Review: WrestleZone Regal Rumble 2018 (Adam)


The last time WrestleZone were at The Northern Hotel was for Battle of the Nations 2017, featuring Damien finally turning his back on Sterling Oil as well as the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate. This was, in my opinion, their best show to date. Somehow, they’ve managed to top that show with the 2018 Regal Rumble. Championship matches, debuts, returns, announcements and of course The Regal Rumble Match itself. What else could you ask for!

VIP Ticket Holders Bonus Match
Dino Del Monte w/Ted O’Keefe def. Blue Thunder by Pinfall

A special bonus match kicked things off for VIP ticket holders, where Blue Thunder took on the latest graduate from the WrestleZone Training Academy in the form of Dino Del Monte, who was accompanied by Ted O’Keefe. Dino and Ted attacked Thunder before the bell rang, showing what they’ve learned from the trainers. Dino was in control from the early goings but Thunder managed to battle back. With Del Monte distracting the referee, Ted entered the ring and slammed the former Tag Team Champion to the mat with a fantastic spinebuster, allowing Dino to pick up the scraps and nail Thunder with a rolling elbow for the three count.

Really impressed with Dino and Ted. Their gangster schtick looks to be quite interesting and I can see them on shows up and down the country in the years to come. Hoping Ted isn’t just a manager and steps into the ring himself one day.

Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Shawn Johnson (c) def. Jack Jester and Lewis Girvan by Pinfall

The show got properly underway with the first of the championship matches, as last year’s Rumble winner Shawn Johnson defended the Undisputed Championship against Jack Jester and Lewis Girvan. Some shenanigans before the match began, with Jester chasing Johnson through the crowd and Girvan taking the gold and heading back through the curtain. When the match officially started, Shawn’s chest was lit up with some WALTER-style chops from both challengers. The champion tried to form an alliance with Jester during the match, but some miscommunication on a double suplex allowed Girvan to take control. As the match neared its close, Girvan reversed Jester’s Tombstone attempt into one of his own but before he could go for the pin, Shawn ran in from behind and rolled him up with a handful of tights to remain champion.

This was perhaps the most fun I’ve had with a match. Jack Jester is just fantastic and you could tell Johnson looked happy being in there with two of the country’s best.

No DQ Match
Crusher Craib def. Scotty Swift by Pinfall

Up next was the highly-anticipated No DQ Match between bitter rivals Crusher Craib and Scotty Swift. As soon as the bell rang, both men looked for weapons under the ring. Crusher’s baking tray was no match for Swift’s kendo stick. Both men tore into each other during this one, with deafening chants for Scotty. Crusher pulled out a massive kendo stick and drove it into the chest of Scotty before using his head to break it in half. Scotty got the smaller kendo stick back into play and used it to apply extra pressure on a figure four, focusing his attack on the hip injury suffered by Crusher 2 years ago. Two tables were brought out later on, with Swift driving Crusher through one of them with a Granite City Driver, however The Sterling Brothers emerged from backstage and pulled the referee from the ring to stop him from winning. Bryan Tucker followed them out and took out William, before Scotty chased Alan around the ring only to be met by a Crusher Craib big boot that sent him into the table in the corner, which didn’t break. Crusher tried and tried again to break the table but in the end just tossed him on it for the three count.

This was probably about as hardcore as you can go on a family friendly show. Real shame about the table refusing to break, but it clearly still did enough damage to get the win.

Fatal Four Way Match for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
Andy Wild def. Aspen Faith (c) w/Sammii Jayne, Johnny Lions and Mr P by Pinfall

After the cleaners cleared the ring, it was time for Aspen Faith to put his Tri-Counties Championship up for grabs in a huge Fatal Four Way Match against Andy Wild, Johnny Lions and Mr P. The action started thick and fast, with The King of Catch performing a cannonball off the apron to everyone else at ringside, something we don’t often see from him. All four men got their offence in, including trading strikes to the head at the same time. Sammii Jayne got in the ring at one point and took out Andy Wild with a hurricanrana off the top. The end came as Andy set Aspen up for a powerbomb, but Johnny came flying off the top rope only to be caught with a powerbomb of his own as Andy Wild was crowned the new Tri-Counties Champion.

A surprising ending, but not one I’ll disagree with. We’ve got Andy Wild with gold around his waist once again and it means Aspen can move on to other things, as we saw in the next match…

WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
Proper Mental (Lou King Sharp & Krieger) def. The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) (c) by Pinfall

The last match before the break saw The Rejected defending the Tag Team Championships against a team making their WrestleZone debut in the form of Proper Mental. LKS and Krieger gave the audience a special treat beforehand as they performed a sexy dance, with poor Martyn Clunes being dragged into it. Although they were in control for the early stages, The Rejected found themselves at a disadvantage for most of the match, with Chris Archer being trapped in the corner of the challengers. The Outcast finally tagged in Mikkey Vago but with Archer being knocked down at ringside, it allowed Sharp and his best pal Krieger to drop Vago with the Yibbidy Yabidy Boo (genuine name) to become the new WrestleZone Tag Team Champions. As Archer and Vago were recovering, Aspen Faith appeared with Sammii Jayne and put a beating to the former champs. Lewis Girvan entered and looked to be saving The Rejected, but instead embraced Aspen and revealed a Kings of Catch shirt! FINALLY!!!! Archer was dropped on his head with an Apter Burner as The Kingdom of Catch stood tall.

AHHHHHH!! We’ve got Lou King Sharp and Krieger as the champs and The Kingdom of Catch in a WrestleZone ring! What isn’t to love!

