Review: WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy X’


Another fantastic night has gone by at the Beach Ballroom for Aberdeen Anarchy X. Ten years of WrestleZone. Incredible. They sure went all in with the night, bringing a steel cage to the Ballroom for the first time ever and adding professional boxer Lee McAllister as a ringside enforcer for the main event. New champions were crowned, the greatest return in WrestleZone history took place, and the Aberdeen Screwjob happened…


WrestleZone always receives plenty of praise from the site but when they’re putting on shows like this with the fantastic production quality and exceptionally good wrestling, there’s nothing bad that can be said. I’m a fan of the production that goes in to wrestling shows and since WrestleZone added in the video screen to all shows last year, I feel like it’s made the events even better than they were before. If there was one bad part to say, I would’ve liked to see footage in the entrance videos instead of just the names on-screen, but that’s just me being greedy.

Prior to the actual show, I headed along to the afternoon’s meet and greet to meet Santino Marella. Him and Melina are up there as the two nicest people I’ve met. You get some of these guys that just sign whatever it is and take a picture then move on but Santino was having full-on conversations with the fans. Didn’t meet Chavo but he seems to have been exactly the same. Lovely stuff. Quick bite to eat then it was time to go in to the Beach Ballroom for the pre-show!

Pre-Show Battle Royal
Jason Reed w/Agent W last eliminated Bradley Evans to win

VIP ticket holders were in for a treat as this year’s Aberdeen’s Anarchy pre-show contest was a Battle Royal. I was looking forward to this match as it was. I mean, it had Jason Reed and The Outfit, three of my personal favourites when it comes to WZ events. I was happy enough heading in to this match, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when Lord Michael of Graham’s music hit.


Genuinely, one of the best moments I’ve seen live. I’m not really one for ‘marking out’ but I absolutely did so here. But as Hulk Hogan’s entrance theme has told us, it’ll hurt inside when it comes crashing down which is exactly what happened when Jason Reed clotheslined him over the top rope. Before the bell though of course so the match is technically still going on right now. Anyway though, Ryan Riley impressed me. He has the charisma and from the few moves I saw, has the skills to back it up. I’d keep your eyes on him if I were you. Bradley Evans and Kaden Garrick were lovely additions to the match, a singles match I’d love to see down the line. Writing that, I could actually see Evans bring in Zach Dynamite and Garrick bring in old chum Mr P which I now realise would also tie in with the Tri-Counties Championship picture between Dynamite and P. Completely sidetracked there. Jason Reed dumped a total of four competitors from the ring thanks to his sneaky tactics, the last of which was Bradley Evans where he had the assistance of Jeeves Winchester, who now wears sunglasses for some reason (although he needed them in the Beach Ballroom, blistering lights from where I was sat) and calls himself Agent W. A victory over six homegrown WrestleZone talent – anything to help Make WrestleZone Great Again!


Order of Elimination
1. Lord Michael of Graham by Jason Reed
2. Ryan Riley by Dino Del Monte & Ted O’Keefe
3. Ted O’Keefe by Kaden Garrick
4. Dino Del Monte by Jason Reed
5. Kaden Garrick by Jason Reed
6. Bradley Evans by Jason Reed

Adam’s Prediction Score – 1-0

The right winner. Jason Reed is the one that will do the most with this win. It could be argued that Bradley Evans and Kaden Garrick needed it more. In hindsight though, Evans didn’t need it that much after what he did later in the night and Garrick can continue to build some momentum, possibly in the Tri-Counties Championship division. Reed’s Make WrestleZone Great Again sign was also a fantastic touch. More of those please!

General admission ticket holders filed in while I spent my time on Facebook and Twitter, finding out Alpha Bad had won the WOS Tag Team Championships. The night just kept getting better. We were treated to a lovely opening video package before Martyn Clunes introduced the first match, which was as always scheduled for one fall (one fall!).

Viper def. Sammii Jayne by Pinfall

Wasn’t expecting this to kick off the show but it was certainly a great way to do so. Viper and Sammii Jayne are two people that can never have a bad match, regardless of the stipulation. Tables Match? Great. ICW Women’s Championship match? Great. Discovery Women’s Championship match? Great. New entrance videos for both so we were off to a good start in my eyes.


With this being her second match back from injury (I think anyway), Sammii certainly hasn’t missed a beat, utilising her strike-based offence to wear down Viper. The Vixen of Violence soon found herself to be tangled in the ropes, which could only mean one thing for her; Shadowfax. It’s such a fantastic move, definitely one of the most inventive ones I’ve seen. The story in the latter half of the match was Sammii being unable to put away Viper.


