Review: Wresting Experience Scotland ‘A Night At The Asylum: The Secret Show’

by Scott McLeod (@scottmcleod1996)


Wrestling Experience Scotland kicked off a big weekend of wrestling with a night at The Asylum. A very ambitious and unique idea promoting a show from the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum where the entire card is a secret. Releasing only small clues about who would be on the show they managed to just about sell out. Obviously, the lack of card and the hints meant there was a lot of anticipation.

Would the show live up to the hype? Let’s see.

Simon Cassidy was the ring announcer. He claimed he had no idea what the matches were and before every match said I’m quite sure this match is scheduled for one fall.

Kez Evans vs BT Gunn

Evans got on the mic and said of course he’s on the show cause it’s no secret that he is one of the top talents in GPWA. Some young fans started chanting for BT Gunn to which Kez responded that he’s not here. Then BT Gunn’s music hit.

Kez stalled on the outside and falls on his face when he tries to get back in the ring. BT kept knocking him on his backside which Kez oversells. He managed to hit a palm strike to the face of BT before going to work on the leg. BT hit a series of kicks on Kez. Kez goes for a crossbody but missed so BT goes for the pin. BT fought out of a piledriver attempt and hit a superkick for the win.

Winner: BT Gunn

A decent opening match but I think I preferred their previous matches in ICW. It was weird that Kez worked the leg but BT won with a kick. What was the point of doing the leg spot?

Red Wolf (Red Lightning & Wolfgang) vs The Kinky Party (Sha Samuels & Jack Jester)

Red said Wolfgang may have beat him last time they faced off but that was his first match in a while. He said he’d had a few matches since and he’s so confident he will win he wants Wolfgang’s NXT UK contract. Simon informed them this wasn’t a one on one match and introduced their opponents, The Kinky Party. Red then gave him and Wolfgang the name Red Wolf. He demanded the ICW Tag Titles be on the line but is denied.

There was a lot of stalling until Red and Jack finally lock up. Red brushed off people chanting chicken at him for not fighting so Sha started a pigeon chant. Kinky Party double teamed Red in their corner. Wolfgang got the tag and Irish whipped Jack into the corner where Red kicked him in the back. Jack Irish whipped Sha into Wolfgang in the corner followed up the double elbow. Red tagged in and argued with Wolfgang. He was knocked into Wolfgang and rolled up for the win.

Winners: The Kinky Party

Red is a good heel, but this is the funniest I’ve seen him. It would have been good if they agreed to put the titles on the line. There were points where even Red struggled to keep a straight face.

Kay Lee Ray vs Aaron Echo

Kay Lee came out with a coat on and tried to go back through the curtain but was pushed back through. She said that she wanted to go home so asked Echo to lay down. She said she has a match on Sunday against a friend, something Echo wouldn’t know anything about.

He laid down but kicked out at two. Echo proceeded to chase Kay Lee around the ring. Kay Lee chopped Echo in chest and hurt her hand. Echo caught her when she tried to hit a crossbody. He lifted her up into a suplex which is countered into a roll up. Echo hit an uppercut. Kay Lee locked in a front face lock and choked him out.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

An odd conclusion to this match because Kay Lee isn’t known for being a submission wrestler. Out of the handful of Aaron Echo matches I’ve seen this year this is one of his best.

Lionheart vs Mark Coffey

One of the clues given was former champions taking on current holders of those titles, so we had the current Zero G Champion versus a former champion.

Very technical to start off with both men exchanging arm and head locks. Mark had a head scissors, but Lionheart fought out. Mark hung Lionheart neck first across the top rope. Lionheart hit a kick in the corner only to be hit with a lariat in return. They looked to repeat the spot only for Lionheart to counter the lariat into a Ur-A-Fanny. Mark hit a pumphandle slam and a step up enziguri which only got two. Lionheart went for a splash, but Mark got the knees up and rolled him up for the win.

Winner: Mark Coffey

Really strong match, one of the best of the night. It was hard to know who would win as one of them is a champion and the other is main eventing the Hydro this weekend. I don’t think it would’ve hurt either man to lose this. Lionheart is incapable of having a bad match this year.

Paxxo vs Jokey

Jokey said Paxxo wouldn’t hit her because he loves her to much only to turn around into a crap kick. Paxxo grabbed her balloon, yelling at it, so Jokey kicked it into his face. She hit him with a hurricanrana and hit a diving clothesline off the apron. Both of them were so busy fighting each other until they suddenly realised they were about to be counted out and dove back in the ring. Paxxo hit an impressive looking Falcon Arrow. Jokey picked up the win with a spear.

Winner: Jokey

Probably the weakest match on the card. You’d think two people who know each other as well as these two do would be capable of putting on a better match. It was very clunky especially in the beginning. I was sitting in the third row and the distance between me and the ring was the same distance between Paxxo’s boot and Jokey. Paxxo’s nose was bleeding at one point.

I would take notes for this article on my phone between matches. I was so uninterested that I took notes during the match.

Prestigious Purge (Krobar & Leyton Buzzard) vs Stevie James & The Sam Barbour Experience

Krobar came out and hoped his partner was Stevie. He celebrated when The Purge music hit only to turn around and see Leyton with drawn on facial hair and Stevie’s trunks. He said he may not look like a biker, but he’s seen every episode of Sons of Anarchy. Krobar tried to hand Leyton to Sam and take Stevie but Sam kept taking him back. Simon said someone had to take Leyton.

James hit a hard chop to Leyton. Purge tease a confrontation but Sam leapt over James onto Krobar. Krobar managed to flip over the top rope before yelling that he was a luchador. There was a sequence where everyone hit a kick. James hit a Frankensteiner off the top to Leyton. Leyton hit a 450 splash for the win.

Winners: Krobar & Leyton Buzzard

This was my match of the night. There are few people today as entertaining as Leyton. I like The Purge, but I would rather see more of this team with Krobar & Leyton. I felt bad for Sam, he was like the odd man out in this match.

Jackie Polo vs Joe Coffey

Another former champion versus current champion match. Joe gave Jackie a bottle, wishing him luck on Sunday, but tonight he’d be getting battered.

Jackie used such underhanded tactics like grabbing the hair and using the ropes to gain the advantage, throwing Joe to the outside where Warden Trip got some cheap shots in. When caught by the ref he said he was just helping Joe up. Jackie hit a shoulder breaker. Joe was able to lock in a straight-jacket hold and Jackie tried to fight out but Joe locked it back in. Joe hit the pop-up uppercut followed by the shoulder tackle into the corner. After dodging the crossbody Jackie hit the electric chair drop for the win.

Winner: Jackie Polo

It was weird seeing Joe playing the face in this match when, for the last two years, he’s played a heel pretty much everywhere. It would have been great to see Mark Coffey take on Jackie, given their history, but maybe they’re saving that match.

Overall a strong night of wrestling. I’m glad I went because I hadn’t seen some of these matches before this show, apart from the opener. Some of them, like Krowbar & Leyton vs Stevie & Sam Barber, I’m unlikely to ever see again. Even my least favourite match Jokey versus Paxxo had its moments. It was well structured with some comedy where needed.

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