Review: The Words of Jericho – Glasgow

The O2 Arena in Glasgow hosted by far the biggest Inside the Ropes event – Chris Jericho Live!, with a sold out crowd of over 600 fans in attendance. According to some fans queuing outside prior to the event, the majority did not know what to expect from the show. Such wrestling events usually consist of the wrestler sharing wrestling road stories to the audience while sitting in a chair on the stage, followed by a quick Q&A to fill the time. This particular event is completely different to what some fans might have expected.

The Words of Jericho is a one man show. It was a stand up comedy act consisting of real life wrestling stories and some crazy rock n’ roll adventures. The audience got to see a side of Chris Jericho that had not been seen before: Chris Jericho – the comedian. Jericho owned the stage as always, he opened the show with a classic Break The Walls Down entrance with his light up jacket sparkling in the dark. And instead of sitting down, he walked back and forth like Michael McIntyre at a stand up gig and rocked the audience with hilarious never-told-before wrestling stories.The show was a major success from the very beginning as Chris Jericho was one of the few overseas wrestlers who did not pronounce the city as “Glass Cow” so that immediately got him a huge babyface pop.

Jericho started off talking about his angle with Dean Ambrose and their segments with Mitch – the potted plant. It turns out that WWE does not supply potted plants for segments therefore if you are in a desperate need of such a prop, you would need to go and steal one for yourself. Jericho revealed he was a bit annoyed that some fans made Mitch – the plant the star of the feud, which eventually overshadowed their entire storyline. Chris must have been happy when the plant finally passed away. May Mitch – the potted plant rest in peace.


On the subject of Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho’s storyline, Y2J revealed he has a fear of thumbtacks. According to Jericho, Ambrose insisted on using the tacks in their Asylum match at the Extreme Rules PPV 2016. Jericho was okay with the idea as Ambrose was supposed to be the one going through them but as expected per WWE protocol, the result of the match was changed last minute and Jericho ended up having to go through the tacks. You can go back and watch the match and see Y2J’s reaction taking his first ever thumbtacks bump. His expression is one of genuine fear and inexplicable pain.


Jericho also provided the audience with some valuable piece of advice to not approach Vince McMahon when he is hungry. Furthermore, it is never a good idea to pitch story angles to Mr. McMahon while he is eating; especially, when he has just taken a bite out of, in Vince’s words: “a bad cow”.

In addition to Chris Jericho the wrestler, we have Chris Jericho the rock star. Jericho has been the lead singer of Fozzy for nearly 20 years now. It is safe to say we can assume he is well respected and well known in the music industry as well. Especially now with his newest hit Judas going to the top of the charts in the USA. However, according to Chris, this isn’t the case with everybody involved in the music industry. Jericho shared some of his encounters with his heroes such as Paul McCartney and Ozzy and Sharon Osborne. According to Jericho, they did not know who “the fuck” Chris Jericho was when they first met him. Guess who just made the list?

Those were just some of the highlights of  The Words of Jericho Glasgow. It was an incredible comedy show that exceeded everybody’s expectations. It was a one man show that kept the audience laughing for two hours straight. The secret is out, Chris Jericho is not only a wrestler, a rock star and a podcaster; he is also a great comedian. It is safe to say he truly is the best in the world at everything he does.

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– Dropkick Queen Kamelia KL