Five Picks For The 2018 WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament


During WrestleMania 34 weekend, Triple H revealed that WWE will be returning to London’s Royal Albert Hall for the first time since 1991 on June 18th and 19th for the second annual United Kingdom Championship Tournament. Last year’s edition saw Tyler Bate overcome Pete Dunne in the finals to be crowned the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion, but only had one Scottish representative in the form of Wolfgang. With that, here are my five picks on Scottish names I’d like to see included in this year’s field!

BT Gunn

BT Gunn has become one of the perennial fan favourites on the Scottish scene, winning gold wherever he goes. Currently in possession of 4 title belts, The Oddity has become a well-respected grappler. Having taken part in a WWE tryout last year, Gunn is clearly on WWE’s radar. Could certainly see him making it far if he took part in the tournament.

Stevie Boy

The Filthy Generation’s Stevie Boy has been proving his worth as of late. Whether it’s winning the King of Insanity Deathmatch or this year’s Square Go! Match, The Icon Killer has been proving exactly why he’s regarded as one of the best Scottish talents. I’ll be shocked if he’s not signed up for this year’s tournament.

Joe Coffey

This one seems a bit unlikely now that World of Sport is coming back (great to see British wrestling on TV, just wish it was done right), but there were rumours a few weeks ago of Joe Coffey signing one of those WWE UK contracts. With the tournament taking place after the WOS tapings, perhaps The Iron Man could indeed be appearing on both shows. Only time will tell.

Joe Hendry

Joe Hendry was a competitor in this year’s Commonwealth Games down in Australia. That’s a fact he never fails to remind us on. The Prestigious One is one of the most accomplished athletes in Scottish wrestling, both professional and amateur. Having featured on the now-defunct 5 Star Wrestling shows, Hendry’s contract will be open to appearing on another big show for TV. WWE like their amateur athletes, with the likes of Chad Gable still signed. Here’s to Hendry joining him.

Kid Fite

Finally, we have Kid Fite, head of the PBW Academy. The Demolition Man has helped train some of the very best in the country, with notable academy graduates including the likes of Kenny Williams and current WWE Raw superstar Noam Dar. Fite has built a reputation for himself over all his years devoted to professional wrestling and it would just be nice to see him get a big break on the biggest stage possible.

Who would you like to see compete in the second annual United Kingdom Championship Tournament?

Night 1 will be a tournament along with British Strong Style vs The Undisputed ERA, with the winner getting their title shot on night 2, alongside defences of the NXT North American, Tag Team and Women’s Championships. Tickets are available from and