WZ Aberdeen Anarchy: The Evolution of Anarchy

As it’s the tenth year of WrestleZone, we delved into as many archives as we could find to take you through the history of the North East’s equivilant to WrestleMania, Aberdeen Anarchy. An event that has got bigger every year with the September 1st event looking to continue that tradition.

Since 2008, WrestleZone have held Aberdeen Anarchy in The Granite City. Starting on June 26th 2008 at Harlaw Academy in Aberdeen. The event featured many of those wrestlers we will see on September 1st including Sterling Oil, Damien, Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions. It was a stark contrast to what you would expect to see today in WrestleZone. During this time WrestleZone was based out of Fife, not Aberdeen as they are today. Johnny Lions main evented the first Aberdeen Anarchy in an unsuccessful attempt at wrestling the No Limits Championship away from J Hazard. Elsewhere on the show, Scotty Swift defeated Damien while William and Alan of Sterling Oil retained the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships.

Aberdeen Anarchy 2 took place later that same year on November 27th, once against at Harlaw Academy, a night that saw Damien battle over the WrestleZone Heavyweight Championship, something that will be repeated in 2018 as he battles inside of a steel cage against Shawn Johnson on a quest to get his hands on the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship once again, hopefully he won’t wish for a repeat of this night as he was unsuccessful. Johnny Lions once again was in the main event but he just couldn’t relieve J Hazard of the No Limits Championship in a tables, ladders and chairs match. Sterling Oil continued their success by defending the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships once again. An event that saw the debut of resident MC, Martyn Clunes.

May 8th 2009 saw a venue change when the stars of WrestleZone headed to the Summerhill Hotel for Aberdeen Anarchy 3, a venue that they would blow the roof of many times until it closed, an event that saw the debut of Bryan Tucker but he couldn’t stop the might of Crusher Craib. J Hazard made his third Aberdeen Anarchy main event in as many shows, defending his No Limits Championship against Lionheart. Lionheart had just come off a 2008 which saw him compete for the ROH World Championship against Nigel McGuiness and currently plies his trade in ICW, PCW and the owner of PWE, he was a regular fixture in WrestleZone back in the late and early 00’s. Sterling Oil were finally defeated as the team of Damien and Mikey Morris, known as Chaos Theory, managed to defeat the duo to pick up the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships. Scotty Swift continued his first reign as WrestleZone Heavyweight Champion by defeating Jason Rotanda.

Later that year Aberdeen Anarchy would move to The Northern Hotel, October 16th 2009, another venue that WrestleZone calls home. A venue that features their other big shows like the Regal Rumble and Battle of the Nations. A night that saw Andy Wild try and gain the No Limits Championship from Jason Rotanda but Rotanda retained. Rotanda was coming off an appearance on WWE television the month prior where he competed on ECW on Syfy in a losing effort against Vance Archer. Sterling Oil had regained their Tag Team Championships before this event and would once again defeat Chaos Theory to continue as champions. Bingo Ballance made his Aberdeen Anarchy debut but fell short to “Tenacious” Johnny Lions. It was a big change in the main event as Lionheart defeated Scotty Swift to walk away with the WrestleZone Heavyweight Championship.

The Northern Hotel would once again host Aberdeen Anarchy in it’s fifth edition on April 10th, 2010. Interestingly, Scotty Swift and Crusher Craib faced off over the No Limits Championship, a match that ended in a double count out. Aberdeen Anarchy 2016 saw these two main event the show over the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship and 2017 saw Crusher boot Scotty in the face to cost him that very title. Aberdeen Anarchy holds a lot of history to this feud. Damien dispatched Mikey Morris in a ‘Loser Leaves WrestleZone’ match, Sterling Oil once again retained the Tag Team Championships, this time over an odd pairing of Cysto and Davey Blaze. Johnny Lions returned to the main event but he couldn’t gain the WrestleZone Heavyweight Championship from Lionheart who would see 2011 competing for TNA against Jeff Jarrett in Glasgow before heading to WWE where he lost to Justin Gabriel in a dark match in Liverpool.

