Review: GPWA ‘A Night At The Asylum 3’

After having so much fun watching and writing the W3L Fight For Life show this week I delved into the full event archives on YouTube and came across Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum’s third ‘Night At The Asylum’ event. Strangely I’ve covered the fourth event then the first so it only makes sense to double back on myself to tackle ‘A Night At The Asylum 3’. Just over 90 minutes of wrestling from GPWA students along with the established talent of Scottish wrestling.

Taking place at The Asylum in Glasgow on May 6th 2016, it was another chance for wrestling fans to see what the GPWA’s students had to offer.

Kez Evans defeated Liam Thomson by pinfall.

The show kicked off with hometown lad Kez Evans going up against Edinburgh’s own Liam Thomson. Due to the location of the venue the crowd were firmly behind Evans from the get go. A little back and forth to start off with before Thomson dictated the pace to give Evans a slow and methodical beating, no-nonsense boots to the upper body. Evans planted Thomson with a big spinebuster to move the match into a level playing field. After a brief brawl to the outside, Evans attempted a crossbody but it was rolled through for a close two count. A Tiger Bomb and backcracker still weren’t enough to put away Evans. As Thomson geared up to rush Evans in the corner he was met with a Helluva Kick from Kez and a roll up for the win.

A lovely match to kick off the show, Liam Thomson is wonderful and his in ring work is so precise and smooth. Evans put in an excellent showing and kept up with Thomson throughout. A nice surprise win for Evans which was throughly enjoyable to watch, the 15 minutes flew by.

The James Gang (Wolfgang & Stevie James) defeated Austin Osiris & Kyle Khaos by pinfall.

Pre-Rich Kids, Austin Osiris and Kyle Khaos were up next against a formidable team of Stevie James and Wolfgang next. Osiris used his speed to take down Wolfgang in the early going which included a night spinning bulldog but it couldn’t keep Wolfgang down for long. Frequent tags saw Osiris and Khaos working well but Stevie James interjected to bring the power back to his team as they cut off the ring and took turns to punish Kyle Khaos. Austin Osiris finally made it back in and was like a house on fire as the young team ran wild on The James Gang. The match broke down with plenty near falls. Stevie James put the nail in the coffin with a Edgecution style DDT on Kyle Khaos to seal the deal.

A good match that dipped a little in the middle. The chaotic final stretch was great and Stevie James in particular looked very competent.

Khifie West & Jack Dillon defeated Flex Hunter & Irving Garrett by pinfall.

Back and forth tag team match between four trainees. Garrett busted out some cool submissions and Flex did his best Diesel tribute. Dillon finished Garrett with a flying headbutt.

An uninspiring tag team match. None of the guys looked particularly comfortable wrestling in front of a crowd. Jack Dillon was especially bland with his lifeless performance. The crowd spent most of the match chatting amongst themselves as they had little to go on. There was a lack of story, West lifted Flex like he was nothing late into the match and I think it killed a little bit of Flex’s aura as a monster. Sure Khifie is a big strong boy but after being in a match he should be at least straining to pick up the big man. It wasn’t a good one but at least Hunter and Garrett tried to evoke some emotion from the crowd.

ICW Zero G Championship – Lionheart defeated Soldato by pinfall to retain.

The match started at a blistering pace with Lionheart attempting a Styles Clash early on to plenty of “ooooh”s. Soldato tried to find room up in the air but Lionheart was quick to ground the masked man. Soldato fired in some flashy moves but Lionheart was quick to stop that with straight punches and kicks. Soldato came close with a handspring cutter for a two count but a follow up springboard was met with an awkward cutter from the champion then a uranage by Lionheart to retain.

It wasn’t the best match and felt rushed. The opening flurry was really exciting but it dove off a cliff after that with miscommunication. It was a merciful end.

The Sam Barbour Experience & Molly Spartan defeated Ravie Davie & Kasey by pinfall.

Spartan and Kasey started off with a little bit of wrestling before Davie and SBX got in for some shenanigans. SBX wrestled the opening portion with his lollipop in his mouth and if you can’t appreciate that then you’re watching the wrong sport. Davie scoop slammed a charging Molly Spartan, before SBX was treated to a little Wazzzzzup courtesy of Davie and Kasey. Spartan was soon back in to take control by wearing down Kasey with power moves and the odd cheeky choke on the ropes. The match moved onto ringside where SBX fell victim to not one, but two baseballs slides. One from Kasey then getting in the way of an errand one from his tag team partner. SBX and Molly were soon back in control by cornering Kasey. She eventually escaped and tagged in Ravie Davie who ran wild, throwing SBX up for a dragon suplex for two. Molly threw Kasey out of the fire escape and locked her out and SBX pinned Davie after, something.

Unfortunately the finish was missed in an otherwise super entertaining encounter.

Mason White Won A Battle Royal

A lot of nameless faces and Joseph Vane in this one. Eliminations were thick and fast. Before Mason White chucked out Vane at the end with little effort.

Not much to report here.

Two Out of Three Falls – BT Gunn defeated CS Rose two falls to one.

The match started slow and even with plenty near falls and submissions traded during the first fall. We got some hard vintage BT Gunn chops and a nice fisherman’s suplex from Rose for a two count. The momentum shifted constantly with Rose getting another close two following a snap powerslam. Both expelled so much energy as Rose threw out a codebreaker to leave them both layed out. They traded chops which had Rose’s chest lit up. Rose finally scored the first fall with a curb stomp. BT Gunn scored the next fall with a brain buster with 10 seconds remaining of the allotted time to tie the score.

BT Gunn got on the microphone and demanded 5 more minutes to settle it. Rose was quick on the attack, pounding Gunn’s head to the mat with another curb stomp but Gunn managed to kick out. Gunn caught Rose with the Gunnshot and brianbuster but that wasn’t enough to end the match. Rose begged Gunn to come at him and Gunn replied with a superkick and dragon sleeper to have Rose tapping out.

A fine but long main event. Nothing bad about the match but the final two falls were the most exciting part.

Overall a mixed bag on this show, there was the good, the bad and some downright ugly performances. It’s cool to watch these back and see where some of these GPWA guys are now. Some are performing across the country while others have faded away. I’d recommend the inter gender tag match and the opening match for sure.

The full show is available on YouTube, check it out:

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