Why Richard R. Russell Should Win At Battle Of The Nations


All revolutions are impossible till they happen. Then they become inevitable.

That’s the statement read at the start of Damien’s entrance music. A man who has been with WrestleZone since day one, The Revolutionary has done almost all there is to do in the company. Heavyweight Champion, No Limits Champion, first ever Undisputed Champion, Tag Team Champion. Aside from the obvious answers of holding the Tri-Counties Championship or winning The Regal Rumble, one accolade that Damien has yet to achieve is main eventing at the Beach Ballroom. He’s opened the show and he’s been in the middle of the card, but a headlining spot in one of Aberdeen’s most historic venues has never came Damien’s way. All that could change if he’s able to defeat former business associate and 2018 Regal Rumble winner Richard R. Russell at Battle of the Nations later tonight. But he shouldn’t.

As I channel my inner Simon Miller, there’s a question you might be wondering; Why? *slaps head* Here’s Why!


There’s no real benefit to Damien straight up defeating Russell in their long-awaited showdown. Yes, he earns the right to challenge Shawn Johnson at Aberdeen Anarchy X. But this is WrestleZone we’re talking about. They could easily have had Damien win The Regal Rumble, but they instead fooled many fans (myself included) by having Sterling Oil’s adviser go home with the trophy. Why make it an easy journey now?

Having Richard come out on top (likely with outside interference) means he would have full control come September 1st as the evening’s General Manager, giving Chris McDonald some well-deserved time off. Whether or not we get the promised Sterling Oil party that Lee Manton so desperately desires is another question, but Russell could be absolute gold with this sort of power. Adding various stipulations to suit his guys would infuriate the audience and opponents, continuing the perception of Russell as one of the most despised men in WrestleZone.

Now before you say anything; no, the main event of Aberdeen Anarchy (WrestleZone’s tenth anniversary remember) shouldn’t be Shawn Johnson vs Richard R. Russell. It should still be Shawn vs Damien. But have Damien torture the members of Sterling Oil over the shows following Battle of the Nations, post videos of him terrorising the group in the training academy, have him constantly interrupt their promos. Do anything and everything possible until Russell finally gives in, and gives Damien the main event spot he’s gunning for.

Once again however, it won’t be as simple as that. If that is what happens (personally, I think it would make for some good scenes), then Russell should make the members of Sterling Oil be unnecessarily involved. Alan Sterling as the timekeeper, William Sterling on commentary, Crusher Craib as the enforcer, and Russell himself as the referee. Think late ’90s WWF with Vince McMahon and The Corporation towering over the competition with their power and position within the company. At this event, just under one year on from superkicking Shawn Johnson, Damien can have the moment he’s been waiting for in his 10 year career.

It all starts with Russell winning at Battle of the Nations.

As of writing, tickets are still available from www.ringsideworld.co.uk, priced £15 for VIP, £12 for adults, and £10 for under 14s. Fans can also pay at the door. Be sure to head along to The Northern Hotel for what promises to be a highly important night for WrestleZone!