As we came back from the break and the raffle had been drawn, management representative Chris McDonald came to ringside for a special announcement. As he revealed, the first former WWE superstar coming to this year’s Aberdeen Anarchy is none other than Santino Marella! Always loved his work, looking forward to seeing him in September.

2018 Regal Rumble Match
Special Guest Commentator – Shawn Johnson
Richard R. Russell last eliminated Damien to win

Now, the match everyone was waiting for. The 2018 Regal Rumble Match. Current Undisputed Champion and last year’s Regal Rumble winner Shawn Johnson came through the curtain to join Chris McDonald and Lee Manton on commentary before the first two entrants came to ringside. We all knew it was Damien at number 1 and he was joined by “Vintage” Nathan North at number 2, with some new gear. The entrants came out and some went out quickly, with Blue Thunder being eliminated about a minute after entering. Krieger tried for a pin on Damien before we got a unique moment to say the least. With Alan Sterling the only man standing in the ring, entrant 8 was the debuting Lord Michael of Graham, accompanied by the returning Mr Malice! Michael was decked out in Alan’s old singlet as we had a face off with the three lords from WrestleZone history. The third lord was tossed out soon after and left, but not before Malice and Jeeves Winchester mouthed off at each other. The ring soon filled up, but past winners Scotty Swift and Bryan Tucker lasted about the same time as Blue Thunder before being tossed out. Very surprised there. The mystery entrant was revealed to be former 2-time Tag Team Champion Kaden Garrick making his return from injury. Garrick reminded everyone of his brute force as he speared everyone in sight and dumped Lou King Sharp down to ringside. Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan were both in their Kings of Catch gear, with Girvan doing what he always does in Rumble Matches and giving everyone in sight a low blow. We saw some rivalries developing during the match, with Mikkey Vago going after Aspen and Lewis, while Bradley Evans went straight for former training partner Zach Dynamite. Dino Del Monte entered at number 22 and tried to form an alliance with Crusher Craib, but instead received a Black Hole Slam and eliminated for his troubles. Damien managed to toss out The Creator of Carnage followed closely behind by Mr P, leaving him alone in the ring as the buzzer sounded for the last entrant. A man Damien had been waiting to get his hands on for some time now, Richard R. Russell. Russell’s music played and played but there was no sign of him. After being carried to the ring by an ensemble of wrestlers, he was alone in the ring with The Revolutionary. The Sterling Oil CFO tried to persuade his former colleague with money. Damien took it, saying it was a start. The former Undisputed Champion couldn’t bring himself to hit something, in his words, as pathetic as Russell and instead demanded he leave the ring himself. With Damien’s back turned, Russell approached him and went for a low blow but Damien caught him and punched him in the face. With Richard on the verge of being eliminated, Shawn Johnson ran down from the commentary both and attacked the man he beat for the title. Damien tossed him over the ropes, something I imagine he wanted to do at last year’s Regal Rumble, but Shawn remained at ringside as a distraction, allowing Russell to shockingly eliminate Damien to be crowned the 2018 Regal Rumble winner. The Northern Hotel fell silent as the unthinkable had happened. Sterling Oil had outsmarted Damien and now Richard R. Russell’s name is on the Regal Rumble trophy.

This probably wasn’t the result anyone was wanting, or expected to see. But as we’ve come to learn with Richard R. Russell, he’s always got a trick up his sleeve. However, WrestleZone management representative Chris McDonald has revealed that Russell and Damien will go one on one at Battle of the Nations to decide Shawn’s challenger for Aberdeen Anarchy X. That’s one not to be missed!

Order of Entry
1. Damien
2. Nathan North w/Jeeves Winchester
3. Blue Thunder
4. Krieger
5. Zach Dynamite
6. Chris Archer
7. Alan Sterling
8. Lord Michael of Graham w/Mr Malice
9. Johnny Lions
10. William Sterling
11. Scotty Swift
12. Jason Reed
13. Bryan Tucker
14. Lou King Sharp
15. Kaden Garrick
16. Aspen Faith w/Sammii Jayne
17. Bradley Evans
18. Lewis Girvan
19. Jack Jester
20. Mikkey Vago
21. Andy Wild
22. Dino Del Monte w/Ted O’Keefe
23. Crusher Craib
24. Mr P
25. Richard R. Russell

Order ofย Elimination
1. Blue Thunder
2. Krieger
3. Lord Michael of Graham
4. Scotty Swift
5. Bryan Tucker
6. Nathan North
7. Jason Reed
8. Zach Dynamite
9. Chris Archer
10. Bradley Evans
11. Johnny Lions
12. Kaden Garrick
13. William Sterling
14. Alan Sterling
15. Lewis Girvan
16. Lou King Sharp
17. Mikkey Vago
18. Aspen Faith
19. Jack Jester
20. Dino Del Monte
21. Crusher Craib
22. Andy Wild
23. Mr P
24. Damien

So that was The Regal Rumble 2018. Shocks, surprises, title changes. It was a show that left many fans speechless. Who knows what could possibly happen next. One thing that’s for certain is that the road to Anarchy is officially underway!

Quick Results
VIP Ticket Holders Bonus Match – Dino Del Monte w/Ted O’Keefe def. Blue Thunder by Pinfall
Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Shawn Johnson (c) def. Jack Jester and Lewis Girvan by Pinfall
No DQ Match – Crusher Craib def. Scotty Swift by Pinfall
Fatal Four Way Match for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Andy Wild def. Aspen Faith (c) w/Sammii Jayne, Johnny Lions and Mr P by Pinfall
WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Proper Mental def. The Rejected (c) by Pinfall
2018 Regal Rumble Match – Richard R. Russell last eliminated Damien to win