Starter For 10 #25 | The Alex Webb


Welcome to Starter For 10. We ask professional wrestlers 10 questions so that you can find out a bit more about your favourite real life superheroes.

On this edition, Alex Webb answers our questions.

What drew you into professional wrestling?

It’s the most generic answer possible but it has to be the larger than life characters. Stone Cold, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Edge, CM Punk, I could go on for days but you probably get the idea. My first exposure to wrestling though was actually through playing Smackdown 2: Know Your Role and everything kinda snowballed from there.

Who were your favourite wrestlers growing up and who are your favourites now?

Favourite wrestler growing up is a tough one, I started watching around the late 2000’s (shocking, I know) but I always liked guys like Edge, Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho but if I had to pick just one, then it would have to be CM punk without a doubt. Whether in the ring or on a microphone, he always grabbed my attention and hooked me in from the moment his entrance music hit to the moment his match was over. Not to mention his promos were absolutely class. Favourite wrestler now would have to be either Zack Sabre Jr. or Pete Dunne, both of them bring so much intensity to their matches and wrestle a hard-hitting technical style that really appeals to me. Also got the chance to meet Sabre at a show once and subsequently marked out… lovely guy though.

What made you decide to start training to be a wrestler and where did you start?

I always wanted to start training since I was 15/16 but things like logistics came into question a lot of the time. There weren’t any schools near to where I stay and the closest one was a half hour train journey away. When I turned 18 and finished up with high school, I didn’t really know what to do with myself, so I ended up considering training again and eventually thought “screw it” and started making the journey to Dundee to train at SWE. Although staying in a cold train station waiting on the late train home wasn’t the best, I would say it was worth it considering what I’ve managed to accomplish since starting.

Who are your biggest influences in professional wrestling, as a fan and as a wrestler?

My biggest influence would have to be the aforementioned Zack Sabre Jr, his brutal submissions, hard-hitting strikes and slick technical wrestling has always been something I’ve tried to emulate in my own work. Watching guys like Tommaso Ciampa, Pete Dunne, Chris Hero and Daniel Bryan have also had a massive influence in helping me shape my own style and character.

Who has been your favourite opponent(s) and do you have a favourite match?

I have a couple of guys I’ve really enjoyed wrestling over the past 2 years but I would have to say Zack Leon, Steven ‘Air’ Myles and Ian Ambrose are the ones that stand out the most in my mind. Me and Zack always had great chemistry together, being able to play off of each other and every time I stepped in the ring with him I always enjoyed myself. Myles is another guy that I love working with, being able to mix our styles together and always come out with matches that we can both be proud of. But I would have to say my favourite match was the Loser Leaves SWE Match I had with Ian Ambrose back in October last year. Ian’s someone that helped me learn and grow a lot as a wrestler so for my last match in SWE to be with him and for the match to go as perfectly as it did was a truly great feeling. Even with my neck being turned to dust by the end of the match.

What has been your career highlight(s) so far?

It’s hard to think of one specific highlight but I think being able to go out in front of the Caird Hall in Dundee and perform in front of such a large audience has to be up there as a favourite.

Who would be your dream opponent, past or present?

As I’ve mentioned I’m a massive fan of Zack Sabre Jr. and would love the opportunity to step in the ring with him and tie up. But if I’m allowed someone from the past, then it would have to be either CM Punk or Shawn Michaels for obvious reasons.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I’m always looking to branch out. recently I’ve been giving the opportunity to wrestle for Reckless Intent so hopefully in five years time, I can branch out some more and wrestle around the country for some major promotions in both Scotland and England.

Where can we find you on social media?

Facebook – The Alex Webb
YouTube – Alex Webb
Twitter and Instagram – coming soon

And finally, why do you do what you do?

Pretty clichΓ© response here but I do it because I love professional wrestling.

Our thanks to Alex for answering our questions.




Photo credit The Alex Webb on Facebook

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