Review: WrestleZone ‘Summerhill Showdown 2018’


WrestleZone held their opening show of 2018 this past Saturday night as they presented Summerhill Showdown, live from Aberdeen’s Summerhill Hotel. On a night where Grado and Scotty Swift were making their returns and Leah Owens was making her debut, all three of WrestleZone’s titles were on the line. By the end of the night, it certainly left a statement on what’s to come for WrestleZone in 2018.

WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
Aspen Faith w/Sammii Jayne def. Zach Dynamite (c) w/Bradley Evans by Pinfall

The first match saw Zach Dynamite accompanied by Bradley Evans putting the Tri-Counties Championship on the line against former champion Aspen Faith, who had Sammii Jayne in his corner. As soon as the bell rang, Aspen delivered a dropkick through the ropes on Evans before he and Dynamite brawled up to the back of the Summerhill Hotel. They eventually made their way back to the ring, with Dynamite relying on some stiff strikes. Aspen took control and went for his trademark springboard moonsault, but Dynamite caught him mid-flight with a dropkick to the lower back. As he locked in an Anaconda Vice, Aspen used the ropes to counter the momentum and roll over but his attempt at a piledriver was countered with a back body drop. Sammii got on the apron to distract the champion, but instead dove off the apron with a double knee strike to the chest of Bradley Evans. Dynamite connected with his signature running knee strike before climbing to the top rope. Sammii again got on the apron to distract Fully Loaded, allowing Aspen to crotch him on the turnbuckles and plant him in to the mat with a piledriver for the three count to regain the Tri-Counties Championship. As Aspen and Sammii headed back through the curtain, Evans helped Dynamite back to his feet but out of nowhere, Zach blindsided Bradley. The former champion locked Evans in an Anaconda Vice as officials tried breaking it up. Zach let the fans know that he never needed them before heading backstage.

Crusher Craib w/Richard R. Russell def. Scotty Swift by DQ

“The Creator of Carnage” Crusher Craib was accompanied to ringside by Sterling Oil strategist Richard R. Russell as he faced the man he put on the shelf a number of months ago Scotty Swift. Crusher and Scotty wasted no time getting things started as they brawled around ringside, using the ring posts to their advantage. Crusher delivered a brutal snap suplex to Swift on the floor of the venue before hammering away at his back. As the action finally entered the ring, the two traded nearfalls with Swift taking control as he focused his attention on the leg of The Creator of Carnage, perhaps looking to eliminate the Big Boot finisher from Crusher’s arsenal. Crusher was able to fight back and connected with a Black Hole Slam but it was only goo enough for a two count. Crusher headed to ringside and grabbed a steel chair, but Swift dodged the attack. Scotty took the chair for himself and despite pleads from the crowd not to cost himself the match, he snapped and drove the chair into the ribs of Crusher. Referee Mikey Innes had no choice but to disqualify Swift as the pair brawled back to the locker room.

WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) (c) def. Andy Wild & Jason Reed by Pinfall

Rounding off the first half was the first defence of The Rejected’s newly-won Tag Team Championships, as they defended against the formidable duo of Andy Wild and Jason Reed. Wild and Reed attacked the champions before the bell rang, but Archer and Vago were able to get back into it not long after by crushing Reed against the ropes. The cheeky wrestler was able to tag the larger Wild into the ring, allowing the challengers to regain the advantage and isolate Mikkey Vago in their corner. The Heavy Metal Hooligan fought back and dodged a double team assault to tag in Chris Archer. The Outcast came in like a ball of fire and performed a 619 on the unstoppable Englishman. With Jason Reed down on the outside, The Rejected dropped Andy with a variation of the Total Elimination for the three count to retain their titles.

During the break, fans could buy raffle tickets and get pictures with Grado, Leah Owens and The Rejected.

