Preview: Respect Pro Wrestling ‘The St. Andrew’s Day Scrap’


Respect Pro Wrestling are rounding off their 2018 with The St. Andrew’s Day Scrap later tonight, live from the Garnock Community Social Club in Kilbirnie. It’s quite a special show by the looks of the card, featuring the second match back for the recently-returned Bobby Roberts, several debuts, and a Bunkhouse Brawl? Never thought I’d see one of those on the card for a Scottish wrestling show.


Bunkhouse Brawl for the RPW Heavyweight Championship
Aspen Faith (c) vs Lewis Girvan

Although they’re a team in every other promotion, Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan are on opposite sides of the ring in Respect Pro Wrestling. The latter became the new Heavyweight Champion back in February after winning a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the vacant title, a championship he would on to until the most recent show in August. It was here where Lewis Girvan lost the gold to Aspen Faith in a Triple Threat Match also including David Devlin, which then led to The Renegade demanding his rematch with The Hardcore Hippie. An episode of King’s Road (then Filth Life) revealed that the match would indeed be going ahead at The St. Andrew’s Scrap with a very unique stipulation – Scotland’s first ever (to my knowledge) Bunkhouse Brawl. A match type you’d expect to see in the 1980’s is coming to Kilbirnie. Craziness. Lewis Girvan has promised to make his entrance on a horse, while Aspen Faith has had no luck in finding a cowboy costume. This one could get quite interesting.


Bobby Roberts & JD Bravo vs The Violence Institute (Luke Matthews & MATT DALY)

Having been sat on the sidelines for a full year, Bobby Roberts is back in Respect Pro action as he teams with JD Bravo to take on Violence Institute members Luke Matthews and MATT DALY. Both Roberts and Bravo have been away for quite long periods of time, both only recently making their in-ring returns as Bobby lost to Christopher Saynt at Caithness Pro Wrestling’s WAR! show while JD defeated Krieger at the most recent Respect Pro show in Lochwinnoch this past August. It was at this show where JD Bravo was attacked by Luke Matthews, MATT DALY, and Xero of The Violence Institute. It didn’t take long for a match to be confirmed for The St. Andrew’s Day Scrap, just like it didn’t take long for Matthews and DALY to warn Bravo about not being able to trust Roberts. The man who is 100% Pure Scottish Beef was left on the sidelines last year after suffering a neck injury that seemingly sent him into an early retirement. It’s quite a serious injury to be coming back from, and something Luke and MATT will no doubt look to exploit throughout this match.


Triple Threat Match
Sammii Jayne vs Emily Hayden vs Anastasia

Three ladies looking to make a name for themselves in Respect Pro Wrestling collide in this match as Sammii Jayne, Emily Hayden, and Anastasia face off. Hayden has been associated with Christopher Saynt under the alias of The Sensational Scenebirds, but she’s yet to compete in a Respect Pro ring this year to my knowledge. Meanwhile, Sammii Jayne’s debut was scheduled for the last RPW show in August, but her ankle injury left her remaining sidelined until shortly thereafter, and so this is her first time in the promotion. The only woman here to actually compete in an RPW ring this year is Anastasia, who teamed with Luke Matthews in a losing effort to Christopher Saynt and Ann Phetamine in August. I’m quite looking forward to seeing what these three are able to accomplish together, particularly Jayne and Anastasia. It’s well known now that The Championship Huntress played a big role in the initial training of Anastasia, but this is their first time being on opposite ends of the ring. With Emily thrown in also, Respect Pro fans are in for a treat!


Fatal Four Way Match
Rob Mills vs Jackie Grady vs Nathan North vs Xero

Four of the fastest rising stars in Scotland today are set to square off in a Fatal Four Way Match. First off, we have Jackie Grady and Rob Mills, the tag team combination known as The Headbanders. Although they’re more typically tag team wrestlers, they have recently went their separate ways in home promotion Reckless Intent Wrestling, with Grady joining the Divinity faction. Then we have Nathan North, the third of three WrestleZone-trained talents on the show following Aspen Faith and Anastasia. The Vintage One has taken on a new look recently since ditching Jeeves Winchester in July, a move that has saw him being booked for promotions such as Discovery Wrestling and Three Count Wrestling. Finally, we have another member of The Violence Institute in Xero. In Source Wrestling, The InHuman has been establishing himself as a threat to the entire roster, recently garnering a victory over Source Wrestling School trainer Mikey Whiplash. If he plays his cards right in this match, he could very well be on his way to challenging for the Heavyweight Championship somewhere down the line.

Jack Morris vs Alexander Darwin MacAllan

Alexander Darwin MacAllan is in action tonight as he faces the debuting Jack Morris, following his original opponent Michael Chase being forced to pull out of the match. ADM, which let’s face it is far easier to say than Alexander Darwin MacAllan, has been one of 2018’s standouts as he captured the Source Championship in the inaugural championship tournament back in July. Since then, he’s been a fighting champion with successful defences against the likes of current Scottish X Champion Kieran Kelly and “The Gazelle” Grant McIvor. But he’s not the only standout in the match with something to prove, as Jack Morris has been rising up the ranks of Scottish wrestling like there’s no tomorrow. The footballer-turned-wrestler has left his mark on every promotion he comes knocking on, cementing himself as one of the top contenders in United Pro Wrestling up until their recent hiatus (announcement coming tomorrow regarding that, according to their social media). This is a match I’d love to see released online, merely to see who the better standout really is. It’s a difficult question to answer on paper.


Lucha DS vs King Robert Wishart

Lucha DS is bringing his high-flying shenanigans to Kilbirnie to battle “The Real King of Scotland” King Robert Wishart. Both men have had rather impressive 2018’s, with Lucha winning the King of Cruisers trophy in Premier British Wrestling and Wishart being the reigning Highland Regional Champion in Caithness Pro Wrestling, as well as this year’s Pride of the Islands winner. Coming into the match, the more athletic one is obviously Lucha DS but King Robert Wishart isn’t afraid to bust out the flips when the time calls for it, with a lovely 450 splash to back up that statement. There’s not much to say about this match but whoever comes out on top will not only continue their highly successful 2018, but also put their name in contention for a shot at the Respect Pro Heavyweight Championship.


Open Challenge
Christopher Saynt vs ???

Christoper Saynt has been a kind man as of late, issuing an Open Challenge to any new wrestler that wants to show the Respect Pro fans what they’re made of. The Patriarch of The House of Saynt has been rather successful in an RPW ring this year, with his only loss coming against Mark J Wilson in March. Although we don’t know who’ll be answering his challenge here, it does throw a spanner in the works as Saynt won’t know who he’s up against. We know for a fact it won’t be Jesse Santana as he picked up an injury after putting his name forward, but could it be “The Shooter” Ian Skinner? Or perhaps “The Essex Pitbull” Ian Frost? The only way to find out is to head along to the show.

Tickets are no longer available as the show has sold out, even without a Kwaku on a Pole Match signed.Β  Doors open at 6:30pm, with the action kicking off at 7pm. Head along to Kilbirnie to see a live Bunkhouse Brawl. It might be the only chance you have to do so!

Announced Matches
Bunkhouse Brawl for the RPW Heavyweight Championship – Aspen Faith (c) vs Lewis Girvan
Bobby Roberts & JD Bravo vs The Violence Institute
Triple Threat Match – Sammii Jayne vs Emily Hayden vs Anastasia
Fatal Four Way Match – Rob Mills vs Jackie Grady vs Nathan North vs Anastasia
Jack Morris vs Alexander Darwin MacAllan
Lucha DS vs King Robert Wishart
Open Challenge – Christopher Saynt vs ???

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