Preview: WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy X’


10 years. That’s what 1000+ fans will be celebrating on Saturday night at Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom.

Starting in April 2008 in the Fife area, WrestleZone have slowly been working their through the ranks of wrestling in the UK. There’s something for everyone when you attend a WrestleZone event. Intense action, comedy acts, hardcore brawls, and the most important thing in my eyes as a fan: great storytelling.

Aberdeen Anarchy is always the biggest show of the year, having sold out the Beach Ballroom for the last five years. WWE Hall of Famers, Attitude Era legends, multi-time champions, ex-NXT stars, the Ballroom has seen it all. Moments have been created that will never be forgotten and careers have been made. Bodies have crashed through tables, wounds have been created by ladders, and hair has been shaved off.

With 2018 being the tenth anniversary of WrestleZone, management have gone all out with this year’s show, as you can probably tell from the first match graphic.

The only question I have is: who’s ready to make some history?


Steel Cage Match for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Special Guest Ringside Enforcer – Lee McAllister
Shawn Johnson (c) vs Damien

It was the first match announced all the way back at Battle of the Nations (feels like years ago since this night), the match over a year in the making. After Damien defeated Richard R. Russell at the Northern Hotel last June, he secured his championship match against former Sterling Oil pal Shawn Johnson. Management representative Chris McDonald had two additional stipulations to add however, with professional boxer Lee McAllister as the ringside enforcer and the fact that the ring would be surrounded by a 15 foot high steel cage. Unlike the majority of people in attendance, I hadn’t a clue as to who McAllister was so after some research, I found out he’s a reasonably scary man. Certainly not someone you’d like to see in the middle of the night. You diehard WrestleZone fans will remember that we’re just one week away from the exact evening where Damien turned on Sterling Oil with that superkick at last year’s Battle of the Nations. I’ve got so much good things to say about this rivalry, absolutely superb stuff time and time again. Kudos to everyone involved!

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Fatal Four Way Match for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
Mr P vs Andy Wild (c) vs Nathan North vs Zach Dynamite

With WrestleZone management unable to determine a #1 contender for the Tri-Counties Championship, they’ve decided to give current champ Andy Wild not one but three challengers at the Beach Ballroom as Mr P, Nathan North, and Zach Dynamite all have their eyes on the prize. After Andy was forced to pull out of a title defence at Battle of the Nations, the bout was changed to Mr P vs Zach Dynamite vs Jason Reed to decide a contender for September 1st. Unfortunately for management, Nathan North had something to say about not being offered an opportunity and so attacked two out of the three competitors with a steel chair as he proclaims to make the Tri-Counties Championship vintage. A Fatal Four Way Match was instead signed, leaving Andy at a 25% chance (or 75%, depends on if you ask Scott Steiner) of retaining. Mr P will have the added advantage of Bradley Evans being in his corner and with all the animosity between Evans and Dynamite at the moment, it looks like Zach will be unable to fulfil his destiny of becoming a two-time champion.


Tables Match for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) vs The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) (c)

The Tag Team Championships will be up for grabs in a Tables Match when The Rejected defend the gold against The Kings of Catch. Following The Rejected losing the titles to Lou King Sharp and Krieger at the Regal Rumble, they were attacked by Aspen Faith (a man who had just lost his Tri-Counties Championship in the previous match). They appeared to be saved by Lewis Girvan, only for Faith and Girvan to embrace and finally bring The Kings of Catch to the north-east. Archer and Vago were then successful in regaining the titles in a Triple Threat at Battle of the Nations, ruining Aspen and Lewis’ attempt at becoming the champions in their first outing. Seeking revenge for being put through a table by Archer in May, Aspen Faith made the challenge of a Tables Match for Aberdeen Anarchy, which The Rejected were more than happy to agree to. Considering what each team use as finishers (an assisted top rope flatliner for The Rejected and the Apter Burner for The Kings of Catch), here’s hoping it’s one of those moves that gets the victory as opposed to something slightly more basic.


Bingo Ballance vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

In what is sure to be a match of the year contender, Bingo Ballance squares off with a man who has wrestling running through his veins, Chavo Guerrero Jr. Each year at Aberdeen Anarchy, you can count on The Zenith of Zero-G to put on the match of the night. His match with Stevie Xavier from the first Beach Ballroom show still receives high praise today, and his Tri-Counties Championship Ladder Match from last year is a personal favourite for me. Chavo Guerrero Jr. is unlike anyone he’s faced before though, bringing with him a surname that’s full of wrestling history. The nephew of WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero has won numerous titles in the past, a multi-time Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champion. If you’ve not bought your tickets yet and you’re looking for a reason to so, look no further than this match.

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Grado & Santino Marella vs Kid Fite & Krieger

The main event of Battle of the Nations saw Grado challenging Shawn Johnson for the Undisputed Championship. While the referee was tending to an ‘injury’ apparently suffered by Shawn, it allowed Lou King Sharp and Krieger to run out and attack Grado, seemingly furious at losing the Tag Team Championships back to The Rejected in the previous match. Krieger issued a challenge the following month for a tag team match playa. With LKS already busy on September 1st, Kid Fite will return to WrestleZone to team with one of his trainees. So who did Grado choose as his partner? Well Santino Marella of course! The former WWE United States, Intercontinental, and Tag Team Champion is heading to the Beach Ballroom to team with the current Impact and WOS star. I’m praying we get a dance off at some point.