Mr P, Bryan Tucker & Grado def. Nathan North & The Sterling Brothers (Alan Sterling & William Sterling) w/Jeeves Winchester & Richard R. Russell by Pinfall

As we came back from the break, Martyn Clunes was interrupted by the legendary Jeeves Winchester as he introduced Nathan North. The Summerhill Hotel became vintage as North made his debut in the venue, teaming with former five-time Tag Team Champions The Sterling Brothers, who were accompanied by Richard R. Russell. Their opponents were the fan favourite team of Mr P, Bryan Tucker and the returning Grado. As the bell rang, Grado made fun of William’s Brain Incubation Unit. Bryan Tucker tagged in Mr P later on, who is still wearing the kilt. He really took the Battle of the Nations Match to heart. Grado came in not long after and delivered a Roll N Slice to Nathan North and then one to Alan Sterling. As the action broke down at ringside, Grado planted Alan on his head with an RGradO for the three count. Is this the end of the rivalry between Mr P and Nathan North?

Sammii Jayne def. Leah Owens by Submission

Women’s action was up next as “The Queen of WrestleZone” Sammii Jayne went toe to toe with the debuting Leah Owens. Leah offered a sweet to Sammii but she kicked it away, before tossing another back in Leah’s face and connecting with a jumping enzuigiri. The Queen focused all her attention on the arm of Owens, using various innovative moves to wear her down. Leah tried fighting back as she countered a fujiwara armbar into a rollup but Sammii was able to get out of it. The Throwback to the ’80s found herself hung in the ropes, allowing Sammii to slam her to the mat with the best move in the history of wrestling, the baseball slide German suplex. Back in the ring, Sammii grounded Leah and locked her in a bridging armbar for the submission victory. Owens showed signs of a possible arm injury after the match before heading back through the curtain.

Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Shawn Johnson w/Richard R. Russell def. Damien (c) by Pinfall

After the raffle was drawn, it was main event time as “The Revolutionary” Damien put his Undisputed Championship on the line against former champion Shawn Johnson. Shawn was accompanied by Richard R. Russell and The Sterling Brothers, but Russell told Alan and William to head to the back so that Shawn could get the job done by himself. Damien checked behind the curtain to make sure they weren’t lying in wait before the action got underway. Damien used some stiff strikes to try and wear down Johnson, while the Sterling Oil golden boy relied on some high flying. Shawn performed a beautiful twisting springboard crossbody before dodging a slingshot spear from The Revolutionary. As the action went to ringside, Damien kicked Shawn square in the jaw before chopping away at Johnson. Back in the ring, Damien connected with the slingshot spear before countering Shawn’s jump into a sitout spinebuster. Both men started smacking each other in the face, with the challenger slamming the champion to the mat with a falcon arrow for a near fall. After dropping Damien in the corner, Shawn came off the ropes with a double stomp the back but it wasn’t enough. Johnson planted Damien into the mat with a Samoan driver, while Damien nailed Shawn in the jaw with a huge superkick, both for close nearfalls. Shawn countered a suplex into an inside cradle but Damien reversed into a cradle of his own as Richard R. Russell entered the ring to distract the referee. As Shawn talked to the ref in the corner, Russell kicked Damien below the belt, allowing Shawn to get a cheap three count and regain the Undisputed Championship. Damien chased Russell through the back after the match as the show came to an end.

A fantastic way to kick off 2018. With two new champions crowned, who knows what could happen next as he we head towards March’s Regal Rumble event.

Quick Results
WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Aspen Faith w/Sammii Jayne def. Zach Dynamite (c) w/Bradley Evans by Pinfall
Crusher Craib w/Richard R. Russell def. Scotty Swift by DQ
WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – The Rejected (c) def. Andy Wild & Jason Reed by Pinfall
Mr P, Bryan Tucker & Grado def. Nathan North & The Sterling Brothers w/Jeeves Winchester & Richard R. Russell by Pinfall
Sammii Jayne def. Leah Owens by Submission
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Shawn Johnson w/Richard R. Russell def. Damien (c) by Pinfall