2018 Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Quarter Finals Announced

Last night Alan Smith and his glamorous assistant Jeff Kohl made the draw for the quarter final matches of the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational. In a change from last year there are only 8 entrants vying for a title opportunity any time, any place.

Last year Aspen Faith defeated Doug Williams, Chris Ridgeway and Rampage Brown to win the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational, earning himself a Y Division Championship opportunity that was cashed in but he was unable to wrestle the title away from Joe Coffey.

The eight participants were announced on Fite TV as part of the latest episode of Discovery Wrestling. Showcasing some established UK names with some less familiar faces. The line up includes some debuts in Discovery Wrestling with a multi-national contingent with representatives from Scotland, England, Cyprus, Wales, Australia and even the future.

A couple of matches have caught my eye for this, Joey Axl is a wrestler I’m not really a fan of, he offered nothing that impressed me during his 5 Star Wrestling spell but yet I’m interested in seeing him versus ‘The Bone Collector’, Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament winner, Irving Garrett. For those that don’t know, Joey Axl employs the ‘Stretch Muffler’ as his go-to submission move. An old school move that he has been using to punish opponents. However, he comes up against Irving Garrett who’s whole arsenal is finding special ways to tie up opponents into submission. Could be a fun one seeing limbs put into agonising positions for our entertainment.

Another match that has caught my eye is Andy Wild versus Eddie Dennis. Although I’m not too familiar with the work of Eddie Dennis I know that he comes with a big reputation. The renaissance of Andy Wild is in full swing, even if it was knocked slightly follow his loss to Zack Gibson recently. Dennis is more versed as a tag team wrestler but isn’t afraid to throw about opponents which is something that Wild can get into. There will be bodies flying.

Tom Fulton has travelled back in time to take the place of Michael Chase following his suspension, Fulton takes on the debuting Martin Kirby. Plus Chris Renfrew taking on Theo Doros, they’ve crossed paths in Reckless Intent a couple of times so there will be a bit of familiarity there but on this occasion Doros will have The House of Saynt mulling about which adds a little bit of an edge on proceedings.

So to summerise, the quarter finals announced:

August 5th 2018 – Portobello Town Hall – Chris Renfrew vs Theo Doros

August 5th 2018 – Portobello Town Hall – Tom Fulton vs Martin Kirby

September 2nd 2018 – The Jam House – Andy Wild vs Eddie Dennis

September 2nd 2018 – The Jam House – Joey Axl vs Irving Garrett

A fun looking tournament that doesn’t have the grandure of last years when the likes of Matt Riddle, Mikey Whiplash, Rampage Brown and Doug Williams were involved. Instead it’s a bit more basic which will allow for someone to break out in Discovery Wrestling and become a player in the main event. Quality over quanity may be a suitable phrase for this years tournament.

If I’m picking a possible final it’s hard to look past Andy Wild, with either Chris Renfrew or Theo Doros as his opponent. I feel that Andy Wild is on a one way ticket to a showdown with Joe Coffey and after booking his place on the Discovery roster in January he will be after another big win to push him forward to competing against ‘The Iron Man’ who has looked unstoppable since taking the title from Lewis Girvan.

But who do you think will be the 2018 Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational winner?