Preview: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Remedy 2018’

As we roll into this weekend, World Wide Wrestling League have an action packed three days in store as Wrestling Showdown goes back on the road with a stop for some Remedy in the middle. Matches will be taped for future editions of W3L Wrestling Showdown which goes up every Sunday on From my understanding there will also be some qualifying matches to crown the first Showdown Champion. The dates for the Wrestling Showdown tapings are below:

February 23rd | W3L Wrestling Showdown | The Corran Halls | Oban
Kevin Williams vs Euan G Mackie
Blondie Barratt vs Mike Musso
February 25th | W3L Wrestling Showdown | Commmunity Centre | Buckhaven
Blondie Barratt vs Vortex

But for this preview we’re going to talk about Remedy.

February 24th | W3L Remedy | Southside Community Centre | Edinburgh

W3L returns to Edinburgh for Remedy, with three rematches from recent events plus the return of a warrior.

Back at Remedy 2017, The Contingency Plan were the reigning tag team champions and defeated Jason Reed and Kevin Williams to continue their reign. A lot has happened in the last 12 months in W3L but as we come back to Remedy this year The Contingency Plan and Gainz N Games collide once more, however, it’s Reed and Williams who will be looking to retain this time. These two teams have faced each other enough times for them to have the other figured out so it may take a mammoth effort from the champions or some new and inventive shenanigans from Divers and Bryden to see victory.

In the first round of the Showdown Championship tournament, Mike Musso defeated Johnny Lions to move onto the next stage. During the match, Lions suffered a back injury that left him on the shelf for weeks. Lions faces Musso again, with some concern over the recent injury to Lions, it could be a factor in this match.

The โ€˜4th Dimensional Warriorโ€™ Vortex returns to W3L as he comes up against the deranged Luke Alridge. Aldridge has been taking great pleasure in punishing his opponents since shedding his noble ways. I don’t know anything about Vortex but he’ll have to throw in a lot of speed because Aldridge will look to grab a body part and torture the masked wrestler.

The final match announced, as of writing, is a rematch from last yearโ€™s ย Wrestlution event. Blondie Barratt defends against two former W3L Heavyweight Champions, Nathan Reynolds and James Scott. Last time out Barratt picked up the win and the W3L Heavyweight Championship. James Scott and Nathan Reynolds may be younger but Barratt has the experience over both. The W3L Hall of Famer will need to pull out some tricks if he aims to escape with the title once again.

Tickets are available for all three shows atย

Mike Musso vs Johnny Lions
Vortex vs Luke Aldridge
W3L Tag Team Championships – Gainz N Games (Jason Reed & Kevin Williams) (c) vs The Contingency Plan (Dickie Divers & Taylor Bryden)
W3L Heavyweight Championship – Triple Threat – Blondie Barratt (c) vs James Scott vs Nathan Reynolds