Review: Fierce Females ‘Strewth Sheila’

August 31st 2014, Fierce Females emanates from Walkabout in Glasgow. Simon Cassidy on ring announcing and Billy Kirkwood on commentary along with The Wizard on referee duties. I’ve ventured onto YouTube to check out the show in it’s entirety.

Rhia O’Reilly defeated Leah Owens by Pinfall.

An Irish duo to kick off the show, Owens went to quicken the pace before O’Reilly decided to slow it down on the outside before she tripped Leah and took over. O’Reilly punished Leah using her strength to overpower Owens. Focusing her attention on the neck and back. A T-Bone suplex followed by a Finlay Roll, a senton and a double arm DDT sealed the win for Rhia O’Reilly.

Quick match to start the show, O’Reilly was a monster who picked her spot and made Leah Owens pay for it. Solid enough in action.

Layla Rose defeated Miss Cole by Pinfall.

‘The Barbie Breaker’ against Lucy Cole. Rose played with her opponent, aggressively roughhousing Cole. Brushing off any offense from Cole in the early going. While resilient, Cole could barely get out of the blocks before Rose was throwing her around for suplexes. Cole found her moment with a quick roll up but couldn’t capitalise. Rose lifted Cole up for a back stretch front slam, but interrupted the count to give her a fallaway slam for the easy win.

Another squash, Cole didn’t really have much offense in and Rose didn’t seem phased. It was decent.

Viper defeated Lana Austin by Pinfall.

Lana tried to muscle Viper to kick off, which didn’t go too well. Austin got the upper hand of Viper with her speed which lead Viper to be less jovial and more mean, throwing her overhead from a tornado DDT attempt. Viper was back on focus as Lana went for clotheslines and crossbodies to no effect. Lana bridged out of a clothesline attempt only to find Viper landing a big splash. A big collision in the corner looked to rattle both. More back and forth before Viper caught Lana from a crossbody and landed the Michinoku Driver.

A really, really good match. Viper looked to be too relaxed, almost just having a bit of fun which made her lackadaisical in execution which added to the story. Lana would use her speed to rock Viper and it almost looked to be enough but Viper would just stop the momentum before it got too out of hand and just planted Lana down. From a crowd that started the match wanting Viper to kill Lana, they really came round to her as did I. An impressive showing from Lana Austin.

Carmel Corner

Carmel entered with a poem as she tore into the Fierce Females and the recent heel turn from Kay Lee Ray. She introduced the Fierce Females Champion Kay Lee Ray to the ring. Carmel played interviewer and asked Ray, “why?”. Kay Lee Ray tore into the crowd and Nikki Storm and told everyone that she does what she likes. She explained that if it wasn’t for her and Carmel then there wouldn’t be a Fierce Females. She then dismissed April Davids as her challenger for the main event. It was certainly impassioned. Carmel then introduced Sara Marie Taylor but Nikki Storm ran out before she was overpowered by the Hardcore Galmour trio and thrown out of the ring. Storm was held back by security as Carmel, Sara and Kay Lee stood tall.

It got a bit awkward towards the end but it did the job.

Sammii Jayne defeated Nixon by Pinfall.

The first half main event was Sammii Jayne against the debuting Nixon. Started off with some great back and forth of holds before trading pinfalls. Jayne controlled the action with a headlock but Nixon came back with judo throws. Going hold for hold. Before grappling each other out of the ring without releasing the hold. Nixon ran back into the ring and dived out with a suicide dive, a second attempt was met with a Sammii Jayne forearm. More even offense before a blistering dropkick right into Nixon’s face in the corner got a two count for Sammii. A double knee stomp on a cornered Nixon was great. Sammii went to the well too many times with the corner forearms and ate a big boot to the face and was planted with a tornado DDT for another close count. A shining wizard and a big German suplex wasn’t enough for Nixon. Sammii landed two German suplexes of her own but the third was countered into a roll up for two. The match just picked up as each were trying to finish the other, a top rope sunset flip from Nixon couldn’t do it, neither could the Code Red. Sammii dodged a moonsault and hit her springboard cutter for the win.

An absolutely brilliant match and worth watching again. These two had some little hiccups but were taken in stride as the slow build into the latter half of the match was incredible.

