Preview: WrestleZone ‘Christmas Chaos 2018’


Tis the season of giving and to cap off an excellent tenth year in the business, WrestleZone are back at the Danestone Community Centre in Aberdeen for Christmas Chaos to give the fans something to end the year on a high. The first thing that was announced for the show was the WrestleZone return of “The Oddity” BT Gunn, a man who was scheduled to return in March before the Beast From The Beast storm rolled in. Alongside Gunn are the likes of The Kings of Catch, Damien, Scotty Swift, and my favourite Cysto. So wrap up warm, come along to Aberdeen, and cheer on the WrestleZone talents. Except Cysto…


Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
BT Gunn vs Damien (c) vs Crusher Craib

Damien hasn’t had the easiest of journeys since capturing his third Undisputed Championship at the start of September. This will be his fourth Triple Threat championship defence, with previous title retentions coming against the likes of Andy Wild, Aspen Faith, and Jason Reed, future President of WrestleZone. The Revolutionary now finds himself standing across the ring from two of the most dominating forces in Scotland today, Crusher Craib and the returning BT Gunn. Damien actually had a recent title match with The Creator of Carnage, getting himself disqualified in Huntly for low blowing the big man, repaying a favour from earlier in the match. In addition, he and Gunn have faced off before, but that was before Damien became the wrestler we now know him to be. He’s worked far too hard to get to where he is now. Although he has quite possibly his toughest task to date waiting for him, he’ll hope to begin 2019 as your reigning, defending, Undisputed WrestleZone Champion,


Title vs Career Christmas Brawl for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
Mr P vs Zach Dynamite (c) w/Bradley Evans

It’s all or nothing for Mr P at Christmas Chaos. Not only does he look to get retribution on both Zach Dynamite and Bradley Evans, not only does he look to win his first taste of singles gold, but his career is at stake. P has stated that he will voluntarily walk away from professional wrestling and never return if he loses here, while Dynamite has added his own stipulation of extending the time limit to 15 minutes as opposed to the 10 minutes associated with Tri-Counties Championship matches. Mr P very well could’ve been the champ right now if it weren’t for the actions of his then-friend Bradley Evans at the Beach Ballroom, delivering a TKO right when P was about to win the match. Since his sensational return at Halloween Hijinx (seriously, the ovation was astounding), he has been able to defeat Evans in Huntly but the odds are stacked against him here. On his birthday of all days.


WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) (c)

The Kings of Catch make the first defence of their Tag Team Championships as they take on two former Undisputed Champions in the form of Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions. Swift Justice, The Swift Lions, The OGs, whatever you want to call them. Swift and Lions are 100% definitely an official team on the WrestleZone roster, and don’t let Scotty tell you otherwise. They’ve been teaming quite a bit this year, usually to combat the force of the now-defunct Sterling Oil. Clearly management were thankful for this and have granted them a championship opportunity. It’s not an easy match for them though as you can see, as they come up against unquestionably the hottest team in Scottish wrestling today, maybe even British wrestling as a whole. Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan have had quite the year in 2018, beating names such as Chris Brookes and The Hunter Brothers, and even facing off against each other in a Bunkhouse Brawl. They now stand over the WrestleZone tag division, more dangerous than ever before. They’re reign won’t be ending just yet. It simply can’t.


Ryan Riley vs Jason Reed

Two of the most inspirational members of the WrestleZone come to a head at Christmas Chaos when Ryan Riley faces Jason Reed. Riley has been trying to hand his inspiration to the WrestleZone faithful, while Reed has been trying to inspire people to help him Make WrestleZone Great Again. These two have met previously as they both entered the pre-show Battle Royal at Aberdeen Anarchy X, Ryan being dumped out by The Outfit while Reed went on to win the whole thing and continue his campaign. The man who is most certainly not a Donald Trump-lookalike has been quite successful these last few months, not only winning said Battle Royal but also garnering victories over some of WrestleZone’s top talents such as Scotty Swift and Bryan Tucker. While Riley’s win/loss record since debuting has been fairly decent, it would still be a pretty hefty win for Mr Reed to get another singles victory over a homegrown talent. Remember, vote Reed for a better WrestleZone.


The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) vs Andy Wild & Alan Sterling w/Caleb Valhalla

All year long, The Rejected have been reigning over the WrestleZone tag team division, trading the titles with the likes of Proper Mental and current champs The Kings of Catch. Since losing the titles at Halloween Hijinx, Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago managed to defeat The Outfit in Arbroath to return to winning ways in tag team competition. As they set out in the hopes of capturing their fifth set of tag team gold, they face the imposing duo of Andy Wild and Alan Sterling at Christmas Chaos, who will of course have Alan’s bodyguard Caleb Valhalla in their corner. Wild has been a force to be reckoned with in WrestleZone this year, more so than usual. An enjoyable Tri-Counties Championship reign ended in September, while he’s also tried his hand at regaining the Undisputed Championship. While he’s suplexing people around the ring, Alan Sterling goes about wearing the snazziest shirt I’ve ever seen in wrestling. Seriously, where does someone purchase a thing of such beauty and magnificence!? A weird team but an imposing one nonetheless.


Blue Thunder & Kaden Garrick vs The Outfit (Dino Del Monte & Ted O’Keefe)

Two men who aren’t on the best of rolls team up in Aberdeen as Blue Thunder and Kaden Garrick unite to tackle The Outfit. Thunder has been getting knocked down time and time again, suffering losses this year to the likes of Crusher Craib, Zach Dynamite, and actually against The Outfit on the Halloween Hijinx pre-show. Garrick meanwhile has picked up only one victory since returning in March as he defeated Lord Michael of Graham (all hail) at Proving Grounds, while being defeated by names such as Bradley Evans, Crusher Craib, and Damien. While those two have lost all year long, Dino Del Monte and Ted O’Keefe have been rather successful, holding a victory over The Rejected while they were the Tag Team Champions. If the gangsters keep going the way they’ve been going as of late, they’ll be champs in no time.


VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show
Cysto 1 vs Bradley Evans

Following Cysto’s shock victory over Bradley Evans at the Friends of ANCHOR charity show, Evans has the chance for retribution on the pre-show to Christmas Chaos. Cysto has had quite a bit of success in 2018, with a victory also coming over Alan Sterling in Balmedie, but his roll is over. To put it simply, Bradley should simply demolish The Tangerine Dream. Shoulder tackle, TKO, whatever it takes to put Cysto away once and for all. In case you couldn’t tell, this writer isn’t the biggest supporter of Cysto. So yeah, quick match for the pre-show with Cysto getting little to no offence in whatsoever. Simples.

As if all this wasn’t enough, management will also be on hand to announce a special guest they’ve signed to compete at Summerhill Showdown 2019 in January. Exciting stuff!

Tickets are available from, would you believe it, As usual, it’s Β£12 for adults and Β£10 for adults, or you can go for the full lot and Β£15 for a VIP ticket. Fans can also pay at the door on the night. Doors for VIP ticket holders open at 6pm, followed by general admission at 6:30 for a main show kickoff of 7pm!

Announced Matches
Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed WrestleZone ChampionshipΒ – BT Gunn vs Damien (c) vs Crusher Craib
Title vs Career Christmas Brawl for the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
– Mr P vs Zach Dynamite (c) w/Bradley Evans
WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
– Scotty Swift & Johnny Lions vs The Kings of Catch (c)
Ryan Riley vs Jason Reed
The Rejected vs Andy Wild & Alan Sterling w/Caleb Valhalla
Blue Thunder & Kaden Garrick vs The Outfit
VIP Ticket Holders Pre-Show – Cysto 1 vs Bradley Evans

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