Five Picks For The Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament 2019

The Drew Galloway Invitational Wrestling Tournament will enter it’s third year in May 2019. Previous winners include Aaron Echo and Irving Garrett, both enjoying their success following their wins by travelling around the country to compete.

The tournament combines three top wrestling schools in the PBW Academy, Source Wrestling School and the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum along with a couple wildcards chosen by top wrestlers in the Scotland.

Luke Aldridge

  • Main Promotion(s): World Wide Wrestling League, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, United Pro Wrestling, Reckless Intent Wrestling & Source Wrestling.

Aldridge has been around for a while, he has been plying his trade primarily at World Wide Wrestling League with being a semi regular at Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, Reckless Intent Wrestling, United Pro Wrestling & Source Wrestling. He’s evolved his character over the last 18 months from the “Notorious Nobleman” Lucian Maynard Smith to being in exile and making his quest on The Aldridge Odyssey “All About Aldridge”.

Having making his away around the country, Aldridge has been building a repertoire of power moves with a dirty ground and pound style. The big lad is just waiting for that breakout moment and competing in a tournament of this stature is the perfect time to make The Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament all about Aldridge.

Jack Morris

  • Main Promotion(s): Reckless Intent Wrestling & United Pro Wrestling.

Jack Morris is an exciting prospect. Having less than a year of experience under his belt he has already faced wrestling royalty in Doug Williams, along with an upcoming match with Dave Mastiff. He has been rising fast putting in fantastic performances, pulling off awesome moves. He would be a great addition to the tournament.

He fits the bill, a young and talented wrestler with something special.

Alex Webb

  • Main Promotion(s): Scottish Wrestling Entertainment & United Pro Wrestling.

Webb has been a staple in Scottish Wrestling Entertainment recently, making the occasional visit to United Pro Wrestling. A diamond in the rough with plenty of potential to succeed. He’s got youth on his side and could provide a couple shocks if involved.

Shawn Johnson

  • Main Promotion(s): WrestleZone

The hotshot from The Granite City is a former Undisputed WrestleZone Champion, a former WrestleZone Tag Team Champion. Much like Damien he has been hidden up in the North East but has the talent to be around the country. Shawn Johnson has made the trip to Discovery Wrestling but has little in the way of exposure outside of Aberdeen.

This tournament is a perfect opportunity to get just that. Plus he has developed into an all-rounder, able to mix in with any style.

Nathan North

  • Main Promotion(s): WrestleZone

The final in my five picks is another from WrestleZone who is now training at Source Wrestling School, “Vintage” Nathan North has been popping up around the United Kingdom recently and is growing in confidence and talent at a fast pace. North is another young wrestler, early in his career and has an incredible upside.

So who do you think will be involved in The Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament? Keep up to date with the announcements on Facebook.

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