Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘On Fite – Episode 1’


Discovery Wrestling have finally landed on Fite TV, with their first episode airing last night. Two fantastic matches were featured on the debut edition, so let’s get in to it!

A lovely intro video played before we were welcomed by Discovery co-owner Alan Smith, who explained the format for the show before introducing the first match as we went back to December of last year.

Discovery Wrestling vs Bullet Club (December 7th 2017)
Discovery Women’s Championship
Sammii Jayne (c) def. Kay Lee Ray by Pinfall

What a way to kick off the first instalment of Disco on Fite, Sammii Jayne making the first defence of the Discovery Women’s Championship against Kay Lee Ray. Some back and forth technical exchanges before both women tried for rollups to no avail. A huge jumping enzuigiri from the champion early on rocked KLR, only for her to hit a superkick in retaliation. The momentum swung evenly each way throughout the bout. Kay Lee synched in a Koji clutch on a few occasions, with Sammii always finding a way to escape. A scoop brainbuster from The Queen of Catch was met by a gory bomb from Ray, her signature move, which was followed by both champion and challenger exchanging suicide dives. Neither competitor looked as if they would ever give in, which is what we’ve come to expect from these two by now. The Shadowfax suplex from Sammii (quite possibly the best moves in wrestling at the moment, even Bullet Club’s Taiji Ishimori has started using it) gained a near fall, before a sitout powerbomb as a hurricanrana counter got the three count for The Queen to remain on her throne.

If there was a match to kick off Discovery’s new weekly show, it was this. Perfect in-ring action without much storytelling, meaning the casual wrestling fan could sit down and watch the thrilling competition. If any Discovery fans have friends/partners/pets/whatever that don’t enjoy wrestling but are willing to watch a match, then look no further!

The first ‘Gene And Friends’ segment came next, with David Starr as the debut guest. Some fine editing was done to make it look like Starr enjoys the work of Gene Munny. Or was he actually saying those words? We need answers!

Alan Smith led us in to the second match of the show, and another cracker it was!

The Disco Derby (January 19th 2018)
BT Gunn def. Chris Ridgeway by Submission

Going to the start of the year now, with BT Gunn facing Chris Ridgeway from The Disco Derby. Like in the previous match, some technical exchanges took place at the start before both men busted out their signature offence; Gunn with the vicious chops and Ridgeway with his scintillating kicks. The latter also locked in some absolutely brutal-looking submission holds. Seriously, how is Gunn still standing? A Gunnshot was countered mid-flight with a rear naked choke and then transitioned in to a Rings of Saturn. Wonderful stuff! Add in a ripcord Black Mass kick to the jaw, and Ridgeway’s moveset is quickly becoming one of my favourites. After fighting off Smashmouth with a plethora of kicks to the face, The Oddity locked in the Coatbridge Crossface and although Ridgeway initially rolled over, it was locked back in and Gunn was awarded the victory by submission. A hug afterwards was the icing on the cake to this terrific contest between two of the UK’s greatest.

For the first episode, Discovery needed to leave a lasting impression. With the two matches they showed, they’ve done just that! Both contests had hard-hitting strikes, fascinating technical exchanges, and little backstory. It was just two wrestlers going at it; what more do you need?

Alan Smith closed out the show, where he revealed one of the matches for next week; Joe Coffey vs Matt Riddle for the Y Division Championship!

For anyone wanting to watch the show themselves, they can do so here!