Review: Fierce Females ‘Don’t Call This A Comeback’

Fierce Females made a triumphant return in October 2017 with their Don’t Call This A Comeback event from a new venue, The Shed in Glasgow. The show kicked off with Simon Cassidy welcoming the crowd to the event and we were straight into the first match.

Fierce Females Internet Championship
Danni Hunter def. Charli Evans by Pinfall to retain.

This was the first time I was seeing these two wrestle but had heard some very good things about Charli Evans. Charli started hot by countering Hunter and getting the crowd behind her with loud chops before Hunter was able to use her momentum to take over and keep Charli down. As Danni toyed with Charli, Evans got a head of steam with multiple forearms and a couple big boots in the corner, finishing off with a crossbody from the top rope for a close two count. Hunter went back on the offensive but couldn’t keep Charli down, Charli fought back with a big kick to Hunter’s head and attempted a Rainmaker but was rolled up as Hunter put her feet on the ropes for the tainted victory.

A fun match to start the show, the guy who pointed out that Danni needed to pull up her tights as he ‘could see her panties’ sounded like an arsehole. The crowd were slow to get into it but I really liked Charli, she has a very bubbly charisma. Didn’t see a whole lot of Danni Hunter in this one as she kept the title.

Millie Mckenzie def. Shax by Pinfall.

Millie and Shax went straight at it from the get go with quick counters and no wasted motion. It slowed down as Shax escaped for a breather. Shax took the upper hand as the crowd tried to will Millie back into the match. Shax played dirty with biting and little digs before Millie fought back with a cutter. Corner rushes were traded until Millie took Shax down with a monkey flip and laid into her with kicks. Shax fought off a dead-lift German suplex and hit a second rope hanging X-Factor for two. More back and forth between the two as they battled evenly. Shax missed a corner rush, ate a German suplex right onto her head before getting a neckbreaker and a win for Millie Mckenzie.

A solid match, I thought Millie was brilliant. Shax was good but Millie was another level, will certainly be looking out for more of her.

Futureshock Women’s Championship
Lana Austin def. Isla Dawn by Pinfall to retain.

Chris Brooker announced the next match, thanking Fierce Females for allowing the Futureshock Women’s Championship to be defended outside of Futureshock and outside of England for the first time. We got championship introductions for Dawn and Austin. Dawn refused a handshake and started throwing kicks as both jockeyed for position. Austin took the upper hand briefly by thrusting her rear into the face of Dawn but Dawn countered a rope attack and wore down Austin, using hard kicks and clubbing forearms, punishing Lana. Lana fought back but soon found herself in a dragon sleeper with the back of her neck being wrenched on the top rope. Dawn threw everything, including a very pretty suplex as she slapped Lana about. It looked like Isla was planning to throw Lana off the top rope with a German suplex but Lana fought back with a couple clotheslines. Isla got a close two count following a Sunset Split. A powerbomb into the apron from Isla looked to have it all wrapped up but neither could get the other back into the ring as they scrapped at ringside. Lana finally rolled Isla in the ring and after a tussle, landed a quick DDT for the three count and the retention.

Very good bout, both very solid in the ring. Lana Austin is very good and she took a hammering throughout the match. It was interesting to see that the Glasgow native was playing the aggressor with Lana gaining the sympathy from the crowd. Fun match.

Sara def. Sammie Joe by Pinfall.

Next up was the veteran Sara against the younger Sammie Jo. The match started with a feeling out process while the crowd serenaded Sara with an Amy Winehouse chant. Sammie took control with a headlock before Sara had enough of the wrestling and just laid in forearms. Sammie had a nice transition moment where she countered a hiptoss attempt into a snapmare straight into a headscissor but it rolled Sara straight into the ropes. Sara went back on the offensive with forearms in the corner. She couldn’t keep Sammie down as she kept kicking out of pin attempts. Sammie got a head of steam with a couple corner elbows, a bulldog, front dropkick and necksnap but it wasn’t enough. Sammie hit a Stratishphere of her own but the follow up top rope attack was thwarted as Sara hit the Diamond Dust for the win.

The Winehouse chants got grating towards the end but at least they were making noises towards the match. The match was good, it was clear that Sammie was a bit newer as she was more hesitant on running the ropes. Something that I’m sure will go in time (says the guy that has never hit the ropes in his life.). A bit plodding in points but solid.

Jayla Dark def. Chakara by Pinfall.

Dark looked to be in no mood to play about in this own, suckering Chakara to try a baseball slide onto to catch her into the apron curtain and proceeded to batter Chakara. Rolling her back into the ring to continue the beating while also mocking her opponent. Chakara dodged a corner attack and her a hanging neckbreaker for two before Dark took control again. It was almost uncomfortable how she just broke down Chakara with well placed kicks before landing a big senton. Chakara looked to have a top rope move in mind but Jayla followed and threw her down with a superplex to level the playing field as they threw forearms at each other from their knees and up to their feet. Chakara got a nice T-Bone suplex in and followed with a hip attack into the corner and a double foot stomp but it could only manage a two count. They battled back and forth again and a T-Bone suplex from Jayla couldn’t keep Chakara down. Both were showing signs of fatigue as they crawled in the ring, looking to work up the strength to land one final blow. Chakara stumbled into a spinebuster for the three count. The first win for Jayla Dark in Fierce Females in emphatic fashion.

