Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘Live!’ July 2018


Discovery Wrestling are a company that prides themselves on being All About The Wrestling. Just by looking at the poster for this Sunday’s show, it’s clear to see they’re not lying. Mike Bailey and Veda Scott are finally making their Scottish debuts, five NXT UK stars will be in action, and we will see the long-awaited match between Gene Munny and Martina. It’s what everyone wants to see…


Y Division Championship
Jordan Devlin vs Joe Coffey (c)

A massive main event will see a battle between two WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament entrants as Jordan Devlin make his Discovery debut to challenge Joe Coffey for the Y Division Championship. Devlin, the current OTT World Champion, was scheduled to debut in March against Andy Wild but the match was called off thanks to The Beast From The East. Now that it’s summer and a snowstorm is unlikely, The Import Killer gets the opportunity to add another championship to his trophy cabinet with this match against The Iron King. Since ending Lewis Girvan’s 666-day reign in September, Coffey has seen off all-comers from Matt Riddle to Zack Sabre Jr. to Aspen Faith. A huge defence stands before him in Edinburgh though, both men wanting to make an impact ahead of the launch of NXT UK at the end of July.


Andy Wild vs Zack Gibson

After Rampage Brown suffered a dislocated shoulder last week, Andy Wild had to prepare for a new opponent as he now faces the man who is sooooooooooooooooon to be recognised as Discovery’s number one, the debuting Zack Gibson. Wild has been on a career resurgence recently, winning The Disco Derby in January as well as capturing the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship and earning a full-time spot on ICW’s roster. While he’s throwing bodies around the ring, Zack Gibson has been taking people to the mat and locking them in the Shankly Gates. Gibson is one of the hottest topics in the world right now, having won the second WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament. Although he failed to take the championship from Pete Dunne, he can get back on track by beating the leader of The Wild Boys. And remember, shoes off if you hate Gibson!


Viper vs Nina Samuels

Both Viper and NXT UK’s Nina Samuels are owed a shot at the Discovery Women’s Championship but with Sammii Jayne out thanks to a broken ankle, it leaves both women vying ever so harder to get that opportunity. Viper has been the centre of recent fame after starring on BBC’s Fight Like A Girl documentary. Having competed in the inaugural WWE Mae Young Classic last year, Viper has exactly what it takes to make it to the big leagues. Nina Samuels on the other hand, is someone I was never certain on when it came to a WWE contract. After appearing in the crowd at Royal Albert Hall, she looks to have secured her spot within NXT UK’s women’s division. Both competitors are reeling off of big successes in their lives, but will the spotlight be too much for them to handle at the Portobello Town Hall?


Intergender Match
BT Gunn & Kasey vs Mike Bailey & Veda Scott

Discovery always manage to bring in some of the finest independent wrestlers from around the world, which will continue this weekend as “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Veda Scott arrive in Edinburgh to face BT Gunn and Kasey. I hadn’t seen too much of Mike Bailey prior to last year’s Pro Wrestling World Cup from Defiant Wrestling, where he put on a showstealing performance against Will Ospreay. With a kick-based offence, Speedball also isn’t afraid to take to the skies with a fantastic shooting star knee drop finisher. Veda Scott is someone I haven’t seen much of either since her ROH days but judging by her match against Kay Lee Ray at the end of last year, she looks to be quite fierce in the ring. Their opponents for the match are two of Scotland’s best at the moment, BT Gunn and Irish native Kasey, two names you don’t want to rile up. Expect to see a mixture of in-ring styles with this one.


Intergender Match
Gene Munny vs Martina

A unique match will see Gene Munny facing off with “The Session Moth” Martina, a match that was originally scheduled for Discovery’s show this past March. There’s not much I can really say here. It’s going to be an interesting one for the fans in attendance, and I certainly hope it goes out on one of the Fite TV episodes. If you’re coming to the show looking for a technical masterpiece, this won’t be your cup of tea.


Joe Hendry vs Kenny Williams

A match that hasn’t had the best of luck will see Joe Hendry taking on Kenny Williams. The match was set to be Chris Ridgeway against Mikey Whiplash, but Whiplash had to pull out due to commitments at the Source Wrestling School followed by Ridgeway pulling out of the match with Kenny thanks to a torn bicep. Thus, it’ll be Impact Wrestling star Joe Hendry vs NXT UK’s Kenny Williams. These two have some beef in Pro Wrestling Elite at the moment, with Hendry serving as the PWE Heavyweight Champion. A little insight as to what we can expect come July 21st.


The Kings of the North (Bonesaw & Damien Corvin) vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)

Another match signed for March has been rescheduled for this show, as The Kings of the North take on The Kings of Catch. Bonesaw and Damien Corvin are two of the most dangerous men down in Ireland, currently in their third reign as the OTT Tag Team Champions and running through all competition put in front of them. One team that haven’t held tag gold however is The Kings of Catch. While both Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan have held tag championships with other partners, they’ve been unable to capture the duos titles in any company they’ve went to while together. A win over a team like The Kings of the North could put them in line for a title run, whether in another promotion or in Discovery if they decide to bring in tag team championships.


Pure Dead Brilliant (Kid Fite, Lou King Sharp & Krieger) vs The House of Saynt (Christopher Saynt, Theo Doros & Grant McIvor)

The last match signed is another interesting one as Pure Dead Brilliant takes on The House of Saynt, with new member Grant McIvor getting his first taste of in-ring competition in a Discovery ring. For those that watched the few 5 Star Wrestling shows that happened, you’ll remember the brilliance that was Kid Fite, Lou King Sharp, and Krieger. Week after week, they were the best segment of the shows. Before all that though, Sharp was a member of The House of Saynt until being kicked out after he and Theo Doros were eliminated from last year’s Uncivil War. With Krieger now on the Discovery roster and Grant McIvor being brought in by Christopher Saynt, the sides are even for a six man tag. It’ll just be a good laugh this one.

Michael Chase has also promised to make an appearance on Sunday, angered at having not been booked in a match despite his repeated impressive performances. Will anyone step up to Chase?

Tickets can no longer be bought online but message the Discovery Facebook page to reserve your tickets, with a limited number remaining as of writing. Doors open at 2pm with the action kicking off an hour later.

Announced Matches
Y Division Championship
– Jordan Devlin vs Joe Coffey (c)
Andy Wild vs Zack Gibson
Viper vs Nina Samuels
Intergender Match
– BT Gunn & Kasey vs Mike Bailey & Veda Scott
Intergender Match – Gene Munny vs Martina
Joe Hendry vs Kenny Williams
The Kings of the North vs The Kings of Catch
Pure Dead Brilliant vs The House of Saynt