Preview: Pro Wrestling Elite ‘Elite Christmas’


Pro Wrestling Elite are set to cap off a highly successful year later tonight with a very Elite Christmas from Ayr’s Citadel Centre. Featuring stars from both NXT UK and World of Sport, the night is set to be quite a big one as it will most likely feature the last PWE appearances for Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, Wolfgang, and current Heavyweight Champion Kenny Williams, with the new NXT UK contractual agreements coming into play in the new year. If the rumours are to be believed, they will be prohibited from appearing on future PWE shows, and would leave quite a large gap in the roster. Only time will tell though.


PWE Heavyweight Championship
Kenny Williams (c) vs Liam Thomson

Kenny Williams’ next defence of the PWE Heavyweight Championship comes against the 2018 comeback star Liam Thomson, Liam’s first shot at the title since March 2015 according to Cagematch. The Lucky Yin has been without a doubt the top dog in Pro Wrestling Elite this year, winning the Elite Rumble Match in March (outlasting names such as Bram, Jack Jester, and the immovable force Leyton Buzzard), then going on to capture the Heavyweight Championship from Joe Hendry in July. His first defence of the gold came in September, where he saw off Wolfgang to put successful defence #1 in the history books. Meanwhile, Liam Thomson made his return to wrestling in July, being welcomed back with open arms as he was dearly missed by everyone while he sat on the sidelines for a whole year. He’s won his sink back twice, but can he now go on to win the PWE Heavyweight Championship for the first time in his career?


BT Gunn vs Aaron Echo

With his rivalry against former New Age Kliq brethren Chris Renfrew now behind him, BT Gunn faces off with Aaron Echo at the Citadel Centre. The Oddity is a former two-time PWE Tag Team Champion as part of The NAK, but has only recently started to establish himself as a singles star for the promotion in the last year or so. He defeated his former friend at the 7th Anniversary Show in July so you’d think things would go up for him from here, but he lost to breakout star Khifie West two months later. Gunn could do with a win now, but Aaron Echo won’t be going down without a fight as he has just his second singles match in PWE history. The King of Benidorm is someone I thought would’ve been used in PWE much sooner than 2018 but to my knowledge, this year was indeed his debut. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of time to build him up for the Ayrshire fans, and a win against someone the calibre of BT Gunn would do no harm whatsoever in establishing Echo as a top name in Pro Wrestling Elite.


Mikey Whiplash vs Joe Coffey

Two of the hottest names in Scotland today face off in Ayr as Mikey Whiplash faces Joe Coffey. The Necromancer hasn’t been seen in PWE since the first show of the year, where he unsuccessfully challenged Joe Hendry for the Heavyweight Championship at Elite Rumble V, whereas The Iron King has had mixed success in a PWE ring in 2018. As mentioned at the start of the preview, NXT UK stars may be appearing for the last time in PWE here as the new contractual agreements apparently come into play as of January 1st. Coffey is currently one of the biggest names on the brand just now (readΒ thisΒ if you want to see how), and so he’ll likely be busier than ever in 2019. Mikey Whiplash won’t be going anywhere though, and don’t be too surprised to see him moving up the ranks of PWE in the months that follow.


Wolfgang vs Iestyn Rees

It’s a battle between NXT UK and World of Sport as GALLUS’ Wolfgang takes on Alpha Bad’s Iestyn Rees in a battle between two of the UK’s biggest hosses. The Regulator has long been one of Scotland’s greatest brawlers, utilising some lovely strikes (often with his trusty brass knuckles) while mixing in some lovely power moves (such as the Slam Dunk gutbuster) and some impressive flips (such as the Howling). His match here with Iestyn Rees could very well determine the next in line for an opportunity at the Heavyweight Championship. While Wolfgang came up short in his championship quest back in September, he put in a good showing nonetheless but it just wasn’t his night. Iestyn Rees on the other hand is of course the only two-time holder of the Heavyweight Championship in PWE history, enjoying a combined 315 days as the champion. With the future of NXT UK stars in PWE up in the air, perhaps it’s time for The Alpha Male to step up and make history again adding a third reign with the belt to his list of accolades.

Also scheduled to be appearing at the show are Polo Promotions, The Kinky Party, and Viper. What can we expect to see from these five tonight?

Tickets for the show are no longer available online, although fans can still pay at the door as they enter. Doors open at 6pm, with the action kicking off at 7. Head over to Pro Wrestling Elite for their last show of the year, and have yourselves a very Elite Christmas!

Announced Matches
PWE Heavyweight Championship – Kenny Williams (c) vs Liam Thomson
BT Gunn vs Aaron Echo
Mikey Whiplash vs Joe Coffey
Wolfgang vs Iestyn Rees

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