In 2011, February 26th, Aberdeen Anarchy had settled into it’s Northern Hotel home. History was made when WrestleZone Heavyweight Champion Damien defeated WrestleZone No Limits Champion Scotty Swift to merge the two titles and create the Undsiputed WrestleZone Championship. a rematch from the first Aberdeen Anarchy event three years prior. It also saw the debuts of Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob, two wrestlers that would forge a rivalry that would travel across the country and even return to Aberdeen Anarchy two years later. Something that would be strange to imagine nowadays, Los Cystos were tag team champions, the Tanagerine Dreams defeated Benjamin Steele and Johnny Lions to keep the titles in their possession. Crusher Craib was back on the warpath by defeating future Sterling Oil stablemate Shawn Johnson.

For the forth year in a row, The Northern Hotel was the place for Aberdeen Anarchy, March 16th 2012, a night that saw Johnny Lions win the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship from the underdog Bryan Tucker. Tucker had somehow won The Regal Rumble then defeated Damien to win the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship. Johnny Lions ended the underdog tale. Los Cystos continued their winning ways by defeating The Holyrood Blonds team of Benjamin Steele and James Midas to retain the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships. Aspen Faith and Chris Archer made their debuts in January 2012, facing each other at The Cloverleaf Hotel. They both made their Aberdeen Anarchy debuts in a rematch from that event which saw the future “King of Catch” once again pick up the victory.

This would be a historic event, the last Aberdeen Anarchy to be held outside of The Beach Ballroom because in 2013, everything changed.

A new era in WrestleZone history started in 2013, with a new venue to celebrate the fifth year of the company which saw many changes.

2013 saw WrestleZone evolve as a company, where Aberdeen Anarchy wasn’t just ‘a’ show but ‘the’ show. It marked the beginning of a company that was growing from just another wrestling promotion to one of the premier in the country and the titan in the North East with everyone involved working to make their mark at Aberdeen Anarchy. It became the supershow of the North East.

1, 103. Over a thousand wrestling fans packed The Beach Ballroom on June 1st 2013. Celebrating five years of WrestleZone, they pulled out all the stops. An event that saw WWE Hall of Fame Legend ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan plus ‘Bad Ass’ Billy Gunn make their way to The Granite City and a new Undisputed WrestleZone Champion in Crusher Craib, defeating Johnny Lions in the main event which saw Len Ironside as the special guest enforcer. Crusher had won that year’s Regal Rumble match and had broken away from Sterling Oil. Evening Express writer Ross McTavish teamed up with Scotty Swift to take on Sterling Oil, McTavish even made Alan Sterling tap out much to the shock of the crowd. Two former WWE stars helped make for the biggest paying audience that WrestleZone have ever had at that point. It would only get bigger in the years that followed. This event also featured the first Lumberjill Match in WrestleZone history when The Granite City Roller Girls were on hand for Kay Lee Ray verus Carmel Jacob plus, often hailed, the best match in WrestleZone history when Bingo Ballance took on Stevie Xavier in a thrilling encounter to officially open Aberdeen Anarchy in The Beach Ballroom.

In 2014, the guests just continued to arrive with former WWE Tag Team Champion Scotty 2 Hotty along with X-Pac headed to Aberdeen on May 10th. Just under 1,300 fans made their way to The Beach Ballroom to witness Scotty 2 Hotty take on Grado, the first ladder match in Beach Ballroom history contested by Thunder Buddies and The Granite City Hotshots over the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships plus a World of Sport bout featuring British Wrestling Legend Len Ironside flanked by another Legend in Marty Jones, although he was on the losing end against a crafty Aspen Faith. Ross McTavish returned with Alan Sterling reeling over the loss the previous year he had went on a journey to rechisten himself Mixed Martial Alan, the greatest submission wrestler of all time, unfortunately he still tapped out to McTavish. X-Pac formed a super team with Scotty Swift and, the recently instated as an active wrestler, Mr Paterson. Mr P, as he’s know known, was a management representative in WrestleZone but ended up in a heated rivalry with Johnny Lions culminating in Mr P winning a WrestleZone contract at the 2014 Regal Rumble by defeating Lions in a match that saw The Northern Hotel once again have the roof blown off. Lions formed an alliance with Damien and Chris Archer, as Revolution. Mr P and his trainer Scotty Swift enlisted former WWF European Champion X-Pac to help them defeate the team at The Beach Ballroom.

