Preview: WrestleZone ‘Friends of ANCHOR Charity Show’


The stars of WrestleZone will be presenting a special charity show this Friday night live from Aberdeen’s Cairncry Community Centre, featuring “The Oddity” BT Gunn, who hasn’t been seen in a WrestleZone ring since 2013. All proceeds made from the event will be going to Friends of ANCHOR. WrestleZone posted the following on their Facebook page;

In January one of our very good friends Kirsten Reid was diagnosed with breast cancer. Many of our fans know Kirsten as she often helps at the merchandise table at shows and is well liked by fans and wrestlers alike.

Following active therapy (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) and with the help of many organisations such asย Friends of ANCHOR, Kirsten is on the mend!

As a way of celebrating and giving back, on Friday, March 2nd at the Cairncry Community Centre we will be having a special charity show with all funds going toย Friends of ANCHOR.

Admission to this show will be FREE. All we ask is you make a donation to the charity – this can be any amount you wish to give, every bit of it will go towards helping a great cause.

‘ANCHOR’ stands for Aberdeen and North Centre for Haematology, Oncology and Radiotherapy. The ANCHOR Unit covers the dedicated wards and clinics within Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for oncology and haematology patients.


Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
BT Gunn vs Shawn Johnson (c)

The main event for the show will see Sterling Oil’s Shawn Johnson defend his Undisputed Championship for the first time since regaining the gold against the returning BT Gunn. Johnson regained the title from former ally Damien back at last month’s Summerhill Showdown event, but not without the help of Sterling Oil strategist Richard R. Russell. During his first reign last year, Johnson fought off the likes of Joe Coffey, Johnny Lions and former tag partner Bryan Tucker to remain on top. However, he’s never came across someone quite like BT Gunn. The Oddity has been tearing it up all over the UK, including becoming the first ICW Triple Crown Champion back in July, which then lead to him becoming the Undisputed ICW Champion this past November. Can he add the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship to his ever-growing list of accolades or will Sterling Oil’s golden boy find another way to hang on to the gold?


WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) (c) vs Sterling Oil (Crusher Craib & William Sterling)

The Rejected are set to put their Tag Team Championships up for grabs this Friday against Sterling Oil’s Crusher Craib and William Sterling. Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago regained the titles from The Sterling Brothers at December’s Christmas Chaos event. With the two duos going back and forth for the entirety of 2016, this was announced as the last meeting between them, meaning Alan and William weren’t allowed another shot at the gold as long as The Rejected are champions. However, that won’t stop Richard R. Russell from doing everything to try and get the titles back with Sterling Oil. While William can’t challenge for the titles alongside his brother, there’s nothing stopping him from doing so alongside Crusher Craib. Crusher has done it all throughout his WrestleZone career, having held the Undisputed Championship twice and won The Regal Rumble on three different occasions but he’s never won tag gold. Will all that change on Friday night?


Winner enters The Regal Rumble Match at #25, loser enters at #1
Damien vs Alan Sterling

A singles bout between two former allies will take place on Friday with major Regal Rumble ramifications as Damien goes one on one with Alan Sterling. The winner of the match will enter The Regal Rumble Match last (which, for the first time, will be as number 25) while the loser will enter first. Ever since leaving Sterling Oil in September, Damien has considerably well for himself, as he defeated both Sterling Brothers in singles action en-route to becoming a two-time Undisputed Champion and then also made his return to Discovery Wrestling down in Edinburgh. But at Summerhill Showdown, he screwed out of the Undisputed Title as Richard R. Russell low blowed him behind the referee’s back, allowing Shawn Johnson to also become a two-time champion. With the The Regal Rumble possibly being the only way for Damien to get another crack at the title, this is a must-win situation for The Revolutionary.


Flag Match
Mr P vs Nathan North

The rivalry between Mr P and “Vintage” Nathan North will finally come to an end at the Cairncry Community Centre as they face off in WrestleZone’s first ever Flag Match. Ever since September’s Battle of the Nations show, P and North have been at each other’s throats. North cost P his Battle of the Nations Match against Andy Wild, then cost him further matches against Aspen Faith for the Tri-Counties Championship in Brechin and then a Triple Threat Match in Balmedie to Jason Reed. The two faced off for the first time at Halloween Hijinx, where North came out on top thanks to the help of Jeeves Winchester. They then stepped in to the ring again at Christmas Chaos, this time in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match where North teamed with Jeeves, who tapped out to P’s sharpshooter. A six man tag team match last month at Summerhill Showdown saw P team with Bryan Tucker and Grado as they came out victorious over North and The Sterling Brothers. Their most recent match was earlier this month, where North defeated P in Montrose. Who will come out on top as this rivalry finally comes to an end?


Bradley Evans & Scotty Swift vs Aspen Faith & Zach Dynamite

Tag team action has also been set for Friday night, where Bradley Evans and Scotty Swift will face a team that refuse to work together in the form of Tri-Counties Champion Aspen Faith and the man he beat for the title, Zach Dynamite. At Summerhill Showdown, The King of Catch regained the Tri-Counties Championship from Dynamite, who then snapped and assaulted then-training partner Bradley Evans. The pair have had two singles matches since, with both ending in a count out. Evans won in Newtonhill after Dynamite walked out on the match, before Dynamite picked up the win in a rematch in Montrose. At those same two shows, Aspen Faith had two successful title defences over Mikkey Vago and Damien respectively. Meanwhile, Scotty Swift recently returned to action as he got himself disqualified against the man who put him on the shelf Crusher Craib at Summerhill Showdown, with their rivalry far from over. Plus, Aspen is set to put his Tri-Counties Championship up for grabs next week against Swift. Plenty of stories coming in to this match.


Special Guest Referee – Kirsten Reid
Little Miss Roxxy vs Sammii Jayne

A new contender is set to challenge Sammii Jayne as The Queen of WrestleZone, as Little Miss Roxxy makes her WrestleZone debut. The added stipulation is that the evening’s guest commissioner Kirsten Reid will be the special guest referee. These two are no stranger to each other, especially in recent months. At 3CW’s Fight Before Christmas weekender back in December, Sammii and Charli Evans were victorious over Roxxy and Jetta on the first night before Roxxy took Jetta’s spot in a Steel Cage Match the following night due to an injury, where Sammii came out on top again thanks to help from The Kings of Catch. Then in January, Sammii retained her Discovery Women’s Championship against Roxxy at The Disco Derby. Their most recent encounter came at the end of January, where Sammii and The Kings of Catch picked up a win against Roxxy, Drake and Satchel Jones. Will Sammii be able to handle a Whole Lotta Roxxy once again?


In early February, WrestleZone management made the announcement that Kirsten Reid will be the special guest commissioner for the evening, taking over from Chris McDonald. We’ve already seen Kirsten make herself the special guest referee for one of the matches. What else will happen with Kirsten in charge for the night?

Admission to the show is free. All that WrestleZone ask is that you give a donation of your choice upon entering the venue. As mentioned, all proceeds go directly to Friends of ANCHOR. Doors open at 6:30, with the action kicking off at 7pm.

Announced Matches
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – BT Gunn vs Shawn Johnson (c)
WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
– The Rejected (c) vs Sterling Oil
Damien vs Alan Sterling
Flag Match
– Mr P vs Nathan North
Bradley Evans & Scotty Swift vs Aspen Faith & Zach Dynamite
Little Miss Roxxy vs Sammii Jayne