She couldn’t get the job done with a pouncing enzuigiri, a running knee strike, a snap neckbreaker, a German suplex, you name it. This resulted in a slight hissy fit, a trait that has become synonymous with Sammii in the north-east. A cannonball senton and a Viper Driver would spell the end for The Main Event Empress as Viper was victorious in her WrestleZone return.

Adam’s Prediction Score – 1-1

I was certain it would be a Sammii Jayne victory here to make her return from injury that more impactful, but Viper winning isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Out of all their times against each other in WrestleZone (including the 2016 mixed tag match), the score is currently 2-2, so don’t be surprised to see them face off again to determine an overall winner in this hypothetical best of five series.

Elimination Tables Match for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) (c) def. The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)

When this match was first announced, I thought it’d be one person through a table to win but it turns out both members of the team had to be put through a table. Much preferred it like this. The Kings of Catch entered to their Filthy Generation music, which is quite possibly the easiest song to clap along to. Poor Thor-looking security guy took the brunt of Lewis Girvan’s crusade to end ringside attendants. The Rejected had some lovely new outfits too, hoping they keep them for future shows and it wasn’t just an Aberdeen Anarchy exclusive.


Massive double superkick to the back of Mikkey Vago’s head kicked things off before the bell had even rung, and it didn’t take long before Vago was put through a table at ringside thanks to the Dirty Device. The Heavy Metal Hooligan remained part of the match though, so I guess it wasn’t properly an elimination format? Chris Archer was diving all over the place in this one, and The Rejected were able to put Aspen Faith through a table to even things up. Just as Archer scaled to the top rope, he was pushed off by Faith and through the table at ringside where Martyn Clunes would usually be found. A rapturous ovation filled the Beach Ballroom as The Kings of Catch had won the championships.


But they hadn’t. Those darn referees insisted that the table didn’t count as an official table and the match continued. The board of referees will be hearing from SWN’s lawyers in the coming days. Boos rang out and it wasn’t long before Lewis Girvan was put a through with a Hype Ryder because if there was one thing that could make the situation any worse, it was an acknowledgement of Mojo Rawley. Devastating scenes in the Beach Ballroom.


Order of Elimination
1. Mikkey Vago
2. Aspen Faith
3. Lewis Girvan

Adam’s Prediction Score – 1-2

I’m probably coming across as being completely against The Rejected winning, but I’m not. Yes, I was of course rooting for The Kings of Catch. However, I do enjoy watching Archer and Vago so it’s not all bad news. Judging by how it ended, I imagine we’ll see these two teams battling once again and maybe, just maybe, we’ll see Faith and Girvan lift those titles one day or another. Remember, Kings Reign Supreme. Just not here…

Fatal Four Way Match for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
Zach Dynamite def. Andy Wild (c), Nathan North and Mr P w/Bradley Evans by Pinfall

The Tri-Counties Championship match followed, and it was probably the most unpredictable match on the card. Nathan North stood out as soon as he entered through the curtain. New music, new jacket, no man-bun. The new definition of what being Vintage looks like. The three smaller competitors ganged up on Andy Wild throughout the contest, each attempting a suicide dive only to be belly to belly suplexed on the floor. Ouch!


The defending champ found himself on the top rope and with no-one being able to superplex him back down, it would take a Tower of Doom that knocked everyone down for a short period. North missed a moonsault from the top but he has a fabulous looking one so it’ll be worth the wait when he does nail it. A pivotal point came when Zach Dynamite aggravated former training partner Bradley Evans, resulting in the youngster getting in the ring. This distraction allowed Mr P to perform his patented axe kick, before Evans dropped P with a TKO and dragged Dynamite on top for the winning fall. As Zach would say, boom! The band is back together.


Adam’s Prediction Score – 1-3

This is what’s needed for both Zach and Bradley in my opinion. A bad guy Zach Dynamite, with a championship over his shoulder, is as smarmy as it gets and he also has the added backup of having Bradley Evans watching his back. A big lad that can knock you off your feet in an instant.

In terms of the other competitors’ future, it appears as if Mr P may be chasing Zach for the championship while also wanting redemption on Bradley for costing him the match. I’d like to see Andy Wild head back to the Undisputed Championship picture for a while, could have some cracking bouts with the likes of Damien and Crusher Craib. Nathan North recently announced he’s moving down to Glasgow so while that may create some exciting opportunities, I’m hoping he still continues being a regular fixture at WrestleZone’s events. I followed the North Star from the beginning, and I don’t intend on hopping off the hype train just yet.


Chavo Guerrero Jr. def. Bingo Ballance by Pinfall

First half main event now, and it was time for the first of the two international guests as Chavo Guerrero Jr. took on Bingo Ballance. This was one of the matches I was most looking forward coming in to the show and although it wasn’t quite as good as I had hoped, it was still a belter of a match. Chavo’s almost 50, give him a break!


