WZ Aberdeen Anarchy: Top 10 Moments From The Beach Ballroom #10

We are 11 weeks away from Aberdeen Anarchy 2018, taking place on September 1st at The Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen it’s the biggest night on the wrestling calendar in the North East. To celebrate we’ll be posting several articles on the lead up to the event with flashback reviews, lists and previews hyping up Aberdeen Anarchy.

We start the countdown of the Top 10 moments in Aberdeen Anarchy history that took place at The Beach Ballroom with number 10, a night a King was crowned.

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10. The King Is Crowned (2017)

In late 2016, the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship was unveiled, with a tournament set to conclude in Westhill in early 2017. Aspen Faith lay claim to the title early on but he was one of sixteen other competitors including Andy Wild, Mr P, Damien and Johnny Lions. It got down to a final four of Aspen Faith, Bryan Tucker, Zach Dynamite and Bingo Ballance. However, following the shock double elimination of Aspen Faith and Bingo Ballance due to expiry of the time limit, Faith took matters into his own hands by interupting the second semi final between Bryan Tucker and Zach Dynamite. With rematches taking place shortly afterwards it was another chaotic situation that lead to WrestleZone Management Representative Chris MacDonald to confirm that all four men would be in the final for the new championship at Aberdeen Anarchy. As it was Aberdeen Anarchy a special stipulation was added, it was a ladder match.

Out of the four combatants, only Bryan Tucker had ladder match experience in The Beach Ballroom while Dynamite and Ballance both favoured a high risk, high reward style. The only man that looked to walk in with a distinct disadvantage was ‘The King of Catch’ Aspen Faith.

Coming out to new entrance music and in all white, Aspen Faith was on a mission. All four men tussled and found themselves on the business end of a ladder on more than one occasion. Thwarting the others attempts at reaching the new title. It was down to Aspen Faith and Zach Dynamite, while a prone Bingo Ballance was pinned underneath the ladder and Bryan Tucker could only look on as he was tangled in the tree of woe. As Dynamite looked to grab the belt, Faith grabbed his hand and snapped the fingers of Dynamite leading him to fall to the canvas. Faith unhooked the belt and became the first WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champion. The King was crowned.

Top 10 Moments From The Beach Ballroom

10. The King Is Crowned (2017)
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