Just when you thought the guests couldn’t get any bigger WrestleZone moved into 2015 to change that. May 23rd, 2015. Not just two guests coming to Aberdeen Anarchy by THREE. The Hurricane was announced for the event originally but had to pull out due to injury, that didn’t stop WrestleZone making this a colossal event with future WWE Hall of Fame inductee D-Von Dudley, ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters plus Hardcore Holly, who unfurled chops so loud onto Johnny Lions that they echoed around the venue. The night saw Chris Archer sent through a table by D-Von Dudley and the crowning of Scotty Swift, who defeated ‘The Iron Man’ Joe Coffey to lift the Undsiputed WrestleZone Championship, his first singles title in WrestleZone since 2009. It wasn’t all good news for ‘The Red Haired Warrior’ as the show closed with the return of Sterling Oil, the dastardly faction of Damien, Alan Sterling and William Sterling which was soon heralded once again by their advisor, Richard R. Russell.

If you thought three guests would be the pinnacle, on June 4th 2016, WrestleZone brought in former NXT star Bull Dempsey aka Bull James, former WWE Intercontinental, United States and Tag Team Champion Carlito, WWE Legend Tatanka plus former WWE Cruiserweight, Tag Team and European Champion The Hurricane, the original guest for 2015. A night that saw the highest of highs for some, literally in the case of the six man ladder match where Sterling Oil earned themselves title opportunities at the expense of Mr P, Kaden Garrick and Johnny Lions, and the lowest of lows for others like Crusher Craib who broke his hip socket after a missed splash from the middle rope in the main event leading to over a year out of action. The Hurricane, Carlito and Bull teamed up to take on the undefeated team of The Rejected and Lou King Sharp who boasted a record of 1-0 at Aberdeen Anarchy as a trio. Unfortunately the streak was over following a demolishing of the young team.

Last year, June 17th 2017, Aberdeen Anarchy marked it’s fifth year at The Beach Ballroom, with special guests Hornswoggle, Melina and Rikishi coming to the venue to once again see WrestleZone cause some anarchy. The original guest announced for this show was Mackie James, however, she re-signed with WWE shortly afterwards and was replaced by Melina. An event that saw ‘The Battle of the Big Men’ when Lou King Sharp went toe to toe with Hornswoggle, in a match that was somehow contained within the confines of The Beach Ballroom. Sammii Jayne put Viper through a table before having a tussle with Melina, Andy Wild received a Stink Face from Rikishi, Aspen Faith become the first WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champion in a Four way Ladder match including Bingo Ballance, Bryan Tucker & Zach Dynamite and Crusher Craib returned after a long absence only to rejoin Sterling Oil, boot Scotty Swift in the face and causing the faction to gain the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship when Shawn Johnson covered the broken body of ‘The Red Haired Warrior’, ending his title reign as 525 days. A remarkable turn of events which set WrestleZone’s year in motion.

Now it’s 2018, September 1st 2018 is the date for this years ten year anniversary of WrestleZone. Ten years of big moments, huge matches and thousands of fans in attendance. From humble beginnings at Harlaw Academy to over 1,300 fans screaming at the top of their lungs at The Beach Ballroom, WrestleZone has grown into one of the most consistent companies in the country. A hidden gem in the North East to many.

What we know is that former WWE United States, Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion Santino Marella will be on hand along with Chavo Guerrero, a real international feel to the tenth anniversary of WrestleZone along with hometown heroes with ‘The Aberdeen Assassin’ Lee McAllister enforcing the main event of the show. A steel cage match for the first time ever at Aberdeen Anarchy.

Tickets are available from the Aberdeen Box Office in the following three ways;

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