Review: United Pro Wrestling Act Seven

It’s been a while since we tackled United Pro Wrestling, I’ve reviewed each of the previous six acts that are on YouTube so with the uploading of Act Seven it was only logical that I sit down and check out the latest offering from the North East wrestling promotion.

Since last time I watched UPW on the YouTube, I’ve been to a couple of their events in Buckie, which is about a 20 minute journey in the car from where I live. A fun night of family friendly wrestling was had and it looks like a promotion that can provide something a little different. They’ve also started bringing in higher caliber independent wrestlers and the show that this Act is from was all about that, featuring former TNA star Bram and future NXT UK wrestler Dave Mastiff, who has a strong reputation in Europe.

On May 5th 2018, the ring was crammed into The Rox Hotel in Aberdeen for the show that included this match, it was strange to see it fill the room that I had been in just a few weeks prior to meet Lita. Quite impressive that they got the ring into the venue at all considering the winding stairs and all that glass between the entrance and the room itself.

Having Bram on a show always causes a bit of a stir because of his past and the accusations that follow with it. Personally I’m not a fan of Bram, not because of his “misdemeanors” but because I don’t think he’s that good. He does nothing for me as a fan. I’m not even that much of a fan of Dave Mastiff either to be honest so this match is totally up my street eh.

Dave Mastiff defeated Bram by pinfall.

The more vocal of the audience supported Bram as the two beasts locked up in the early going. Neither giving an inch, looking to be matching power. A test of strength followed and we were no clearer as to who was the stronger of the two. Bram hit, like, eight shoulder tackles and neither budged. Bram thwarted a Mastiff shoulder tackle with a stiff forearm but was soon sent out of the ring and went to leave. Mastiff brought Bram back and they had a brawl on the outside. Bram got the upper hand and rolled Mastiff back into the ring… who then rolled back out. Bram picked up Mastiff again… who rolled out of the ring again. Third time wasn’t the charm as Mastiff caught Bram and dropped him onto the apron and continued the brawl around the hall. Bram spat beer into the face of Mastiff, who slapped him in the chops for his troubles. It finally made it back to the ring but Bram knocked Mastiff out to try and gain the countdown victory. Mastiff made it back in at the nine count but Bram took over with some hard Irish whips into the corner. Mastiff had a second wind and ran wild on Bram, dropping his weight onto the chest of Bram before swatting him out of the air when Bram tried a second rope move. They both attempted a crossbody and collided to level the playing field once more. They traded elbows before Mastiff attempted a deadlift German Suplex. Bram grabbed the referee to allow him to low blow Mastiff but couldn’t put him away. Mastiff landed a senton splash for two, Bram’s Impaler DDT had the same result. Mastiff went for a cannonball but Bram pulled the referee in the way, Mastiff pushed the ref aside and low blowed Bram, which allowed for the deadlift German Suplex for the win.

A very safe match with walking brawls and plenty of rests, nothing special. There was a very confusing dynamic where both looked to be the villain, the crowd then chose Bram but then Bram played the villain more by being more dominant but was later clapping to get the crowd involved but then was the cowardly baddie again, using the referee to take advantage. Mastiff didn’t really show much caring for being either so the crowd just picked whoever they liked and there were cheers every so often for one of them so the atmosphere was jarring with no clear favourite.

Lots of low blows and blatant stretching of the rules. The German Suplex at the end was pretty wonky, not the move itself but it was clear that Dave Mastiff’s shoulders were also down for the three count. The match felt lazy, like they weren’t putting much effort in and it was just a bit of an exhibition, like they were just keeping themselves limbered up for their other matches that weekend. Not a good showing by either men in my opinion.

Then again I’m not a fan of either so maybe there’s an unjust bias that it spoiling the match for me.

A match for wrestling fans to see someone that was in TNA against the first World of Sport Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. It wasn’t a match that wouldn’t have you on the edge of your seat, it just… happened.

Now if you don’t want to believe that or want to form your own opinion, you can watch the show on YouTube right here: