Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘Live!’ January 2019


Discovery Wrestling have announced they will be taking a break for a short period of time but not before two more shows, the first of which takes place this Friday from Edinburgh’s Jam House. It’s a saying that always comes along with Disco events – this is a stacked event. What else am I meant to say when it’s a card featuring all these names under one roof? We’ve got some of Scotland’s top names mixed in with some of the younger stars rising through the ranks, we’ve got two championship matches, we’ve got The Kings of Catch vs CCK for god’s sake! There’s literally nothing else you could ask for at a wrestling show.


Y Division Championship
Joe Coffey (c) vs Andy Wild

Joe Coffey’s reign as Y Division Champion faces a massive challenge on Friday as he defends against Andy Wild. Joe’s reign thus far has been exceptional to watch. He was the one to end Lewis Girvan’s record-breaking 666 day reign with the gold, and has since gone on to see off challenges from some of the world’s biggest names including Jordan Devlin, Matt Riddle, and Matt Cross. His most recent defence against Christopher Saynt was voted as the Discovery match of 2018, and for good reason. His next challenger though is a man who’s equally as powerful as he is in the form of Andy Wild. Wild’s 2018 in Discovery Wrestling was phenomenal, as he won the inaugural Disco Derby and also had matches with the likes of Germany’s Bad Bones, Wales’ Eddie Dennis, and one half of the current NXT UK Tag Team Champions Zack Gibson. After winning the second Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament, Wild announced he was cashing his title opportunity in here. This is the biggest match of Wild’s Discovery career and should he win here, you can guarantee he’ll be celebrating with a Wild Night Out!


Discovery Women’s Championship
Sammii Jayne (c) vs Nina Samuels

The Women’s Championship is also up for grabs as Nina Samuels finally gets her one on one opportunity against champion Sammii Jayne. For around 10 months I believe, the former Buffet Club member has been chasing the championship and although she did actually earn her way into a championship match in September, but she decided not to partake in the match due to it not being a singles bout. She’ll get her shot here though to kickstart a new year for Discovery Wrestling. It won’t be an easy challenge for her though, trying to take the gold from The Main Event Empress. Sammii has beaten the likes of Kay Lee Ray, Viper, and Kris Wolf so far to remain the champion. Whoever wins this will move on to the second annual Disco Derby Match in March, where they’ll defend against 14 other women. Even though they’ll be walking out with the gold, you can’t exactly class them as a winner when that’s waiting for them around the corner.


The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) vs CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos)

It’s the match one year in the making. Originally scheduled for the 2018 Disco Derby, The Kings of Catch will finally meet CCK! As mentioned, these two phenomenal teams were set to collide at the Disco Derby last January, but injury prevented Lykos from competing, and so he was replaced by Omari. It was still a wonderful match, but the prospect of The Kings of Catch vs CCK was just too tantalising to forget about. Since this match, Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan have been rising up the tag division in Discovery, with wins over the team of Nathan North and Zach Dynamite, as well as two wins now over The Kings of the North. I’m just not sure they’re quite prepared for CCK and their sick f’n tag moves. As much as I enjoy the Apter Burner, who knows what sort of crazy shenanigans Brookes and Lykos will be pulling out.


Michael Chase vs David Starr

Michael Chase has been on a tear in Discovery Wrestling last year, but feels as if management haven’t been giving him the right opportunities. He attempted to make his presence felt during the 2018 Disco Derby Match by interfering to dump out Ravie Davie and DCT, leading to him then defeating those two in singles action to maintain his spot on the roster, as well as debuting a brutal new submission hold dubbed The Chaser. Management think he still needs to prove himself though, so he now has to find his way past the returning David Starr. The man of many nicknames has a list of accomplishments as long as his list of monikers, and is recently coming off the back of a phenomenal bout with former WWE star PAC for Defiant Wrestling. One of the finest independent wrestlers today, Starr is coming back to Discovery with one goal in mind – he wants to be the one who finally wins this chase.


Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
Christopher Saynt vs Theo Doros vs Damien vs Kieran Kelly

The return of an old Discovery staple is set for Friday, as the Fatal Four Way Elimination Match makes a comeback featuring Christopher Saynt, Theo Doros, Damien, and Kieran Kelly. Saynt and Doros had previously been aligned in The House of Saynt but after defeating Grant McIvor in November, Doros then attacked Saynt to signify his departure from the group. The Patriarch of The House of Saynt has since demanded a match with his old comrade, something Discovery were keen to oblige to. They didn’t give him the exact match he wanted though, adding the returning Damien and Kieran Kelly to the mix. Both of these men were part of last year’s Disco Derby Match and put in fantastic showings, becoming two guys that Discovery fans wanted back down in Edinburgh. It’s a match that could very well steal the show, which says a lot for a card featuring The Kings of Catch vs CCK.


El Phantasmo vs Josh Terry

Speaking of matches that can steal the show, El Phantasmo makes his Scottish wrestling debut as he takes on “Turbo” Josh Terry. One of Canada’s greatest exports has been lightning up crowds for quite a while now, with my first exposure to The Headbanga coming as part of Defiant Wrestling’s Ringmaster Tournament last summer. He was a replacement for Matt Riddle – coming into the weekend, he was an unknown to Defiant fans. Going away, he had won the crowd’s admiration for his amazing displays in the ring. Genuinely, he’s one of the most unbelievable wrestlers I’ve ever seen. This is a huge task for Josh Terry, who has had quite a grand few months that also saw him debut on WWE’s 205 Live show in a losing effort to Lio Rush. Shady Nattrass has been making his presence felt in some of Josh’s Discovery matches, but please don’t let him interrupt this one. This should be a grand match, and it’d be a shame to see someone ruin it in any way, shape, or form.


Angel Hayze vs Ashley Vega

Discovery Wrestling are holding their second Disco Derby Match in March, with 15 women set to enter. Before then, we’ll be seeing a showcase between two of the finest female prospects in British wrestling today as Angel Hayze tangles with Ashley Vega. They’re both from the PBW Academy, a training school known for producing some of the best wrestlers in the world – Noam Dar, Kenny Williams, and Kay Lee Ray are just a few of the names to come out of the school. As of last week, they’ll also both be featured on The Kings of Catch’s new Kings Road Warriors show, which is apparently going to be a Tough Enough-esque show so that should be interesting. For now though, they’ll be on opposite sides of the ring. You have to imagine both will be featured in the aforementioned Disco Derby Match so assuming they are, this will be just a taste of what they can offer.


Martina’s Open Challenge

Martina. Everyone loves her. The Session Moth is making her return to Edinburgh with an open challenge to anyone who wants to come face her. Her most recent appearance came in July, where she defeated Gene Munny, who then went on to become a zombie so life’s turned out well for him. Whoever faces Martina here is getting themselves in for a rough night. She may not seem it, but she’s as tough as they come!

Limited tickets can still be purchased from, but act quick because these could very be gone by the time this article goes live!

Announced Matches
Y Division Championship – Joe Coffey (c) vs Andy Wild
Discovery Women’s Championship
– Sammii Jayne (c) vs Nina Samuels
The Kings of Catch vs CCK
Michael Chase vs David Starr
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match – Christopher Saynt vs Theo Doros vs Damien vs Kieran Kelly
El Phantasmo vs Josh Terry
Angel Hayze vs Ashley Vega
Open Challenge – Martina vs ???

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