This match was a war, both just threw everything they had and were just looking to outlast the other. I really like this more aggressive Jayla Dark who was captivating when doing moves as well as her crowd interaction. Wasn’t as much of a fan of Chakara, who was more of a body for Dark to throw around in the early going.

Leah Owens def. Jokey by submission.

A fun start with Leah having a bit of fun with Jokey before Jokey straight up slapped Leah in the face. The action got going from here with Jokey trying to keep Leah down but missed a leg drop, Leah hit one of her own for a two count. Jokey took the upperhand by landed a great Stratusfaction for two before locking on a sleeperhold, Leah fought out with a jawbreaker but ran into a tarantula-like move before pulling Jokey off the ropes and finding herself being thrown into a Code Red for another two count. Leah landed a hard clothesline in her comeback and a sidewalk slam for two. Jokey trapped Leah in a Muta Lock but she reached the ropes for the break. Leah hit an Alabama slam and put Jokey into a single leg Boston crab for the submission win.

It was a fine match, I liked that both characters were shown with Leah being more laid back and Jokey being a bit of an evil clown. I would’ve liked to have seen Leah work on the leg or back of Jokey more in the lead up to the single leg. The Alabama slam straight into the hold was fine but I think there could’ve been more of a build up to the ending.

Rhio def. Lauren by Pinfall.

Rhio insisted that the referee checked Lauren’s chucks before hitting a hard forearm to Lauren’s nose while the referee was bent over to start off the match. Lauren didn’t take too kindly to this with a headscissor and handspring elbow for receipt as Rhio bailed to the outside. Lauren locked on a sleeper on the taller Rhio but was countered but driving Lauren into the corner before running into her with a kneestrike. Rhio took over as she cut off Lauren’s attempted comebacks. The resilient Lauren held on, catching quick moments for a roll up which allowed her to get back in it, after a few kicks she landed a very nice merry go round hiptoss and planted Rhio with a big DDT but it could only muster two. Rhio looked to have it wrapped up with a sit out pumphandle slam but Lauren somehow got a shoulder up. A wheelbarrow bulldog couldn’t keep Rhio down, a standing moonsault saw Lauren land on Rhio’s raised knees which spelled the end as Rhio capitalised with a swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker for the win.

Lauren was a wee firecracker, the match itself was okay with some miscommunications. There were some nice moves like the pumphandle slam mentioned. It was a bit rough around the edges but overall fine.

Fierce Females Championship
Viper def. Bea Priestly by pinfall to retain.

We got the championship introductions again as Viper defended her Fierce Females Championship. Viper was the firm favourite in The Shed as Bea ran into a brick wall in the early going then the wall landed on her with senton after senton as Bea escaped. Bea gathered some crew to help her up but only served as a landing pad as Viper hit a rolling senton while Bea ran away. Viper was soon back in control before missing a cannonball on the outside and rolling straight into the guardrail which allowed Bea to take advantage with a double footstomp as Viper was draped on the apron. Viper was favouring her knee which looked to slow down her corner splash, allowed Bea to move and give Bea the chance to land a hard kick to the face and lock her into a cross-armbreaker, it wasn’t enough to win but Bea centred her attacks on Viper’s arm as Viper screamed in pain. The crowd was actually in stunned silence for a moment as you could only hear Viper screaming, it was awful to listen to. Just as Viper was fighting back Bea locked in a Kimura only to be power over and throw over Viper’s head to give her some breathing room. Bea started biting when she couldn’t get the upper hand and was met with a headbutt for her troubles. Just as it looked like Bea was going to finish Viper with a hanging double footstomp, Viper rose up and threw Bea off the top rope by the hair which was great. Bea trapped the arm and the leg of Viper in an attempt to get her to submit but she reached the ropes. The two traded hard belly to back suplexes as they both dragged themselves to their feet. Viper missed another cannonball and ate a double foot stomp for a two count. The shoulder up only saw Bea crank a Kimura lock as she continued to punish the arm and shoulder of the champion. Bea was caught while attempting a headscissor only to find herself thrown into the corner, cannonballed and lifted for a Michinoku Driver for the win.

An absolutely fantastic match, it had plenty of action and these two put in a hell of a shift. The screams from Viper while Bea worked on the arm was just scary to listen to which had the crowd either silenced or audibly going ‘ooooooh’ in sympathy. An excellent main event to cap up a good show.

Overall, it was a really good show. Some matches were just solid but there were some really fantastic showings from Charli Evans and Lauren especially. The main event and the Futureshock Women’s Championship match were highlights as was the performance from Jayla Dark. Certainly a show worth watching.

You can watch the full show now on YouTube.