Review: WrestleZone ‘Live in Turriff 2018’


WrestleZone made their debut in Turriff this past Saturday at the Baden Powell Centre, just six weeks away from Aberdeen Anarchy X. Going in to the show, I was expecting fantastic action but not too many big moments considering it was one of the smaller shows. That theory went out the window by the end of the first half though, as WrestleZone left their mark on Turriff!

The Sterling Brothers (Alan Sterling & William Sterling) def. Scotty Swift & Bryan Tucker by Pinfall

Right in to the first match with some technical difficulties as The Sterling Brothers’ music refused to play. Scotty Swift and Bryan Tucker burst through the curtain and got the match started straight away, using some tag team offence to take down the most accomplished tag team in WrestleZone history. In traditional Sterling Oil fashion, the brothers kept the referee distracted to wear down their opponents. Tucker was eventually tagged in and came at Alan and William like a ball of energy. William broke up a pin attempt, leading to Scotty taking him out only to be rammed head-first in to the ring post. With Tucker distracted, Alan rolled him up with a hold of the tights for the three count.

Some good storytelling to start the night, Swift once again being outsmarted by members of Sterling Oil. Bryan Tucker has been brought in by The Red Haired Warrior to help on a number of occasions and although he too has had his problems with Sterling Oil over the years, perhaps he needs to move on to pastures new. He’s not been too successful since The Hotshots broke up.

Crusher Craib def. Kaden Garrick by Pinfall

A first time contest up next as Sterling Oil’s Crusher Craib faced Kaden Garrick. The size difference played a major factor here, with Crusher easily shoving down the much smaller Kaden. A number of body avalanches in the corner and a cannonball senton gained The Creator of Carnage a two count. The former two-time Tag Team Champion got back in to it with a belly to belly suplex, not letting the size difference get the better of him. A Spear was later countered in to a Black Hole Slam but it still wasn’t enough, leading to a huge Big Boot that almost knocked Kaden’s head off his body for the win. Kaden had to be checked on by security afterwards, but eventually left on his own two feet.

Despite this being the first time the pair had faced each other, Crusher and Kaden have terrific chemistry together. The Black Hole Slam lifted Kaden high above the top rope and as mentioned in aΒ talking pointsΒ post, Garrick may have suffered some sort of injury from that boot. He has a match coming up in Inverurie against Jason Reed as well as Aberdeen Anarchy X coming in a matter of weeks. Not the best time for anyone to be getting injured.

Triple Threat Match
Mr P w/Bradley Evans def. Zach Dynamite and Nathan North w/Jeeves Winchester by Pinfall

Rounding off the first half of the night was a Triple Threat Match as Mr P, Zach Dynamite and Nathan North collided in a battle between the three top contenders to the Tri-Counties Championship. To combat the presence of Jeeves Winchester, Mr P brought out Bradley Evans to watch out for any interference. North and Dynamite formed a short-lived alliance to take down Mr P, ending when The Northern Star smashed Fully Loaded in the jaw. Dynamite went under the ring and retrieved a chain, a weapon that was taken away by his former training partner Bradley Evans. North and P remained in the ring, where Jeeves accidentally tripped up Nathan and inadvertently handed a victory to Mr P. Jeeves tried to sort things out with North and while it looked as if Nathan was accepting his apology, he instead clotheslined Jeeves and laid him out with a modified brainbuster.

A very exciting Triple Threat, probably would’ve been match of the night had it not been for the main event. Nathan turning on Jeeves came out of nowhere but let’s look at it from North’s perspective; this match could’ve been used to put him right at the front of the queue for a title opportunity against Andy Wild, but Jeeves cost him the win. If he wants to capture his first taste of gold, this looks to have been the best move for The Vintage One. Let’s see what he’s able to do on his own.

The Outfit (Dino Del Monte & Ted O’Keefe) def. The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) by Pinfall

Back from a short break with another tag match, this one pitting Tag Team Champions The Rejected against The Outfit in non-title action. Despite being the less-experienced of the teams, Dino and Ted kept Archer isolated in their corner of the ring while being bombarded with chants of ‘farmers’. Mikkey Vago was finally tagged in, knocking down both opponents. As The Rejected went for some sort of Doomsday Device, Aspen Faith appeared at ringside and smacked Archer off the ropes with a broken table behind the referee’s back followed by an O’Keefe rollup while holding the jeans for the three count. A huge upset in the tag division.

The Outfit are really growing on me. When they first came in, Dino’s over the top facial expressions sort of got in the way of his wrestling ability but from what I could see, he’s toned them down a bit. I’m not saying he should take them away all together because it makes him different from others, but just don’t do them all the time. Give them a year or two, and The Outfit will have the gold around their waists for sure.

Bradley Evans def. The Super Executioner by Pinfall

The Super Executioner has risen once again as he faced Bradley Evans. Executioner was repeatedly shoved down by Evans, eventually deciding to hide under the ring instead. Of course, Bradley found and chopped him so hard that his jacket came undone. A flying shoulder tackle and a TKO put an easy end to The Super Executioner’s return to action.

This was never going to be anything special but it did what it needed to do. In my eyes, Evans could very well be a future Tri-Counties Champion down the line, maybe even Undisputed Champion. If you want to get to know a bit more about him, you should probably keep your eyes peeled on the site this Thursday as we send 10 questions his way!

Special Guest Referee: Richard R. Russell
Damien def. Aspen Faith by Pinfall

Main event time, and boy was it a big one. Damien vs Aspen Faith for just the second time in history, this time with Richard R. Russell as the Special Guest Referee. As expected, Russell did absolutely everything in his power to try and cost Damien, whether it was counting too fast or not fast enough, getting in Damien’s way to tie his shoes or purposely putting his foot out as Damien ran off the ropes. As a result of the fast counting, Aspen could have had the match won on a number of occasions but Damien was able to fight back. A Superkick accidentally (or not, best to ask Damien on that one) knocked Russell down for the time being, leading to Aspen retrieving the broken table from earlier on. Enter The Rejected to put a stop to it as they hit him with a Total Rejection, followed by Damien’s Flying Codebreaker. Russell refused to count until Damien screamed at him, and so he reluctantly awarded the win to his former colleague.

A surprising result. With Russell as the official, I was certain we would see an Aspen Faith victory. While Sterling Oil’s adviser did use the power to his advantage, Damien found his way past yet another roadblock on the road towards his big Steel Cage Match. The match itself was a good one, but is that really surprising considering who was involved?

Overall, this was a really strong debut in Turriff. The venue was a bit chilly (looks as if the entrance way actually lead to the outside so the door was open all night, not the best thing for a rainy evening) but other than that and the previously mentioned difficulties on the technical side of things at the start, I have no faults to say about the show. Hope to see Turriff made a regular stop on the calendar from now on.

Quick Results
The Sterling Brothers def. Scotty Swift & Bryan Tucker by Pinfall
Crusher Craib def. Kaden Garrick by Pinfall
Triple Threat Match – Mr P w/Bradley Evans def. Zach Dynamite and Nathan North w/Jeeves Winchester by Pinfall
The Outfit def. The Rejected by Pinfall
Bradley Evans def. The Super Executioner by Pinfall
Richard R. Russell as Referee – Damien def. Aspen Faith by Pinfall