Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘On Fite – Episode 3’


Catching up on my Discovery episodes this week, beginning with episode three. As per, co-owner Alan Smith opened the show to run down what matches would be on the week’s edition. Kicking things off, we went back to December for the conclusion of 2017’s fued of the year in Discovery.

Discovery Wrestling vs Bullet Club (December 7th 2017)
Lumberjack Match
Christopher Saynt w/The House of Saynt (Theo Doros & Ann Phetamine) def. Michael Chase w/Lou King Sharp by Pinfall

Michael Chase stormed down the aisle, wasting no time to get his hands on Christopher Saynt. The lumberjacks were of course all competitors in the following month’s Disco Derby Match, except for a man that appeared to be Delsin Dayre. Right off the bat, Theo Doros and Ann Phetamine both got themselves involved in the action to assist their patriarch while the lumberjacks brawled at ringside throughout the match. A Cut to the Chase reverse STO wasn’t enough for Chase to pick up the three count, while a flying knee to the back was unsuccessful for Saynt to get the win. With referee Sean McLaughlin distracted, Phetamine slid a cane to Saynt that enabled him to come out on top. Chase went wild after the match by taking out DCT and former best friend Lou King Sharp, leaving The House of Saynt to be laid waste to at the hands of Deviation.

This was a fairly short match, but it was an enjoyable one. Both competitors are, in my humble opinion, two of the more underrated in the country and can hold a match just as good as anyone else. The story that’s followed with Michael Chase has been excellent, taking out his frustrations on the newer members of the roster. Perhaps he’ll provide help to Sharp when Simon Miller arrives next month.

The second match of episode three took us to Uncivil War with the finals of the inaugural Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament.

Uncivil War (November 5th 2017)
Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament Finals
Aspen Faith w/Lewis Girvan def. Rampage Brown by Pinfall

Aspen Faith got straight in to the match with a massive front dropkick before both men started laying in to each other with some stiff forearms. Every now and again, Lewis Girvan would choke Rampage on the ropes while Aspen distracted the referee. Being the more powerful competitor, Rampage easily took advantage with some massive slams but The King of Catch was able to roll out of the ring after suffering a piledriver. A release suplex gave Rampage time to climb to the top before Girvan got hold of his leg, which allowed Aspen to drill him with a Tombstone that gained him the victory as he could now challenge for the Y Division Championship whenever he wished.

There was never any denying that the match would be terrific, considering who was involved. Rampage looked like an absolute beast in this match, slamming Aspen all over the ring and was only stopped whenever Lewis Girvan got involved. I’d be down for a rematch between the pair in the future, maybe even a tag match if Rampage finds someone to team with.

Alan Smith appeared again, where he revealed that the next episode would see the unveiling of the eight entrants for this year’s Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament. The same rules apply, a single-elimination tournament with the winner getting a Y Division Championship opportunity whenever they desire.

The last segment of the show was the second instalment of Gene And Friends, with his guest being former WWE superstar MVP. Once again, there was some editing to make it appear that the former United States Champion was a massive fan of The Sexual Gammon. I mean, who isn’t?

Another great episode of Discovery on Fite featuring two rather good contests. The next episode will see two more matches from Uncivil War, as Lewis Girvan faces El Ligero and Delsin Dayre, Josh Terry, and Lucha DS collide in a Triple Threat Match!

To watch the episode, clickΒ here.