Preview: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Wrestlution XII’

Tonight World Wide Wrestling League host their biggest event of the year in Wrestlution XII at the Rothes Halls in Glenrothes. It has four championship matches, with one guaranteed new champion, a big lad showdown plus a match that brings fear to those that utter its name, it’s a pretty big line up for W3L.

There are many interesting match ups so I wanted to take the time to go through what’s going to happen, possibly litter in some predictions and thoughts on the ins and outs from this outsider perspective.

Most of the build up has been through W3L’s online show Wrestling Showdown and I would be lying if I said I was up to date with the latest episodes but I have been keeping an eye on the W3L Facebook page and other social media which gives you bits and pieces to work from.

Heading to W3L is former WWE NXT Tag Team Champion and Impact Wrestling star Bram who takes on the unhinged Luke Aldridge. Aldridge campaigned for this match since Bram was announced and he gets his wish. Two big lads smashing each other about with little regard for their opponents well-being makes for something special. This will be a hoss battle, Aldridge has found his footing as this rough and dirty competitor while Bram has mastered the art. I may not be a fan of Bram but this match has my interest peaked and even though it’s a billed as a straight up one-on-one I can see this being a brawl all around the Rothes Halls.

Speaking of big lads, TJ Rage and Krieger team up once again as they take on W3L Tag Team Champions Prince Asad and Saqib Ali in a total mismatch in size and power. The champions have had to use tricks and chicanery to escape with the titles time and time again but on a night like Wrestlution anything can happen and their luck might run out. Rage and Krieger are giants and with them as champions it would create this imposing force to run riot over the competition. It’s no secret that I think Krieger is a guy that will be a big name in the next couple of years so it’s not difficult to guess as to who I think will walk out with the belts.

Also on the bill is a Nursery Crimes match between ‘The Very Good’ Euan G Mackie (SWN Featured Performer) and former W3L Tag Team Champion Kevin Williams. For those unaware, a Nursery Crimes match is essentially your Extreme Rules match but the legal items are toys and stuff you’d usually associate with children. In the past there has been hobby horses, space hoppers and most dreadedโ€ฆly, Lego. Lots of Lego. Have you ever stepped on Lego? Imagine your body landing on a pile of the stuff. It’s the stuff of nightmares and this is Euan G Mackie’s speciality. He takes great joy in usual these innocent items to reak havoc on opponents.

Four titles are on the line at Wrestlution with none more personal than Dickie Divers defending his W3L Wrestling Showdown Championship against Taylor Bryden. Bryden and Divers were part of The Contingency Plan, they held the W3L Tag Team Championships on numerous occasions but communications broke down to the point that Divers viciously attacked Bryden signalling the end of the partnership. Divers defeated Mike Musso to become the inagural W3L Wrestling Showdown Champion but the underlying fued comes to a head at Wrestlution XII when Bryden gets his hands on his former teammate, the title is almost secondary but Bryden taking the title from Divers would be the icing on the revenge cake.

What we do know at Wrestlution XII is that we will get a new W3L Women’s Champion. The title was vacated by Leah Owens through injury which lead to W3L setting up a singles match at Wrestlution between Jayla Dark and Emily Hayden for the title. Jayla Dark, as Bete Noire, has a long history in W3L but has never held the W3L Women’s Championship. Emily Hayden, “The Best, The Beautiful, The Only” has been on quite the streak in W3L and is more than worthy to be in this match even if she’s coming in with confidence that can almost be mistaken for arrogance. Dark is no stranger to gold, recently picking up the Fierce Females Championship so she’ll be looking to become “Jayla Two Belts”. Hayden has certainly made her mark recently in W3L and even though Jayla brings in far more experience I think Emily Hayden will capture the vacant title.

Then we have the main event with Seven Deadly Sins winner “Tenacious” Johnny Lions taking on the W3L Heavyweight Champion Mike Musso for the the title. At Seven Deadly Sins, Lions had a tough time by battling through each round with an increasing back injury but managed to defeat Joe E Legend in the final. At the time it was looking like it would be Lions versus Blondie Barratt at Wrestlution but Mike Musso defeated Barratt for the title to set up this showdown of fan favourites.

What has been evident is the aggression from Mike Musso, more recently his near dismissle of Johnny Lions getting the job done. Almost brushing aside this “fairytale” that Lions has built of becoming W3L Heavyweight Champion for the first time by lauding his Wrestlution journey defeating Ricky Knight, defeating Dave Paris, winning titles, defending titles, his Wrestlution record is exemplary but it’s come across that he’s just bragging about his accomplishments and looking past the momentum built by Johnny Lions since Seven Deadly Sins which could be his undoing, not only as a champion but also as a fan favourite in W3L.

Tickets are still available for a pretty solid line up from World Wide Wrestling League so if you’re in the area tonight then head over to see Wrestlution.

Luke Aldridge vs Bram
Nursery Crimes Match – Euan G Mackie vs Kevin Williams
W3L Tag Team Championships – Saqib Ali & Prince Asada (c) vs TJ Rage & Krieger
W3L Women’s Championship – Jayla Dark vs Emily Hayden
W3L Wrestling Showdown Championship – Dickie Divers (c) vs Taylor Bryden
W3L Heavyweight Championship – Mike Musso (c) vs Johnny Lions

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