Wrestler Spotlight: Kez Evans

Photo credit Emma Dockrell

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. With the next NXT TakeOver taking place on Saturday night, it’s time to take a look at some more of Scotland’s up and coming talent. First up, it’s Kez Evans.

Alias – Kez Evans

Nicknames – “The Self-Proclaimed Top Tier Talent”, “Dastardly”, “This Guy”

Debut – 2016

Companies Wrestled For  –

  • British Championship Wrestling
  • Insane Championship Wrestling
  • Premier British Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling Elite
  • Rock N Wrestle
  • Source Wrestling
  • Wrestling Experience Scotland

Titles & Accomplishments – 

  • 2020 Insane Championship Wrestling Square Go! Winner

Signature Moves –

  • Kez Dispenser (Cradle Piledriver)
  • KamaKezi Kick (Corner Big Boot)
  • The Walloper (Western Lariat)

Alliances –

  • KezBX w/The Sam Barbour Experience
  • The Super Purge w/Krobar, Stevie James & The Sam Barbour Experience
  • Team RUDO w/Red Lightning, Thatcher Wright & The Sam Barbour Experience
  • The Dallas Mavericks w/Mark Dallas, Joe Hendry, Leyton Buzzard & Ravie Davie
  • The Asylum Originals w/Ravie Davie, The Sam Barbour Experience, Molly Spartan & The Rich Kids (Austin Osiris & Kyle Khaos)
  • w/BT Gunn

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