World Wide Wrestling League ‘Action Academy Unleashed’ FULL Results

6th May 2018 – The W3L Action Academy


Johnny Lions defeated Leo King by Pinfall.

Craig Stephens defeated Spike Tierney by Pinfall.

Handicap Match – Kevin Williams & Dave Jeremi defeated Umar Mohammed, Matt Black & John Kerr by Submission.

The Tormentor defeated Euan G Mackie by Pinfall.

Kaiden King defeatedย Kay Balfour by Pinfall.

Over The Top Rumble – Winner: Euan G Mackie

Entry Order:

  1. Craig Stephens
  2. Johnny Lions
  3. Umar Mohammed
  4. Spike Tierney
  5. Euan G Mackie
  6. Dave Jeremi
  7. Leo King
  8. Kevin Williams
  9. John Kerr
  10. The Tormentor
  11. Kay Balfour
  12. Matt Black
  13. Kaiden King

Elimination Order:

  1. Johnny Lions by Euan G Mackie
  2. Umar Mohammed by Kevin Williams
  3. John Kerr by Kevin Williams
  4. Dave Jeremi by Leo King
  5. Spike Tierney by The Tormentor
  6. Kevin Williams by Kay Balfour
  7. Leo King by The Tormentor
  8. Matt Black by Kay Balfour & Craig Stephens
  9. Kaiden King by Kay Balfour
  10. Kay Balfour by The Tormentor
  11. Craig Stephens by The Tormentor
  12. The Tormentor by Euan G Mackie