Predicting The Other 14 Entrants In The 2019 Disco Derby Match


Discovery Wrestling have revealed that the Disco Derby will be returning on Sunday March 3rd, live from Edinburgh’s Jam House. The 2018 instalment was a 20 man field to earn a spot on the Discovery roster, but 2019 will see 15 women enter the match with the Discovery Women’s Championship up for grabs!

We already know that either Sammii Jayne or Nina Samuels will enter the match as defending champion (depending on who wins on January 18th), but what about their 14 challengers?


Beginning her training at the WrestleZone Training Academy, Anastasia broke on to the scene in 2018. Her first match was in June for WrestleZone and since then, she’s competed for an extra eight promotions. Clearly, she’ll be one of the biggest names in Scottish wrestling in the years to come. I can 100% see her as a Discovery roster member and in my eyes, it’s a matter of when (not if) she appears in a Disco ring. What better way to bring her in than the Disco Derby?

Ashley Vega

Two women that have been getting talked about a lot as of late are PBW Academy graduates Ashley Vega and Angel Hayze. I’ll be honest, I personally haven’t seen much of their work but the stuff I have seen has been nothing short of excellent. Like Anastasia, it’s a matter of when and not if they appear in Discovery Wrestling.

Angel Hayze

See above.

Emily Hayden

She’s the best, the beautiful, and the only. What other explanation do I need to establish Emily Hayden’s position on this list? The reigning W3L Women’s Champion has been making waves everywhere she goes, and has also been featured as part of The Sensational Scenebirds alongside Christopher Saynt throughout 2018. She’s underrated, but a debut for Discovery could (and should) change that.

Jayla Dark

Jayla Dark only won her first championship last year. Why that’s the case is beyond me. She has every bit of experience and potential to carry a division on her back with the title around her waist, no matter the promotion. That title she captured was of course the Fierce Females Championship, a championship she still holds. She’s appeared in Discovery before as part of The House of Saynt but disappeared from the company at the tail-end of 2017. Please let a return be on the cards.

Sammie Jo

Sammie Jo reminds me of Alexa Bliss when she first started out in NXT. Happy as can be. Just a shame not enough promotions are taking notice of her. You can mainly see her on Source Wrestling and Respect Pro Wrestling shows (I believe she also makes the occasional appearance for Fierce Females), but that’s about it I believe. She could easily make it in a promotion like Discovery. Who knows, she could even pull out her darker persona Samara. Whatever she wants really. Just get her in there.


Scotland’s resident Italian has become one of the top names in ICW since arriving as part of Mikey Whiplash’s Legion. Aivil (or Jokey, depending on the promotion) has been making waves across the country wherever she goes. Discovery Wrestling is a company that has alluded her thus far but I think she’d be a perfect fit. Disco could do with a bit of Italian fire added to their roster.


The more crazed Owens twin has made a handful of appearances for Discovery in the past, including having an unsuccessful Women’s Championship match. Kasey is without a doubt one of the most recognisable women in Scotland these days, despite hailing from Ireland. A former two-time ICW Women’s World Champion, she’s already her fair share of success in this great nation. Why stop it though?

Leah Owens

When you speak of The Owens Twins, it’s always Kasey that gets more attention than her sister. However, Leah is equally as good in her own right. Sure, she may hand out sweets from her bumbag as opposed to kneeing people clean across the jaw, but she can get it done in the ring. Discovery have put on a Zombie Lumberjack Match in the ring, so I’m sure they can throw in a 1980’s throwback aswell.


About a month ago, I had no clue who Kanji was. Then she pops up on Defiant Wrestling’s weekly Loaded show, and instantly left an impression by winning their Women’s Championship in her second match there. She has a lovely top rope moonsault also. Who doesn’t enjoy a good moonsault?

Little Miss Roxxy

Little Miss Roxxy debuted for Discovery at the first Disco Derby, failing to pry the Women’s Championship away from Sammii Jayne. She has another chance to do so here (depending who the champ is of course) if she does indeed make a return. Newcastle’s native tea lover is 100% one of the most underrated talents in the UK. It appears she’s found a Scottish home in the form of ICW, but there’s always room for one more at the party.

Debbie Keitel

Like with Kanji, I wasn’t aware of Debbie Keitel until about a few months ago. Now, she’s the Fierce Females Internet Champion. She’s been honing her craft in her home of Ireland for a short while now, and was recently in the finals of Revolution Pro Wrestling’s Queen of the Ring tournament this past weekend. Who beat her? Sammii Jayne. Time for The Whole Shebang to get some retribution (as long as Sammii retains on January 18th).

Isla Dawn

We’ve heard about the supposed contract restrictions for NXT UK talent so this one’s a bit risky to predict, but we’ll go with her anyway since I don’t know if she’s actually signed to one of the top tier contracts – it’s Isla Dawn. You don’t hear too much about Isla in Scotland these days as I believe she spends most of her time in the States, where she was part of WWE’s second Mae Young Classic. She was in Discovery a few months ago against Charlie Morgan, and I’m certain she’d be welcomed back with open arms.

Lana Austin

At first glance, I wasn’t the biggest Lana Austin fan. Her recent run in Defiant though has completely swayed my opinion on her to the other side. Utilising a vicious snap DDT to finish opponents off, Lana has become one of the most ruthless female wrestlers in the UK if you’re asking me. In the past, she’s also used a tilt-a-whirl stunner which is great too. She’s just got a really nice moveset to be completely honest.

Who would you like to see enter the second annual Disco Derby? The first two competitors will be announced later tonight! In the meantime, tickets are available from

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