2018 Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament: Bracket Breakdown


The Asylum is set to play host to the 2018 Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament this weekend, with competitors coming from up and down the country to prove why they’re the best. The matches have now been announced, which leaves some brackets to breakdown!


Jack Dillon (GPWA) vs Aaron Echo (Tournament Champion)

Two of the competitors from last year make their tournament return as GPWA’s Jack Dillon takes on the 2017 winner Aaron Echo. This was actually one of the first round matches from last year’s tournament, so Jack will be out to earn the victory this time around. Both men will know exactly what they need to do in order to advance through the rounds, but Aaron Echo is the much more experienced name in the match. Having wrestled regularly for the likes of ICW, BCW and home promotion PBW since the tournament, The Author of The Echo Bible has all the tools to become a two-time tournament champion.
Prediction – Aaron Echo


Irving Garrett (GPWA) vs Craig Anthony (Source Wrestling School)

Another one of the 2017 entrants returns this year as GPWA’s Irving Garret takes on Source Wrestling School’s Craig Anthony. Garrett is a man known for his variety of submission holds and can twist an opponent in several ways, a man that would make Zack Sabre Jr. proud. He made it to the quarterfinals last year, defeating Scott McManus before losing to Ravie Davie. His first round this year is “The Natural” Craig Anthony. Craig only debuted earlier this year, but he learned everything he was taught in such a short space of time, which is why he’s known as The Natural. A very unique first round match.
Prediction – Irving Garrett


Soldato (GPWA) vs Damien (Wildcard)

GPWA’s resident luchador Soldato enters the tournament against one of the wildcard picks as he takes on WrestleZone’s Damien. Soldato narrowly missed out on the tournament last year, despite having proven himself as one of the greatest high flying talents in the country. He’s got a tough opponent in the first round however. Although he only competes regularly in the north east, Damien has established himself as one of the best. His work with Tyler Bate last September is what earned him this wildcard spot, a huge opportunity for The Revolutionary. If Damien does in the tournament what he does every other time, then we could be looking at our winner.
Prediction – Damien


Thatcher Wright (GPWA) vs Theo Doros (Wildcard)

Thatcher Wright continues his mission to keep the spirit of Margaret Thatcher alive as takes on another of the wildcards in Reckless Intent’s Theo Doros. Thatcher hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to what he aims to do, always being interrupted whenever he tries to speak about his beloved Margaret. Don’t be surprised to see the same happen on Friday night. Theo Doros is a man of few words, always letting his actions speak instead. The Superior Cypriot has quite possibly the chance of his career with this tournament, and I’m sure he won’t let it go to waste.
Prediction – Theo Doros


Austin Osiris (GPWA) vs Kai Williams-King (Source Wrestling School)

One of the GPWA originals Austin Osiris will take on 2017 quarterfinalist Kai Williams-King in the first round. Osiris is currently going on a 400+ day undefeated streak, referring to himself as Big Money. Having been part of GPWA’s first Night at the Asylum show, Osiris was surprisingly left out of last year’s tournament. One man who wasn’t left out however was Kai Williams-King of the Source Wrestling School. After beating Devin Fawkes in the first round, he was unsuccessful against eventual runner-up The Sam Barbour Experience in the quarterfinals. Kai has been impressing many on the Source shows, and he’ll be looking to get further than the second round this time around.
Prediction – Austin Osiris


Kyle Khaos (GPWA) vs Ace Anderson (PBW Academy)

One of the matches I’m personally looking forward to in the first round is GPWA’s Kyle Khaos taking on PBW Academy’s Ace Anderson. Since ditching his days as part of The Rich Kids, Kyle Khaos has developed a far different character than what he had as a team with Austin Osiris. Another of the GPWA originals, Kyle now hails from The Venomverse. He battles Ace Anderson in the first round of this year’s tournament. I haven’t seen much of Ace, but he seems to be quite impressive from what I have seen. This has the potential to be one of the matches that could steal the tournament
Prediction – Ace Anderson


Grant McIvor (Source Wrestling School) vs Jesse Santana (PBW Academy)

One of the more unique first round matches sees Source Wrestling’s Grant McIvor taking on the sassiest member of the PBW Academy, Jesse Santana. Grant has quickly established himself as one of the best to come from the Source Wrestling School. Known to fans as The Gazelle, Grant recently debuted in Discovery Wrestling as the newest member of The House of Saynt. His first round opponent is another man that would be perfect in The HoS, it’s Jesse Santana. Hailing from Sassgow, Santana is one of the more charismatic men in this whole tournament. A highly interesting first round contest.
Prediction – Grant McIvor

Prince Asad (PBW Academy) vs Jason Reed (Wildcard)

The last first round match will see PBW Academy representative Prince Asad taking on the last wildcard pick Jason Reed, representing World Wide Wrestling League. Asad recently made his debut on WrestleZone’s main shows this past Saturday, but he has been making a name for himself on shows up and down the country. Speaking of WrestleZone, Jason Reed has been trying to #MakeWrestleZoneGreatAgain. Having been impressing many in W3L and SSW, the tournament could be a huge stepping stone in the career of the cheeky Fifer.
Prediction – Jason Reed

Tickets can be bought from www.eventbrite.co.uk, priced between £10-20. However if you purchase tickets before 10pm tonight, you can get 20% off all tickets by entering the code ‘BANKHOLIDAY’.

In the meantime, you can vote for who you think will win the tournament here and can also listen to Stephen Louch’s Tuck of the Draw podcast with competitor interviews here.