The Mexican Warrior is still able to get it done in the ring and outside it though, delivering a slingshot dive to ringside to The Zenith of Zero-G. Ballance showed how good he really is as well, with a top rope springboard crossbody and a spinout facebuster. The one move he couldn’t quite connect with was the G-17. Guerrero delved in to his uncle Eddie’s bag of nice moves with a Three Amigos, which is just lovely to see live but after missing a Frog Splash, it would be a Gory Bomb that got the job done as Ballance was put done for three. Chavo praised Bingo afterwards, which I always feel is a brilliant touch whenever an international star comes over.


Adam’s Prediction Score – 1-4

It was a slightly odd ending in my book as I can’t remember seeing Chavo ever get a win with the Gory Bomb. Probably wrong though and there’s likely videos on YouTube of him pinning someone after nailing it. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t all that excited for Chavo when he was first announced, just not someone I ever really enjoyed watching, so I was pleased to be leaving his match with mostly positive things to say. Where does Bingo go from here though? I say back to the Undisputed Championship picture. Or the Tri-Counties if he wants. Just want him to be champion really. He’s just really good.

Grado & Santino Marella def. Kid Fite & Krieger by Pinfall

The first match back from the break was a match I was excited for because I knew it would be one of the most entertaining things I’d see. It was Grado and Santino Marella against Kid Fite and Krieger. If someone asked you what to expect from a WrestleZone show (bearing in mind that they’re a family-friendly promotion), this would be the match to tell them about. To back up what Billy was saying in his review, Krieger would be perfect for the likes of your World of Sport. A big guy that enjoys a bit of fun and having a laugh, plus he has the TV experience with 5 Star Wrestling.


Right off the bat, we had the comedic excellence of Grado and Santino put to full use, high fives that resulted in them tagging each other in and out. I’m all for comedy wrestling (I enjoy Lord Michael of Graham after all remember) so this was right up my alley. Once Kid Fite got control however, the fun and games were over. It was time for a Pure Dead Brilliant beatdown on Grado until Marella got tagged in.


Santino doesn’t really wrestle these days, instead spending his time training at the Battle Arts Academy, so he pleasantly surprised me when he started going. If he were to make a proper comeback full-time, you’d never have known he was ever gone. Terrific. A Roll n Slice from Grado took Krieger out of the equation, and the Cobra was enough for Santino to pin Kid Fite. I got my wish of a dance after the match. If only Krieger and Fite stuck around for it.


Adam’s Prediction Score – 2-4

In terms of the two guests, I was more going for Santino. I always enjoyed watching him as a kid and seeing him live was a great experience. I’ll gladly have him back over any day of the week. As I said earlier, Krieger needs to be seen by a much larger audience. He’s getting exposure down in ICW and has had more eyes on him thanks to 5 Star, so I’m just hoping he gets used on the WOS tour early next year. Even if he’s just used to put over Crater, he deserves the recognition. He’ll be a massive name on the UK scene in a year or two.

If Sterling Oil lose, they must disband
Team WrestleZone (Chris McDonald, Scotty Swift, Bryan Tucker & Johnny Lions) def. Sterling Oil (Richard R. Russell, Crusher Craib & The Sterling Brothers (Alan Sterling & William Sterling)) by Pinfall

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from WrestleZone events, it’s to never predict a Bryan Tucker turn. This was the second time I had predicted him to join Sterling Oil and due to the outcome of the match, it’ll be the last. Aside from that though, this was one of the highest stakes matches in WrestleZone history. A three count or a submission would determine the fate of Sterling Oil. It was all or nothing for the four men representing WrestleZone, headed up by the in-ring debut of management’s Chris McDonald.


Seeing the two sides come head to head was a nice little sight. Sterling Oil dominated the early stages, with Johnny Lions being planted with Billy’s favourite move, the Oil Crash. Crusher Craib and Scotty Swift came to blows during the match as you’d expect and after performing a sitout chokebomb and a cannonball senton, The Creator of Carnage headed to the top rope. The exact same top turnbuckle that started the whole animosity between the pair. A nice callback to Aberdeen Anarchy 2016, but Craib didn’t get the chance to dive off this time, instead being knocked on to The Sterling Brothers at ringside.


With Crusher, Alan, and William taken out at ringside, Russell was left all alone with the WrestleZone team. Ever the strategist, he managed to escape up the aisle only for Martyn Clunes to shove him back in the ring. This was a really special moment in my opinion, showing that just about every single person involved in WZ has had enough of Sterling Oil. A dispute ensued onstage between Clunes and Lee Manton, leaving Russell to be left on his back thanks to Chris McDonald’s Rock Bottom. A three was counted, the roof came off the Beach Ballroom, and Sterling Oil were done.


