WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy 2018’: The Big Bumper Preview, Prediction and Poll!

Aberdeen Anarchy is so close you can almost taste it. Ten years of WrestleZone leads to The Beach Ballroom once again.

So let’s get into our big bumper preview, prediction and you can vote in the poll!

Pre Show Battle Royal
Ted O’Keefe vs Dino Del Monte vs Jason Reed vs Ryan Riley vs Bradley Evans vs Kaden Garrick

A big battle royal to kick off the event for VIP ticket holders. Five products of the WrestleZone Training Academy along with Jason Reed. A win will give any man a boost to go on to possibly head into the Tri-Counties Championship hunt.

Prediction: It has to be Jason Reed right? He comes into this match hot with his “Make WrestleZone Great Again” campaign. I’m surprised that he is on the pre show but I have a feeling he’ll make a main show appearance in some form.

If Sterling Oil Lose, They Will Disband
Team WrestleZone (Scotty Swift, Johnny Lions, Bryan Tucker) vs Sterling Oil (Crusher Craib, William Sterling, Alan Sterling & Richard R. Russell)

A big multi-man match takes place with huge implications. The in-ring debut of WrestleZone Management Representative Chris McDonald, joining Team WrestleZone which consists of three former Undisputed WrestleZone Champions, Bryan Tucker and The Young Lions Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions. They take on Sterling Oil, if Sterling Oil lose then they are disbanded and once more.

Read the full story about this one here.

Prediction: I’m still of the opinion that Bryan Tucker is going to do something, there’s still plenty of life in Sterling Oil and it would be a shame to see the big bad faction go even if they are big baddies. They’re such a force that it would be a big black hole in WrestleZone. It won’t be clean, it won’t be pretty, there will be plenty of twists and close shaves (something Russell knows plenty about), there will be the big roar when Russell and McDonald tussle. Expect some tears at the end of this one.

WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
Andy Wild (c) vs Mr P vs Nathan North vs Zach Dynamite

Andy Wild won the Tri-Counties Championship at Regal Rumble by unseating then-champion Aspen Faith in a multi-man match. Since then he has been a dominant champion but the numbers won’t be in his favour in this one when he doesn’t need to be pinned to lose the title. Nathan North muscled his way into contention when he interrupted a number one contendership match at Battle of the Nations by attacking Mr P and Zach Dynamite. Dynamite walks in with plenty confidence with the aim to become a two-time Tri-Counties Champion while Mr P has had plenty of tussles with Wild in the past.

Prediction: Andy Wild has had a rotten record at Aberdeen Anarchy. With the meteoric rise in the last few months it would be hard to not see Nathan North walk away with the Tri-Counties Championship.ย 

Sammii Jayne vs Viper

With a 1-1 record against each other at Aberdeen Anarchy, this is the decider. Sammii Jayne is returning from a broken ankle to take on someone she knows like the back of her hand. Viper has been making waves in Japan and on World of Sport Wrestling and returns to Aberdeen looking to get a singles win against ‘The Queen of WrestleZone’ for the first time in The Granite City.

Prediction: Another showdown between Viper and ‘The Queen of WrestleZone’ Sammii Jayne which is always welcomed. Two of my absolute favourites. I’m going with Sammii Jayne, of course I am, with Jayne being the constant in WrestleZone it wouldn’t be surprising to see a women’s championship be considered off the back of this match.

Grado & Santino Marella vs Kid Fite & Krieger

Krieger made his bed at Battle of the Nations when he, along with Lou King Sharp, attacked Grado in his Undisputed WrestleZone Championship match. With Sharp in America, ‘Scudmaster Sexy’ has called upon his trainer and Pure Dead Brilliant mate Kid Fite to take on Grado at Aberdeen Anarchy. Grado called on the first guest announced for this years event, Santino Marella, to form a dream team.

Prediction: Grado is unbeaten at Aberdeen Anarchy and I think this will continue after this. It will be entertaining, it will be hilarious and worth the price of admission alone.

Bingo Ballance vs Chavo Guerrero Jr

A potential showstopper, Bingo Ballance put out the challenge to Chavo Guerrero Jr which was quickly accepted. Ballance has a reputation for going all out at Aberdeen Anarchy as he comes up against a legend.

Read the full story about this one here.

Prediction: I’m going with Bingo Ballance, it’s a tough one to call so just call it a gut feeling. The match will be incredible. A win here for Bingo should earn him a future Undisputed WrestleZone Championship match.

WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
Tables Match
The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith vs Lewis Girvan)

The Kings of Catch finally formed in WrestleZone at Regal Rumble by attacking The Rejected following their tag team title loss to Proper Mental. The Rejected regained the titles at Battle of the Nations but not before sending Aspen Faith through a table the month before at a charity show. The Kings of Catch put out the challenge and this could be the time that they finally gain some gold.

Prediction: Like you need to ask, The Kings of Catch are yet to hold tag team titles anywhere which is remarkable. This will be the start of a gold rush I’m sure.

Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Steel Cage Match – Special Enforcer: Lee McAllister
Shawn Johnson (c) vs Damien

The big one, a steel cage match at Aberdeen Anarchy, a first in WrestleZone history. Such a long story building up to this match and it’s going to be tense and edge of the seat stuff.

Read the full story about this oneย here.

Prediction: I’m going for Damien, the culmination of this story has to have a happy ending. I will be interested to see the effects the big tag team match has on this one, if Sterling Oil have to disband earlier in the night then Shawn could be walking into this one alone but if Sterling Oil win then he will likely have his whole crew in tow. Lee McAllister is a champion boxer but he can’t fight off four guys… can he?

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