Preview: WrestleZone ‘Friends of ANCHOR Charity Show’


Following the success of their previous charity show as part of May’s Proving Grounds event, WrestleZone are back at Aberdeen’s Cairncry Community Centre on Saturday for another night of fundraising. The donations made from last show, as well as the ones that are made here, went straight to Friends of ANCHOR, a charity very close to those involved with WZ. With this being a special occasion, management have signed up World of Sport star Lionheart to make his return after eight years away. If that’s not a reason to donate, then I don’t know what is!


Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Aspen Faith vs Damien (c) vs Kaden Garrick

Talk about a main event! Fresh off his non-title victory over Irving Garrett at Halloween Hijinx, Damien returns to defending the championship, taking on two challengers in this huge Triple Threat Match as Aspen Faith and Kaden Garrick have their eyes on the prize. The Revolutionary has went unpinned for the past few months, seeing off opponents like Nathan North, Chris Archer, and Andy Wild in the process. He’s not the only one on a bit of a roll at the moment, as Aspen Faith finally captured the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships last Saturday alongside Lewis Girvan. With The Kings of Catch on top of the doubles division, that doesn’t appear to be end of the championship road for The Hippie Horror. In reality, the man who needs this win more than anyone else is Kaden Garrick. His only victory since returning earlier in the year was in May as he pinned Lord Michael of Graham (all hail). If he connects with a spear to either man, that could be the end of Damien’s run.


WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
Zach Dynamite (c) vs Ryan Riley

The Tri-Counties Championship has also been announced as being on the line come Saturday as newcomer Ryan Riley steps up to challenge Zach Dynamite. Since graduating from the WrestleZone Training Academy in May, Ryan has been impressive in the few main roster matches he’s been in. Although he hasn’t picked up a victory yet, he’s looked like a star in the ring. Those matches however were with opponents he knows very well, be it fellow trainees or some of his coaches. He won’t know what’s coming when Zach Dynamite comes knocking on his door. Fully Loaded has been on the roll of his life since turning to the dark side at the first show of 2018. That’s what he needed to set him off apparently, as he made his promise to the fans come true by becoming a two-time (and greatest in history) Tri-Counties Champion. His title retentions thus far haven’t exactly been the cleanest, whether it be due to interference from Bradley Evans or holding an opponent’s tights, but still. With Mr P returning to the scene, he may look to help unseat Zach as the champ on Saturday night.


Lionheart vs Alan Sterling

Say his name, he’s history. Yes, that’s right, Alan Sterling will be gracing the Cairncry Community Centre with his presence to battle Lionheart. Alan unveiled his new bodyguard at Halloween Hijinx as a man named Caleb Valhalla, a beast of a man that I just want to see face Cysto really. The new alliance gave the Sterling brother a much-needed victory, with a pinfall over Kaden Garrick, albeit while holding Kaden’s trunks. Seeing as he needed to sink to these measures to win the match, how will he hold his own against a man such as Lionheart, especially with the training Hearto’s going through ahead of the Hydro? Eight long years we’ve been waiting to see Lionheart back in a WrestleZone ring. The wait is finally over come November 3rd. However, it’s vital that you always remember – it’s all about Alan!


Chris Archer vs Ted O’Keefe

After losing the Tag Team Championships to The Kings of Catch on Saturday, Chris Archer looks to rebound from the title loss in singles action against Ted O’Keefe. The Outcast has had his fair share of singles success over the years. Although he hasn’t held a singles championship, he’s competed in some pretty big matches with names such as Aspen Faith, Shawn Johnson, and Scotty Swift. During Mikkey Vago’s injury last year, Archer unsuccessfully challenged for both the Undisputed and Tri-Counties Championships, but left a lasting impression in both divisions. In the tag division though, he and Vago are obviously extremely accomplished, seeing as they’re four-time champs. While enjoying their fourth reign, the then-champs suffered a surprise loss to The Outfit, with Ted O’Keefe rolling up Chris Archer. The third match between the two pairings is scheduled for next Saturday in Huntly, and so this match could be used to gain some momentum heading in to that match.


Blue Thunder vs Crusher Craib

Well, goodbye Blue Thunder. He has the unfortunate task of facing Crusher Craib in Aberdeen, with The Creator of Carnage fresh off the apparent end of his rivalry with Scotty Swift. Since the end of The Thunder Buddies in 2015, the only major things Thunder has done are a pretty good rivalry with former partner William Sterling and another rivalry with Lord Mr Malice (all hail). Other than that, he’s spent most of the time being pinned and training the next generation of stars at the WrestleZone Training Academy. These two faced off earlier in the year in Fraserburgh, where it was Crusher who came out on top to the shock of literally nobody. Will it be The Masked Wonder’s time here? Probably not.


Triple Threat Match
Dino Del Monte vs Bradley Evans vs Cysto

A second Triple Threat rounds out the card with The Outfit’s Dino Del Monte, Bradley Evans, and Cysto set to tangle. With a lovely rolling elbow finisher, Dino is one of my personal favourite academy graduates to watch. He and Ted O’Keefe are slowly rising up the ranks of the WrestleZone tag division, future Tag Team Champions for sure. Someone else rising up the ranks is Bradley Evans. Now back alongside Zach Dynamite, Evans has been proving why everyone needs to be talking about him. As soon as he laces up a pair of boots, he shows everyone that he’s not just Zach’s muscle. You’ve also got Cysto in the match, so, yay I guess? In all honesty, I want to see Cysto tossed across the ring like there’s no tomorrow. Big elbow from Dino and a TKO from Bradley. Lovely.

Entry to the show is free – all WrestleZone ask is that you make a donation of your choice upon entry, with all donations going to Friends of ANCHOR. Doors open at 7pm, with the first bell at 7:30. Come along and support a great cause!

Announced Matches
Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Aspen Faith vs Damien (c) vs Kaden Garrick
WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
– Zach Dynamite (c) vs Ryan Riley
Lionheart vs Alan Sterling
Chris Archer vs Ted O’Keefe
Blue Thunder vs Crusher Craib
Triple Threat Match – Dino Del Monte vs Bradley Evans vs Cysto

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