Preview: United Pro Wrestling ‘Live At The Rox Hotel’

A week after WWE Legend Lita graced the venue, The Rox Hotel hosts a night of professional wrestling from United Pro Wrestling on revenge of the 5th. Their first venture into Aberdeen city, a move that has had plenty of tongues wagging and questions flooding my inbox about it. Unfortunately, I’m not Dave Meltzer and only have bits and pieces of information about it so let’s not bog down in those details for the time being.

What I do know is, if the show happens in the same room as the Lita meet & greet did then they are going to have so much fun trying to get the ring into that hall. There are a lot of stairs, and a lot of glass. United Pro Wrestling might be hoping for a sell out to pay for the repairs if a part of the ring set up goes array.

Another point that has set tongues wagging was the first guest announced for the event, ‘The King of Dong Style’ Joey Ryan. Ryan is heading to Scotland for a double, first stop in Aberdeen before heading to Discovery Wrestling in Edinburgh. As someone with very little experience of watching Joey Ryan, I do know that he uses his…man parts…to great effect. I’m sure he is capable of being family friendly but would that take away from his act? An odd choice perhaps.

As for an audience, United Pro Wrestling are marketed towards kids really. Big characters, colourful wrestlers, all that is grand and Joey Ryan certainly ticks both of those boxes. Will be an interesting one, not sure what to make of it to be honest. He faces Christopher Saynt, who is vibrant himself and not short of confidence. This will either be a match made in heaven or something truly awkward. Joey Ryan has already stated on Twitter that he doesn’t know who Christopher Saynt is, so it’s Saynt’s job to make a lasting impression.

The next guest announced was Dave Mastiff, coming off several TV appearances in the last 18 months first as World of Sport Wrestling Champion (before losing the title to Grado a couple hours later) on ITV then as a regular face on 5 Star Wrestling, before 5 Star imploded. A big name in the UK independent wrestling scene. He comes up against the third guest, ‘The King of All Evil’ Bram. Bram isn’t the most popular wrestling to the vocal minority of British wrestling fans, but he has a great reputation on family friendly shows. His inclusion isn’t the thing that puzzles me about this match, it’s that they’ve brought in two guests to face each other in what can only be described as an exhibition match.

United Pro Wrestling has a core roster, some that aren’t as experienced as others that would probably benefit from having in ring time with a Bram or Dave Mastiff. What if we saw Dave Mastiff face to face with Johnny Pugs? It might not be the best match in the world but the sheer amount of humanity in the ring would be a moment that would be talked about in United Pro Wrestling for years to come. Along with that, you have four guys in a match on the show, we could have Bram versus a Jack Morris or an Ian Ambrose for example. My only thought that would remedy that is that it’s not the last time we see these two in United Pro Wrestling.

Livewire Zack Matthews and King Chris Lamb collide, they have had their issues and have fired shots at each other in the build-up to this match. Both came off of big wins in Fraserburgh with Lamb booking his place in the Peterhead Scottish Week Battle Royal, one step closer to becoming the first UPW Heavyweight Champion. Livewire defeated one of the King’s lackeys in Riley Adams in his hometown so he’ll be hoping to ride that wave of momentum.

Euan G Mackie sheds his ‘Sasshole The Clown’ image to reunite with Stallyon as Opera of Silence as they take on the Scottish Luchador team of Lucha DS and Robbie Solar. DS and Solar have been enjoying success further South, recently capturing the SWA Tag Team Championships. Three very quick wrestlers in this one with Stallyon being the tree that will have to be cut down if the masked duo have any chance of winning. The unpredictable tandem of Mackie and Stallyon will be coming in to cause a little chaos. Should be a good one.

Then there is the fatal four way match, throwing in four really good wrestlers in Jack Morris, Steven ‘Air’ Myles, Ian Ambrose and The Jackal. With no stakes, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this as a qualifier for the Peterhead Scottish Week Rumble to move one step closer to the UPW Heavyweight Championship. Jack Morris missed a chance in Fraserburgh, so will be looking for another chance no doubt. This should be an absolute cracker of a match with plenty of components to steal the show. You have the youth and exuberance of Jack Morris, the quiet confidence of Steven Myles, the expressive and cocky Ian Ambrose along with the experience and hunger of the ‘Ominous Omnivore’ Jackal.

All this plus the undefeated Johnny Pugs will be at The Rox Hotel for a wild night of wrestling in The Granite City.

Limited tickets are available on Ticketsource and at the door.

Announced Matches
Johnny Pugs vs ???
Livewire Zack Matthews vs King Chris Lamb
Scottish Luchadors (Lucha DS & Robbie Solar) vs Opera of Silence (Euan G Mackie & Stallyon)
Bram vs Dave Mastiff
Christopher Saynt vs Joey Ryan
Four Way – Jack Morris vs Steven ‘Air’ Myles vs Ian Ambrose vs The Jackal