If Sterling Oil lose, they will be forced to disband
Team WrestleZone (Chris McDonald, Scotty Swift, Bryan Tucker & Johnny Lions) vs Sterling Oil (Richard R. Russell, Crusher Craib & The Sterling Brothers (Alan Sterling & William Sterling))

Since the beginning of WrestleZone, Sterling Oil have been a focal point of conflict amongst the locker room. Since their reformation at Aberdeen Anarchy 2015, the faction have been stronger than ever with the additions of Shawn Johnson and Crusher Craib. Richard R. Russell laid out the challenge a few weeks ago to any three members of the WrestleZone roster to face his boys at the Beach Ballroom, a match that would eventually turn in to an eight man tag team match after Russell added himself to the bout. So, who did management choose to face Sterling Oil? The longest reigning Undisputed Champion in history Scotty Swift, the man who won the 2011 Regal Rumble Match from number 1 Bryan Tucker, two-time Undisputed Champion Johnny Lions, and management’s own Chris McDonald. Chris shocked the WrestleZone fans by announcing his participation, but he so desperately wants to get his hands on Russell that he’s willing to go in the ring with Crusher Craib and The Sterling Brothers. Oh, that reminds me: if Sterling Oil lose, then there will be no such thing as Sterling Oil as they’ll be forced to disband. High stakes for Saturday night!

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Sammii Jayne vs Viper

Sammii Jayne was forced to take a few months off due to an ankle injury suffered at the end of May. Now that she’s back, The Queen of WrestleZone has issued an open challenge to any woman to come and face her on WrestleZone’s biggest platform. The person answering the call? Her opponent in the match where she suffered the broken ankle, Viper. These two are obviously no stranger to each other. As I mentioned there, Viper was Sammii’s opponent when she got injured and she too suffered injuries, although her’s weren’t as serious. The Vixen of Violence has made three appearances in the north-east thus far, each time with Sammii on the other side of the ring. The record currently stands at 2-1 in favour of The Queen. Will the World of Sport star be able to even up the score on Saturday?


Pre-Show Battle Royal
Confirmed to enter; Dino Del Monte. Ted O’Keefe, Jason Reed. Bradley Evans, Kaden Garrick, and Ryan Riley

VIP ticket holders are in for a treat as this year’s Aberdeen Anarchy bonus match will see a Battle Royal, with Dino Del Monte, Ted O’Keefe, Jason Reed, Bradley Evans, Kaden Garrick, and the newest WrestleZone Training Academy graduate Ryan Riley scheduled to be the participants. Aside from Reed, the competitors in this match are all homegrown talent. Del Monte and O’Keefe, known collectively as The Outfit, debuted on this year’s Regal Rumble pre-show, Evans arrived in October 2016 (in a Battle Royal no less), Garrick burst on to the scene in the 2014 Regal Rumble Match but only recently returned from injury in this year’s Rumble, and Riley has been impressing many at some of WrestleZone’s gala shows with this being his first proper show. Of course we also have Jason Reed, a man on a mission to Make WrestleZone Great Again. Apparently that means taking on five men trained by WrestleZone. Certainly a match I’m looking forward to seeing, and so should you. Get a taste of what the future of WZ has to offer!


A special raffle will also be held, auctioning off a real WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt complete with an Undertaker nameplate kindly donated by WrestleZone’s friends at Main Event Belts. The belt is worth over £700 but raffle tickets cost just £5 per strip, and all proceeds go directly to CLAN Cancer Support!

The festivities on September 1st literally last all day. First up is a meet and greet with Santino Marella and Chavo Guerrero Jr. at the Beach Ballroom from 1-3pm (entry is free for tickets holders and £5 for everyone else). Any remaining Anarchy tickets will be on sale here. Then after the massive show in the evening, there will be an official after-party at Exodus (located on Belmont Street). Entry to this is free for ticket holders up until 1am.

As of writing, general admission tickets, priced at just £17, are still available;

  • ONLINE –
  • IN-PERSON – His Majesty’s Theatre (located on Rosemount Viaduct) or The Lemon Tree (located on West North Street)
  • TELEPHONE – 01224 641122

As mentioned, fans can also purchase tickets (providing availability) from the afternoon meet and greet on the day of the show. Doors for VIP ticket holders open at 5pm, where there will the chance to meet some of the WrestleZone roster aswell as the bonus match. General admission ticket holders will gain access at 6pm, with the night officially kicking off at 7.

This is a night not to be missed!

Announced Matches
Steel Cage Match for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship with Lee McAllister as Ringside Enforcer – Shawn Johnson (c) vs Damien
Fatal Four Way Match for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Mr P vs Andy Wild (c) vs Nathan North vs Zach Dynamite
Tables Match for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
– The Kings of Catch vs The Rejected (c)
Bingo Ballance vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Grado & Santino Marella vs Kid Fite & Krieger
If Sterling Oil lose, they must disband – Team WrestleZone vs Sterling Oil
Sammii Jayne vs Viper
Pre-Show Battle Royal – Dino Del Monte, Ted O’Keefe, Jason Reed, Bradley Evans, Kaden Garrick, and Ryan Riley confirmed to enter