Wrestler Spotlight: Nathan North

Nathan North Source Wrestling
Photo credit Marion McGinn

Aliasย โ€“ Nathan North, Marcus North

Nicknames โ€“ ‘Vintage’, ‘The Northern Star’

Debut – 2016

Companies Wrestled Forย ย โ€“

  • Discovery Wrestling
  • Fair City Wrestling
  • Reckless Intent Wrestling
  • Respect Pro Wrestling
  • Shield Pro Wrestling
  • Source Wrestling
  • Three Count Wrestling
  • Upbrawl Championship Wrestling
  • WrestleZone

Titles & Accomplishments –ย 

  • N/A

Signature Moves –

  • Lifting Sitout Double Underhook Facebuster
  • Diving Moonsault

Alliances –

  • The Dogs of the North w/Luke Matthews
  • w/Jeeves Winchester

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