Review: United Pro Wrestling ‘Return To Buckie’

Fisherman’s Hall | Buckie

This past Saturday United Pro Wrestling returned to Buckie for their second event at the Fisherman’s Hall in aid of The Teddy Bear Group. Once again I took my brother but this time my young cousin wanted to come along as did my folks, seeing as they live in Buckie, so we arrived en mass for some family friendly wrestling action.

The show started with The Jackal against Alex Webb. Jackal got on everyone’s good side straight away by calling the audience morons. Jackal stalled to start off with, preferring to flap his gums to the crowd. When the action finally started it was all Jackal who seemed to have the upper hand for the majority of the bout with deceptive agility and adaptive shenanigans with his sight set on Alex Webb’s back. Webb looked good in his brief comebacks, with some nice kicks and a very pretty roll into a jumping cutter, but he was battered by the more experienced opponent. Just as Webb was firing up, Jackal swooped in with a roll up and held the ropes to pick up the win.

Fun match to kick off the show, The Jackal looked good in this one.

We were welcomed by ‘King’ Chris Lamb and his stooges Riley Adams and Felix Fortune for the next match as he took on Jack Morris. This was the first time seeing Jack Morris in action and the boy is good, very good. The ‘Kings’ court tried their best to keep Morris on the back foot but they were soon taken out with a big dive through the ropes. Morris landed a very nice spinebuster onto Lamb before hoisting him up. Fortune and Adams caused a distraction long enough for Lamb to wriggle out and hit a codebreaker for a close two count. Morris got Lamb up onto his shoulders again and used him to ram Fortune and Adams before dropping Lamb with a TKO for a three count.

Jack Morris looked like a superstar in this one, he certainly is one to watch.

Felix Fortune challenged Morris to a two on one handicap match for later in the evening to defend the honour of the King. Morris gladly accepted.

The first half main event was Euan G Mackie as ‘Sasshole The Clown’ versus Livewire Zack Matthews. Mackie brought out a crumpled sheet with a handwritten chant for people to do during his match but nobody joined in, so if you’re wanting to support Mr Mackie:

“Mackie Mackie you’re so fine,
You’re so fine you blow my mind,
Hey Mackie!”

Mackie targeted Livewire’s taped shoulder throughout the match, punishing it with nerve holds, keylocks and an underhook crossface to slow down the pace, taking out the limb to avoid Livewire’s Stunner finisher. Mackie was in a mischievious mood, dipping into the crowd to mess with them while taunting Matthews, drawing Matthews out to have his arm trapped in the crowd barrier. Mackie used a guillotine leg drop to great effect, driving his leg onto the outstretched arm of Matthews to further the punishment. Matthews fought back with a Death Valley Driver but received a Sliced Bread #2 in return, a big front powerslam and two big cannonball sentons into the corner was enough to finish Mr Mackie for Livewire Zack Matthews.

A very nice back and forth match, as much as I dislike clowns I do enjoy watching Euan G Mackie in action.

We got a glimpse of the new United Pro Wrestling Championship. It’s a bit smaller than I thought it would be in real life. Looks nice though.

As we came back from the break we were introduced to Stallyon as he wandered out looking an adequete level of creepy. Next was some bloke in a red mask whose name was difficult to make out but I’m taking a stab at Raul Mendoza. Stallyon stood in the middle of the ring while Raul did some lucha rolls, then he tried to get Stallyon’s attention. Stallyon took off his mask and offered it to Raul who accepted then received a forearm to the side of his head, then a further forearm to the face for the quick win.

Not much happened, it was a bit weird. Plenty of kids bought Stallyon masks so that might creep into my nightmares at some point.

The main event was the handicap elimination match that was set up earlier in the evening. Felix Fortune and Riley Adams made some quick tags to start off with…with neither actually getting physical. Adams finally rushed to Morris but was on the receiving end of a spinebuster and a quick elimination. It was down to Morris and Fortune. Before Adams left he distracted Morris long enough for Fortune to take out the knee as he proceeded to kick, punch and scrap at it to further wear down the body part. Fortune looked to finish Morris with The Jackpot but swung the feet of Morris into the referee to knock him down. Chris Lamb and Riley Adams returned to beat down Morris, Morris wasn’t done though as he found an opening, dispatched Lamb and Adams, countered out of a Stroke attempt then hoisted Fortune up for the TKO and the win.

The crowd were deafening throughout this match in support of Jack Morris and rightly so, he was really good in both of his matches.

Another highly enjoyable show in Buckie, with the only dip coming from the Stallyon-Mendoza segment. It was the first time seeing Jack Morris in action and I can see why he is lauded down in Dundee because he is so good, can see him having great matches with Steven ‘Air’ Myles and Michael Chase, the latter he’s facing in Reckless Intent in a couple weeks I think. It was nice to see The Jackal again as it has been a while, he’s still riling up crowds as good as ever and of course it’s always joy to see Euan G Mackie. A fun show, will be at the next one in Buckie for sure.

Quick Results:
The Jackal defeated Alex Webb by Pinfall.
Jack Morris defeated ‘King’ Chris Lamb w/Felix Fortune & Riley Adams by Pinfall.
Livewire Zack Matthews defeated ‘Sasshole The Clown’ Euan G Mackie by Pinfall.
Stallyon defeated Raul Mendoza by Pinfall.
Handicap Elimination Match – Jack Morris defeated Felix Fortune & Riley Adams.


To those that may wonder what my folks thought of the show, my Dad liked Euan G Mackie and my Mum enjoyed herself and would come along to the next one in Buckie. So a couple of happy campers.