Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live in Arbroath 2018’


It’s the penultimate event of the year for WrestleZone on Saturday evening, as they return to the Arbroath Community Centre for what looks like another excellent evening of wrestling action. Both the Undisputed and Tri-Counties Championships are set to be defended, Scotty Swift returns to action following a few weeks off due to injury and most importantly, there’s no sign of any Cystos on the card!


Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Jason Reed vs Damien (c) vs Andy Wild

Yet another Triple Threat championship defence is lined up for Damien in Arbroath, as Jason Reed and Andy Wild vow to take the gold from around the waist of The Revolutionary. Since he regained the title from Shawn Johnson in the Beach Ballroom, Damien has seen off all-comers to ensure this reign wasn’t as short as the one prior. That’s meant defeating names like multi-time Tag Team Champion Chris Archer, former Revolution ally Johnny Lions, and the inaugural Tri-Counties Champion Aspen Faith. One of his challengers in this match, Andy Wild, has received two championship opportunities since Damien became the champ, coming up short on both outings. However, he knows exactly what it takes to hold that championship, having ended Scotty Swift’s 525-day reign in October 2016. The third competitor in this match is someone looking to win his first taste of gold in WrestleZone, he’s the man on a mission to Make WrestleZone Great Again, he is Mr Jason Reed (future President of WrestleZone of course). Mr Reed’s WZ recently has seen a witch hunt trying to stop him from succeeding in his goals, most recently when he was “pinned” by Kenny Williams at Halloween Hijinx. His foot was under the bottom rope for the entirety of the three count. Reed will be hoping it’s not Mikey Innes reffing this bout…


WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
Zach Dynamite (c) vs Johnny Lions

The other of WrestleZone’s two singles titles is also on the line as Zach Dynamite defends the Tri-Counties Championship against the returning Johnny Lions, a man we haven’t seen since the end of September. Dynamite, although his retentions thus far have been through nefarious means, has been a great champion. He’s walked out of matches still as champion when he’s been against Scotty Swift, Dickie Divers, and Lionheart, to name a few. He’s a changed man these days as we’ve seen, utilising some rather nasty knee strikes and tight submission holds to keep his grasp on the gold. He’ll have to do a lot more than that to put away The Tenacious One however. Although he’s currently chasing the Tag Team Championship with Scotty Swift (a man who is 100% definitely his tag team partner, don’t let him tell you otherwise), you have to imagine Lions wouldn’t mind a taste of singles gold aswell. After all, the last singles championship he held was the Undisputed Championship, with that reign coming to an end in June 2013. Over five years without a singles title (and over four years without any championships at all). That has to be biting at the bones of Johnny. Only time will tell if it is indeed Johnny Time in Arbroath!


Scotty Swift vs Aspen Faith

Scotty Swift and Aspen Faith are both returning to WrestleZone action for the first time since their respective bouts at Halloween Hijinx. That fateful night saw Swift again being defeated by Crusher Craib in a Dog Collar Match (albeit following a distraction from the returning William Sterling) while Faith and Lewis Girvan blew the roof off the Kincorth Community Centre as they defeated The Rejected in a Halloween Brawl for the Tag Team Championships. From what I’ve heard, The Red Haired Warrior has been dealing with some sort of shoulder injury, so his first match back being against Aspen Faith (a man proficient in technical wrestling) isn’t exactly the best thing for him by the sounds of things. This will be a warm-up for both men, as they’re set to be on opposing sides of a Tag Team Championships match at Christmas Chaos next month (Swift’s partner being Johnny Lions, they’re 100% an official team remember). Both men are two of the most outstanding on the current WrestleZone roster. If you want a reason to head along to Arbroath, look no further.


The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) vs The Outfit (Dino Del Monte & Ted O’Keefe)

The Rejected and The Outfit are once again set to go at it in a match originally scheduled for the recent show in Huntly, but an injury to Dino Del Monte postponed it until now. Currently, the two pairings are 1-1 against each other – Ted O’Keefe and Del Monte got a surprise pinfall over the then-Tag Team Champions in Turriff following the interference of Aspen Faith, before Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago tied the score in Inverurie as they debuted their new tag finisher. The four-time champs have properly cemented themselves as the team in WrestleZone, which has been a long journey from their formation in January 2015 to now. Whether they were The Hairy Bikers or The Double Denim Duo or The Dogs of War, you could always expect to see a good showing from Archer and Vago (even if they did use their biker chain to cheat on occasion). While they may not be champions anymore, a second win for The Outfit over The Rejected would do huge things to help boost them further up the rankings, and perhaps earn them a title opportunity against The Kings of Catch in the new year.


Ryan Riley vs Crusher Craib

Well, Ryan Riley’s inspiration may not be enough to get past Crusher Craib on Saturday. Since emerging from the WrestleZone Training Academy, Riley has been leaving his inspiring views on all those around him. That doesn’t always mean he’s been successful in the ring though, with only two wins on the main roster out of his five so far. He surely can’t be expecting to get a third victory here. Can he? Crusher Craib has been on a warpath lately, more so than usual. Big boots left, right, and centre for anyone who dares stand in front of him. He delivered a mass of punches to the back of Scotty Swift’s head at Halloween Hijinx, the same set of punches that put Scotty on the shelf at Battle of the Nations 2017. Furthermore, he decimated Blue Thunder at the recent Friends of ANCHOR charity show. If he keeps up the same level of brutality he’s been dishing out recently, it’ll be a long night for Ryan Riley.


Triple Threat Match
Kaden Garrick vs Bradley Evans vs Alan Sterling

Another Triple Threat signed for Arbroath sees Kaden Garrick, Bradley Evans, and Alan Sterling going at it. There’s not really too much story to note on here other than just having three guys who could do with getting some wins under their belt as we head into 2019. One thing we should mention though is the fact that Sterling, with help from new bodyguard Caleb Valhalla, defeated Garrick at Halloween Hijinx. In general, Garrick’s yet to pick up a single victory since returning in March’s Regal Rumble Match, bar a quick win over Lord Michael of Graham (all hail) at Proving Grounds in May. It’s a major change when you think about the fact he went unpinned for over two years. He’s on his own here though of course – Alan has Mr Valhalla as mentioned, while Bradley Evans may have Zach Dynamite in his corner also. Mr P (the man chasing Dynamite and Evans at the minute) may look to get involved, although Kaden did turn his back on P at the end of 2016. Don’t expect to see them playing happy families any time soon.

As always, tickets are available from, priced Β£12 for adults, Β£10 for under 14s, and Β£35 for an online-only family of four ticket. Fans can also pay at the door on the night. Doors open at 7pm, with the first bell set for 7:30.

Announced Matches
Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Jason Reed vs Damien (c) vs Andy Wild
WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
– Zach Dynamite (c) vs Johnny Lions
Scotty Swift vs Aspen Faith
The Rejected vs The Outfit
Ryan Riley vs Crusher Craib
Triple Threat Match – Kaden Garrick vs Bradley Evans vs Alan Sterling

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