Review: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Fight For Life’ (W3L Network Special)

Itโ€™s been a while since Iโ€™ve wrote anything about a wrestling show, funnily enough the last one I wrote about took place the night before the show Iโ€™m about to review when W3L headed up north to Elgin. World Wide Wrestling League uploaded a 40 minute special with a selection of matches from their charity event Fight For Life that took place on December 9th 2018.

Taking place at Dalkeith Miners Club, the event raised money for Samaritans and in honour of former W3L wrestler Edward Harris aka Mad Skillz, featuring several championship matches during the afternoon of wrestling. But how was the show? Iโ€™ve kicked back and checked it out on the YouTube.

Mike Musso defeated Craig Stephens by pinfall.

A fast paced contest to started the network special. The story was told that Musso was feeling the effects of the previous nights tables match with The Bulgarian Baker and Craig Stephens was wearing down the back of Musso. Musso fought back with a second rope clothesline to take control but was on the back foot again due to a missed elbow drop. A lovely leg drop from Stephens seemed to revive Musso who grabbed Stephens for a fisherman suplex in the midst of a flurry of attacks. Stephens was able to get Musso up for an impressive powerslam. Stephens struggled out of a Blunt Force Trauma attempt but couldnโ€™t get away from a second go and was soon looking at the lights for a three count.

Easily the best Craig Stephens match Iโ€™ve seen. It was a brisk bout, nothing fancy. The lower roof posed some early issues but it was worked around very well. A fine match to start the show.

We got a a short tribute video to in memory of Edward Harris narrated by Mike Musso. A touching video.

W3L Tag Team Championships – TJ Rage & Krieger defeated Prince Asad & Saqib Ali by pinfall to retain.

Ali and Asad took stalling to the extreme as they wanted nothing to do with the behemoths of Krieger and TJ Rage. A back and forth one here with Asad and Ali taking shortcuts at any opportunity. We got some beautiful stereo corner uppercuts from the champions before the match broke down into a bit of chaos. A battering ram sent Asad out of the ring, more shenanigans with Krieger making his opponents look like dafties but Asad and Saqib used some underhanded tactics to corner Scudmaster Sexy for a mugging. Rage finally got back in and cleaned house. It looked to be new champions crowned following a sneaky low blow from Asad but Rage powered out. Asad ate a Krieger superkick and Rage spear to be pinned.

Solid match, Krieger looked particularly great in this one. A fun match with the baddies looking silly at every turn. Good clean family fun.

W3L Heavyweight Championship – Johnny Lions defeated Euan G Mackie by pinfall to retain.

A slow start with both trading holds. Lions used his power to muscle Mackie around in the early going. Mackie took the match to the outside, out of camera range for a bit but they popped up again brawling at ringside. The referee made no attempt to count as they went through the crowd. Mackie tried a crossbody off the apron but Lions caught him into a vertical suplex onto the edge of the apron. It got back into the ring with a nice tornado DDT by Mackie which turned the tide in his favour as he set about punishing the ribs of the W3L Heavyweight Champion. A second rope leg drop couldnโ€™t do the job for Mackie as he continued to wear down Lions. Lions fired up with the Tenacious Gun, a hard back suplex and a 619 but his Lion Cutter was thwarted and Mackie drove Lions with a Mystic Whip but couldnโ€™t finish the champion. The counters continued on until a second rope Lion Cutter saw Johnny Lions retain.

A great main event featuring two of my favourites. It started slow but the run up to the finish was a lot of fun.

A fun 40 minute special from W3L, all the matches were solid with some nice little moments throughout the contests.

I watched the show on YouTube and so can you right here:

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