Adam’s Prediction Score – 2-5

I’m not really sure where the members of Sterling Oil go from here. I would imagine The Sterling Brothers continue teaming, unless Blue Thunder makes a resurgence from wherever he’s been the last few months and reforms The Thunder Buddies with William. Crusher Craib is probably heading off back to the Undisputed Championship scene, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see him and Scotty Swift face off at least once more seeing as their issues don’t really seem to be over. Swift also has the possibility of teaming with a very eager Johnny Lions. The Young Lions could be coming for those tag titles!

Steel Cage Match for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Special Guest Ringside Enforcer – Lee McAllister
Damien def. Shawn Johnson (c) by Escape

Well, this one was something special.

Months of tension had been building to this very moment. A WrestleZone first, an Aberdeen Anarchy first, a Beach Ballroom first. A Steel Cage Match for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship. I was surprised at how quickly the team managed to assemble the cage, remember it took quite a while for the Defiant Wrestling guys to do it at their Delete WCPW event two years back so claps all around for those involved in putting it up. As if the air in the building didn’t already have a big fight feel, a video package played to show how we got to this very moment. Lee McAllister strolling about at ringside made it feel bigger and better than it already was.


Damien wasted no time in getting the action started, attacking Shawn Johnson as he was making his entrance. Inside the cage, it was a game of cat and mouse. As soon as one tried to climb, the other grabbed their leg. At one stage, both men were sat atop the cage, a very tense moment as they both climbed back in while watching each other’s every move. Speaking of tense moments, does it get more tense than when Shawn was hanging on the door as it swung open? Not only did the cage create some tense moments, it created some brutal ones too as both men used the steel to their advantage. With no disqualifications in a Steel Cage Match, people were bound to get involved, and they did.


Although Sterling Oil disbanded in the previous match, The Sterling Brothers still came out to try and aid the champ, taking a double clothesline from McAllister for their troubles. Everyone was focusing on this moment, Sterling Oil getting more comeuppance. Knowing them though, that wouldn’t be it as Richard R. Russell then stormed the barrier on the other side of the ring in an attempt to stop Damien from winning. He was instead shoved down like a ragdoll by Lee. Damien and Shawn, interference aside, both climbed out and were dangling from the side of the cage when The Revolutionary struck with a low blow. A callback to how he was screwed out of his second reign this past January. He dropped to the floor, the fans erupted, and history was made as Damien became the first three-time Undisputed Champion in history.


Russell tried to ruin the celebrations post-match, taking a swift punch to the face from Lee McAllister instead. It was a grand night for WrestleZone fans; Damien was finally back on top, Sterling Oil were gone, and the night ended with Richard R. Russell laying motionless in the middle of the ring.

Adam’s Prediction Score – 3-5

This was being built up as the biggest match in WrestleZone history, and it more than lived up to the hype. Every second, you were left on the edge of your seat. Will he drop to the floor? Will anyone come out to help either the champion or the challenger? Who will Lee McAllister punch? In the end, it was the climax of one of the best stories I’ve seen in recent years. Seriously, the entire Damien/Sterling Oil saga from the past year has been exceptional to watch.

It was an emotional night, both good and bad. I left the Ballroom that night feeling pleased for everyone involved, but also seething at those referees in the Tables Match. I imagine that will be remembered for some time. It was a celebration of what WrestleZone have been able to accomplish in the space of 10 years. My first time seeing them was at the Macduff Town Hall with an attendance of between 20-30 people. So to see them consistently selling out venues up and down Aberdeenshire is phenomenal, as is the attendance numbers they get for the Beach Ballroom each year. If they’re coming to a venue near you, go. If it’s not near you, travel. It’ll be worth the journey.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

Quick Results
Pre-Show Battle Royal – Jason Reed w/Agent W last eliminated Bradley Evans to win
Viper def. Sammii Jayne by Pinfall
Elimination Tables Match for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – The Rejected (c) def. The Kings of Catch
Fatal Four Way Match for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Zach Dynamite def. Andy Wild (c), Nathan North and Mr P w/Bradley Evans by Pinfall
Chavo Guerrero Jr. def. Bingo Ballance by Pinfall
Grado & Santino Marella def. Kid Fite & Krieger by Pinfall
If Sterling Oil lose, they must disband – Team WrestleZone def. Sterling Oil by Pinfall
Steel Cage Match for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship with Lee McAllister as Ringside Enforcer – Damien def. Shawn Johnson (c) by Escape


Credit for all images used goes to Brianbat Photography

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