Review: Diversion Doesn’t Stop The Stars Of Wrestling Experience Scotland

The top wrestling stars in the UK, including WWE star Wolfgang, performed to a sold out crowd in Tarbert despite having to follow a massive diversion to get to the show. The A83 was closed on Saturday afternoon and, although half of the stars were allowed through, the van carrying the ring and the other half of the stars were diverted round towards Oban (over 2 hours). Ever the troopers though, the organisers were determined to get here and arrived at 6.30 and, within an hour, the show was underway. It was a wild night, full of high flying stunts and action spilled all over the hall and even outside into the street as the huge Tarbert crowd roared their approval.

It was an incredible effort from the company to ensure that fans were not left disappointed and with the road remaining closed until the early hours the guys were not back in Glasgow until 4am and were putting another show on at 2pm.

Masked Luchador Lucha DS remarked afterwards, “This was my first visit to Tarbert, but I will be back, what a crowd!” He and his tag partner Soldato defeated the dastardly Purge in the opening bout. There had been some great banter between the two teams on social media leading up the show and the match more than matched the hype.

Young high flying Bristolian Leyton Buzzard took on ‘The King of Insanity’ Stevie Boy next and it was over in double quick time as Stevie Boy clearly had his feet on the ropes as he pinned Buzzard but this was missed by Ref Sean McLaughlin. This cheating set up a mixed tag later on with Leyton and tag partner Kasey Owens gaining revenge on Stevie and Kay Lee Ray in an unbelievable match. The feedback on this match has been stunning. People genuinely couldn’t believe how good Kasey and Kay Lee Ray were and the fact that they mixed it with the guys. Stevie Boy is just brilliant and Leyton Buzzard is going to be a huge star.

Ravie Davie grabbed another win in Tarbert and the roar that greeted the Govan native on his return was something special. Ravie defeated Kez Evans in an outstanding match, a match that had been built out of a social media feud between the two former friends. What a performance from both guys.

Thatcher Wright, quoting from his beloved Margaret, grabbed an upset over fan favourite The Sam Barbour Experience. It was a fine match in difficult circumstance, sandwiched between two awesome tag matches, but these guys are really talented and the crowd were super into Sam Barbour.

And in the main event we had a tag match between four of the UK’s biggest stars. Wolfgang armed with a ladder and BT Gunn armed with a space hopper defeated Lionheart and Jack Jester in a wild and at times utterly hilarious match. It was just amazing to watch 4 masters of their craft at work and have such fun doing it. The look on Lionheart’s and Jester’s faces when Wolfgang emerged with ladder then Gunn with the Space hopper was priceless, even Sean McLaughlin was cracking up. When a couple of hundred weans are shouting “Jack Jester’s a jobby” “Lionheart is a daftie” you know you are doing your job well. When you stand and listen to that sound of so many youngsters just having a brilliant night out you know that wrestling is the most fun thing in the world. The night ended with Wolfgang challenging the bad guys to a hardcore match, they declined but in the last 24 hours the match has been made for next time. This feud will run and run and Wolfgang’s drawing of Jester on Twitter last night had us all in stitches.

After the show WWE star Wolfgang, just back from a month in America with WWE said “We love coming round here, great scenery, a warm welcome and a red hot crowd!”.

The organisers would like to thank everyone who pitched in to help get the show on. If you painted faces, carried stuff, built stuff or just patiently waited to get in, we salute you. Also an honourable mention to “I’ve no even been booked” Zander who did the meet and greet pre-show with Ravie Davie, painted faces and just generally helped to entetain the waiting crowd. He WILL be booked next time!

The show raised vital funds for Clachan Village Hall Development Fund and contributed to Clachan Youth Club’s OYT trip and the Nancy Glen appeal.

We hope to get the guys back next year around the same time. It would be great to see some indy wrestling fellow travellers come round to our wee corner of the country for the show. The show is always fun and crazy, it’s a cracking wee hall and a cracking wee village. Great food and a really warm welcome. Stick it in yer diaries for April 2019!

Quick Results:
Lucha DS & Soldato defeated The Purge (Krobar & Stevie James) by Pinfall.
Stevie Boy defeated Leyton Buzzard by Pinfall.
Ravie Davie defeated Kez Evans by Pinfall.
Leyton Buzzard & Kasey defeated Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray by Pinfall.
Thatcher Wright defeated The Sam Babour Experience by Pinfall.
Wolfgang & BT Gunn defeated Jack Jester & Lionheart by Pinfall.

Our thanks to the team at Wrestling Experience Tarbert for sending us a report of their packed show. You can find out more info on Twitter @GPWATarbert