Preview: United Pro Wrestling ‘Unite With United Pro Wrestling’

United Pro Wrestling return to The Fisherman’s Hall in Buckie this Saturday for their first event of 2019. After an odd end of the year, where all remaining events were cancelled for personal reasons, it’s time pick up where they left off and to make a start on 2019 with The Fisherman’s Hall being the debut event of the year for ‘Unite With United Pro Wrestling’. It’s my first event of 2019 so that itch I’ve had to see some live wrestling will finally be scratched on Saturday. Let’s take a look at the matches confirmed.

Tyler Reid vs Riley Adams

The first match announced was rookie Tyler Reid against ‘Bad Boy’ Riley Adams. I’m keen to see if Tyler has made a leap in his wrestling ability as he wasn’t very impressive in his last Buckie appearance, which also featured Adams, in tag team action. Adams is a no nonsense, beat ’em up wrestler so I’m not putting high hopes on a 6.5 star classic here.

Chris Lamb vs Jack Morris

The second match confirmed is a bit of a grudge match, Jack Morris has had his issues with the self proclaimed King, Chris Lamb, at past shows. He’s beaten the King’s lackeys, Riley Adams and Felix Fortune, before and now has the head honcho himself in sight. Morris is one of those special up and comers who has to been seen while you still can before he’s snapped up by the likes of NXT UK. The last time I saw Lamb he had pulled his shoulders up and was looking more comfortable and confident at being a wrestler, so if we get that Chris Lamb against a game Jack Morris it could just about be a showstealer.

Delsin Dayre vs Steven ‘Air’ Myles

A high flying contest, which is a match that should be fun to watch. Last time in Buckie both made their debut at The Fisherman’s Hall to mixed results, Dayre lost to Jack Morris in a gripping contest whereas Myles defeated the tough challenge of Luke Aldridge. Myles will look to maintain the momentum as he aims to force himself into the UPW Heavyweight Championship picture. Two very talented wrestlers that aren’t seen in many places so it’s a nice treat to have them up in Buckie again.

UPW Heavyweight Championship: Theo Doros (c) vs Euan G Mackie

Euan G Mackie, a favourite here at Scottish Wrestling Network, was defeated by Theo Doros back in July 2018 in a match that saw the Cypriot crowned as the first, and so far only, UPW Heavyweight Champion. Mackie sent out a creepy message seemingly challenging Doros for the title which was set for this Saturday in Buckie. I’m torn, Doros is such a damn good wrestler but it would be something to see the Goblin from the skies, Mr Mackie, lift that title.

This will be excellent, both wrestlers carry themselves well and know their characters inside and out. Doros is another that is destined for big things. It’s unclear whether Mackie will have his Opera of Silence comrade Stallyon about, which could make all the difference, considering the pummelling Stallyon gave Theo at Summer Sizzler last September at the same venue. Doros was lucky to walk away with the title on that night.

Four matches announced but from experience I’d put money on a tag team contest added during the night with The Kings of Unity, Chris Lamb and Riley Adams, against Tyler Reid and Jack Morris being likely.

It’s a cheap night out with a selection of merchandise and tuck available at the venue. Bring a jumper though as that hall can get cold even with all the hot wrestling action! It’s family friendly, good clean fun so if you’re in the Moray area it’s worth going along. A little something for everyone, speaking from experience, I’ve taken my family to these events and although they aren’t wrestling fans they always enjoy something and join in.

Head along see some cracking wrestling.

In association with The Teddy Bear Group, £1 from each ticket sold goes to Brain Injury Grampian.

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