Show Report: Rock N Wrestle ‘The Great Highland Bash 2018’

Davey Blaze vs BT Gunn

BT went over in a fun match. His offence is on another level from just about every other Scottish wrestler I’ve seen, he’s so crisp his strikes are among the best in the country. The story of the match was that they kept trying to hit WWE Superstars’ signature spots. BT Gunn went for John Cena’s five moves of doom, and hit them all until the AA. BT then hit a Rock Bottom and went for a People’s Elbow, but Blaze got up. Blaze hit a big spear, and unsuccessfully attempted a Pedigree. At the end, Gunn hit Sweet Chin Music then his finisher for the win.

Lou King Sharp vs Prince Asad

LKS is so good at playing to the crowd. A lot of the time it can be really cheesy, but Sharp was really entertaining. He did a spot where they locked up, Asad would force him back to a corner, and when the referee intervened LKS would pretend Asad cheap shot-ed him. The third time he tried this Asad broke cleanly and the ref backed off, but LKS still sold several punches, chops and kicks and bumped to the mat – that was great. So there was a lot of stalling early on, but it really picked up by the end. Sharp ended up getting the win fairly clean, which I found slightly surprising.

Jack Jester’s RNW Highland Championship Open Challenge

Answered by… Kez Evans, making his debut for the company. Evans got on the mic before Jester came out, and talked about how apt it was going to be that he would dethrone the man who trained him. When Jester did come out, Evans attacked him from behind before the bell. They battled into the crowd, Jester offered Evans up for the entire front row all around the ring to hit, and used a kid to dropkick him. Whoever said Jester isn’t family friendly is crazy. Jester won with a tombstone.

Post match Evans stayed in the ring, claiming that the match should have been stopped because the crowd interfered. He refused to leave until he got a rematch, so The Govan Team came out and hit Evans with a 3D to bring us to the interval.

The Govan Team vs The Purge

I think this was the battle to save Easter? The Purge said the only thing they hate more than Inverness is Easter, and they were gonna smash two Easter eggs in the ring before the Govan Team made the save. Fairly standard tag match, Davie got the hot tag but The Purge got the win. Afterwards they were gonna smash some eggs, but Ravie Davie got their crowbar and Zander hit them with the chocolate. One of the Easter eggs did get smashed in the melee though, which was unfortunate since two eggs were supposed to be one of the raffle prizes.

Saqib Ali vs Krieger

Decent match, hurt by these two not having the same star power/familiarity with the crowd as other matches, its placing on the show and already having seen the same stalling tactics earlier. There wasn’t really anything wrong with the match, it was just tough for the crowd to get into it. They did have a good finish – Ali hit a low blow and a curb stomp/blackout, Krieger kicked out, Ali went for a chair which was taken away from him by the ref and Ali turned round into a chokeslam for the 1-2-3.

Kid Fite vs Ryback

Fite plays the delusionally funny heel so well. When he actually got in the ring he couldn’t touch Ryback, who the crowd was clearly there to see. Towards the end Fite pulled the referee into a meathook clothesline, taking him out for a while. That meant Lou King Sharp and Davey Blaze came out to help Fite (Krieger was a face earlier, otherwise I imagine it would’ve been the Fite Network), and they beat down Ryback 3-on-1. Fite even had Ryback out for more than a three count at one point, but the ref was still down. In the end Ryback fought them all off and hit his clothesline and Shellshocked for the win to send the crowd home happy.

Our thanks to Andrew Henderson for providing further details on last night’s Rock N Wrestle show at the Mercure Hotel.

You can check out more of Andrew’s wrestling writing at That Wrestling Fandom here.