Review: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Wrestling Showdown – Elgin 2018’

Hello! World Wide Wrestling League returned to Elgin for their annual trip up to the North East. Just Elgin this time which made me happy seeing as it was 5 minutes from my front door. Thanks to being dragged to previous shows in the area, I also convinced most of my family to this one as nine of us arrived at The Bishopmill Hall for some action packed, family friendly, fun fun fun wrestling!

(Full disclosure, I picked up a puppy on Friday and came to this show on 4 hours sleep and the cries of a 8 week old beagledor ringing in my rather large ears, this has also caused the delay in writing this review so look out for some vague points where I have forgotten something.)

Coming into this show there were only two matches announced, a tables match that was set up last year in Elgin along with a Christmas Jumper Battle Royal. I enjoy going to W3L for the family friendly fun and frolics and the convenience. The shows are good and although they won’t set the world on fire it’s a good sub three hours of entertainment that can be enjoyed by all ages. The Bishopmill Hall is a baltic venue but has a good sized hall so for those that wish to attend in the future, add another layer just to be on the safe side.

John Young was the master of ceremonies for the afternoon with hardly any empty seats about, with it being in the month of December you always get that worry of low attendance due to it being the month that Christmas presents are bought etc. Any who, on with the show.

Luke Aldridge defeated Jake Jackson by pinfall.

We kicked off with Jace Jackson making his W3L debut, taking on โ€œThe Exileโ€ Luke Aldridge. Big lad Aldridge doing big lad things, he battered Jackson about with Jackson getting a little offense in where he could with the brief flurries. Jackson made many attempts to bodyslam Aldridge but, due to his smaller stature, wasn’t successful on most occasions. Aldridge won with relative ease but Jackson did give a fight. I’ve seen Aldridge many times over the years in Elgin and up in Buckie and his evolution is outstanding. I’d be very surprised if his name isn’t at least considered for the upcoming Drew Galloway Invitational in 2019, he has put in a body of work to be a contender.

Kevin Williams defeated Euan G Mackie by pinfall.

Euan declared that he was fed up facing Kevin Williams, heโ€™d faced him so many times over years with so many painful and embarrassing outcomes that included being slammed onto Lego, it had left him sore, bruised and frankly not wanting to collide with the Super Wrestling Entertainment System again. He had a sore throat and wanted to go home, he offered Williams an easy night and laid down. Always the gentleman, Williams picked up Mackieโ€™s legs and gave him a big swing which I hear is an old wifeโ€™s tale to remedy a sore throat.

A fun match followed, of course it did when you have the delights of commentary from Euan G Mackie who is very good. Williams kept the children chanting while Mackie had the adults in stitches with his offbeat comments during the match. A Total Eclipse of the Arse from Mackie couldn’t put away Williams who picked up the win with two standing fireman carry slams in a really enjoyable encounter.

Luke Aldridge ran out and attacked Williams after the match, Mackie joined in the attacked before Jace Jackson made the save. Williams made a tag team challenge for later in the night. A good ol’ wrestling trope that isn’t unusual for these events. More Mackie? Yas.

Tables Match โ€“ Mike Musso defeated โ€œThe Bulgarian Bakerโ€ Bozidar Branimir.

In the first half main event, The Bulgarian Baker was half the man he was last year, literally. He started off by monologuing while he set the table up in the ring and placed his Bulgarian flag as a table cloth and laid out all his bread nicely. I didn’t really catch what he was saying as the sound system is never really the best with few being able to be heard clearly on the microphone. I’m sure he was disgusted by Elgin’s bread selection. This went on for ages with the saving grace being Branimir breaking the chair he was sitting on which cause an uproar in laughter. Clearly the man with the flan misunderstood the concept of a tables match, Mike Musso entered to advise that the aim was to throw the other through the table which left Branimir clearly regretting all his life choices in that very moment.

The match started with Branimir hitting Musso on the back with a chair, after a failed escape attempt, then rolling back into the ring and proceeded to throw his baked wares at Musso to cause some separation. However, after Branimir got drop-toe-holed onto a chair on the outside, Musso passed out the bread to the children in the audience who proceeded to throw it at the hapless baker. It was like ECW when Public Enemy where buried under chairs, except with a few baguettes, a half dozen rolls and I think I spotted a tiger breadโ€ฆ this is just making me hungry now.

Anyways, plenty table teases on the outside with Branimir trying to bump Musso off the apron but Musso held on. The baker had a hard job setting up the table, which was one of those wallpaper tables. As someone who avoids anything to do with wallpapering, I cannot confirm or deny the ease of setting up one of these tables.

Branimir got plenty offense in but he was soon lifted up for a fireman’s carry then dropped with a DDT by Musso through the table for a big cheer.

It’s still the most ridiculous thing in wrestling and I love it, it wasn’t my favourite incarnation of The Bulgarian Baker to be honest, too much talking for my liking but at the same time the staler it gets the funnier I find it, coupled with his ever changing height and weight as the years go by. I was just upset that I forgot to take my signed baker hat for the occasion!

Jace Jackson & Kevin Williams defeated Euan G Mackie & Luke Aldridge by pinfall.

Back from the break we had the tag team grudge match set up earlier in the show. Aldridge and Mackie were on fine form with Mackie taking up Aldridge’s taunts and mannerisms to perfection. Williams, as always, got the crowd going and they were firmly supporting his team. Aldridge and Mackie controlled the majority of the match by cornering the less experienced Jackson, cutting off the ring from his tag team partner. Ever the scrapper, Jackson fought back and Williams cleaned house. A double whammy of Williams and Jackson hitting finishing moves saw the good guys victorious. Sweet justice.

Christmas Jumper Rumble โ€“ Mike Musso defeated Euan G Mackie, Leo King, Spike Tierney, Luke Aldridge, Jace Jackson, The Tormentor and Kevin Williams.

As far as battle royals go there isn’t usually much of a story. Mackie, again, was a highlight with his objections for wearing a Christmas jumper, having already fought twice and coming into this at number one. Leo King entered at number two which immediately drew the ire of Mackie as King was having his first match of the evening plus he came out in a Christmas t-shirt rendering the jumper portion of the match type obsolete. I got to play the annual game of “who was The Bulgarian Baker this year” (which was answered pretty quickly, it’s Bozidar Branimirโ€ฆ duh). Plenty of Christmas ganzies in this one with Kevin Williams sporting a fetching Sonic the Hedgehog number. A couple of surprises in Spike Tierney coming in, hitting a nice Selina Del Sol, plus the ice cold Tormentor, I didn’t say that all the surprises were pleasant. Tormentor nabbed Mackie’s shovel upon his exit which Euan was searching for in the lead up to the conclusion. Aldridge and Mackie continued their teamwork from earlier but Mackie was soon out to leave it down to Aldridge and Musso who slugged it out before Aldridge was also sent packing to send the crowd home happy.

Nothing fancy, just a nice way to end the show.

Overall a fun afternoon at the wrestling where you just become a child again. Going to this with family who are not wrestling fans per se is always interesting as I can gauge their reactions which was resoundingly positive. Euan G Mackie once again providing the majority of the fun moments. It’s a yay-boo pantomime which I like to switch off and enjoy for what it is. You don’t come to these events expecting something intricate and subtle, give me someone to boo and someone to cheer and I’ll be satisfied. The matches were filmed for W3L Wrestling Showdown (featured on the SWN website shortly after upload) so I’ll be looking forward to watching it again.

But until then I aim to recoup some lost sleep…

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