Show Report: Target Wrestling ‘Live In Lockerbie’

Karnage vs Shawn Bradley

Big lads wrestling match, body checks and brawling. Karnage wins with his version of the Low Down.

Ivy Mist vs Sienna

Medallion at ringside trying and failing to get the crowd on Ivy’s side provided much hilarity throughout. Ivy played to her size and strength advantage throughout. Ivy powerbombed Sienna after a distraction from Medallion to take the win.

Shady Nattress Open Challenge Was Answered by DCT.

Lots of stalling early as Shady was too intimidated by the power of DCT’s OH’s every time he went to enter the ring. Good back and forward match with DCT taking the win via submission after a second Figure 4 leglock

Damon Havoc & Tommy Oliver vs Kris Ross (Kris Hendall & Luke Ross)

First match for Kris Ross since unexpectedly winning the tag titles at the last Carlisle show . The experience of Havoc and size of Oliver kept them on top for most of the match, until Kris Ross got Oliver two on one and hit their bulldog/Guerrero bomb Combo to take the win.

#1 Contender Royal Rumble
– order of entry then eliminated by in brackets.

Ben Vicious (Karnage)
Monty Burns (Tommy Oliver)
Shady Nattress (last eliminated by DCT)
Chelsea Blaze (Ivy Mist)
Danny Dukes (Tommy Oliver)
Medallion (Ivy Mist)
Carlos (Havoc Enterprises)
Sienna (Ivy Mist)
Damon Havoc (Kris Hendall)
Sean Bradley (Ivy Mist & Medallion)
Tommy Oliver (Luke Ross)
Amilia (Sienna & Chelsea)
Luke Ross (Tommy Oliver)
Kris Hendall (Damon Havoc)
Ivy Mist (DCT & Karnage)
Karnage (DCT)
DCT (Winner)

There had been no eliminations by DCT’s entry, then it kicked off and apologies if any errors in the above as it was busy! Came down to Karnage and DCT, then after Karnage was eliminated Shady Nattrass reappeared from under the ring to try and topple DCT over. The International Sex Hero was wise to this and threw Shady clean over to move on to face Sha Samuels at the next Carlisle show Saturday 10th March.

Our thanks to Stephen Louch on providing some further into on Target Wrestling Live In Lockerbie. You can check out Stephen on Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet. You can subscribe on iTunes or at AnchorΒ and CastBox.