lou King Sharp & Lisa Marie Varon def. The House of Saynt w/other members by Pinfall
Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational – Aspen Faith def. Chris Ridgeway by Pinfall
Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational – Rampage Brown def. Mikey Whiplash by Pinfall
Triple Threat Uncivil War Qualifier – The New Age Kliq def. Polo Promotions and The Kings of the North by Pinfall
Joe Hendry def. Dalton Castle w/The Boys by Pinfall
Matt Riddle def. Dave Conrad by Pinfall
2 out of 3 Falls Match for the Y Division Championship – Joe Coffey def. Lewis Girvan (c) 2-1