Hardcore Glamour (Carmel Jacob & Sara Marie Taylor) vs Nikki Storm & Viper by Pinfall.

Billed as a ‘Pick Your Poison’ tag team match. Storm was to pick a partner to face Carmel and Sara. Nobody entered and Nikki Storm just went after both. The numbers soon caught up with Storm as Hardcore Glamour took turns punishing her. Nixon appeared in Nikki’s corner begging for a tag, Fiona Fraser appeared to try and talk Nixon away… which she did. Carmel and Sara continued the mugging of Storm. Carmel introduced a steel chair but Nikki dropkicked it into Carmel’s face. Viper turned up and got into the corner for the tag. Viper tore into Sara with a big splash before doing the same to Carmel. Viper was taken out outside the ring before getting a chair shot from Carmel. It allowed Sara to roll up Nikki for the three count.

The first half of the match went on like a prolonged segment. The Nixon bit was a bit strange. It was nice seeing Viper go from the fun loving Viper in her previous match into coming out as the Vixen of Violence we know and love.

Kasey Owens defeated Bete Noire by Referee Stoppage.

Noire looked to be favouring her shoulder early with Kasey aiming a hammerlock straight to it. Some early confusion and stalling. Back and forth before Noire cranked up the aggression with facewashes in the corner to Kasey. Kasey fought back only to get a hard clothesline out of the corner. Owens locked in a great looking arm vice, cranking Bete’s shoulder in-between her thighs. The two fought to the top rope as Noire ran up and with one arm, just threw Kasey over her shoulder from the top. Bete stepped away from a springboard crossbody attempt before being lifted into a Death Valley Driver. Kasey kicked out of the pinfall and locked in a keylock, using her foot to crank Noire’s head away from her shoulder to cause further punishment. The referee stopped the match after Bete wouldn’t submit despite screaming in pain.

A hard hitting match and Bete was really on good form. Solid action and enjoyable.

Debbie Sharpe entered to address her injury and that she couldn’t wrestle. #PrayForDebbie. Didn’t really add anything but helped with Debbie’s egotistical character.

Courtney vs Fiona Fraser ended in a Count Out.

A bit scrappy in the get go as they fought on the outside. Courtney showing some aggression. The match was counted out before anything really got going. After the match, Fraser trapped the arm of Courtney into a chair and rammed her into the steel ring post. Courtney got up and they scrapped towards the back.

Fine with the count out, can get past that, but I didn’t like that Courtney showed little effect from getting her arm jammed into a steel chair then rammed into a ring post.

Fierce Females Championship – Kay Lee Ray defeated April Davids by Pinfall to retain the Fierce Females Championship.

April Davids jumped out of the ring and landed on the entering Kay Lee Ray to get this one going hot off the blocks. The two fought outside the ring into the crowd. The bell was rung as they finally made it back into the ring. The pace slowed with a side headlock from Kay Lee Ray. Davids hit a beautiful German suplex to send Kay Lee out of the ring but Kay Lee soon took control again as she continued to slow the pace. Davids fired up but Kay Lee hit a springboard forearm to stop it. Four rolling German suplexes wasn’t enough for Davids, Kay Lee attempted a Gory Bomb but it was countered into a pin attempt, the follow up Gory Bomb landed but the Senton Bomb missed. Just as Davids locked the armbar in Sara popped onto the apron which allowed Carmel to spear Davids. It wasn’t enough as Davids still fought back. Kay Lee rolled Davids into a pin and put her feet on the ropes for the tainted victory.

It was a fine match, there wasn’t too much danger to Kay Lee Ray’s reign as Fierce Females Champion. I like that she slowed the pace, shying away from her usual high flying style to go with the heel turn.

With a slow start to the show with the back to back squash matches, the Lana Austin-Viper match was really good and it was followed by the outstanding Sammii Jayne-Nixon bout. Two top quality matches. The rest was pretty solid with Noire-Kasey being the highlight of the rest of the matches on the show. I really enjoyed the commentary and wished that this continued onto other Fierce Females shows. Not just with it being Billy Kirkwood, but just having a voice to steer viewers towards the reasons for matches is always a plus for those that might not be as in tune with what’s happened at previous shows.

You can watch the show on YouTube or below: