Preview: WrestleZone Live in Peterhead 2019


Well, it’s that time of the year once again. The last stop on the road to the Regal Rumble. Before we get to the Northern Hotel however, we’ve got a return to Peterhead on Saturday evening, featuring a tantalising main event. The Palace Hotel shows always play host to some quite raucous crowds, something I imagine will be the case come Saturday evening.


Zach Dynamite & Bradley Evans vs Damien & Shawn Johnson

The main event for the evening will be worth the price of admission alone – Zach Dynamite and Bradley Evans will face current Undisputed Champion Damien and the man he beat for the title Shawn Johnson. This will be the first time Damien and Shawn have been in the ring at the same time since Aberdeen Anarchy X, where they waged war inside of a steel cage. Since making a comeback at Christmas Chaos though, we’ve seen that Shawn is once again doing it for the fans. His Sterling Oil days are behind him, and he seems more focused than ever. However, that isn’t to say he won’t be wanting a crack at the title once more. The Regal Rumble is the next stop following Saturday’s show and really, any of the three men in this match could very well be viable winners to go on and face Damien at the Beach Leisure Centre. There’s the calculated attacks of Zach Dynamite, the power of Bradley Evans, the speed of Shawn Johnson. An interesting match for the Peterhead fans.


Blue Thunder w/William Sterling vs Scotty Swift

Blue Thunder made a shocking move back at Christmas Chaos when he realigned with William Sterling, making a deal with the devil in a bid to put his name in the hat for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships. His main focus since has been targeting one of the other contenders for the titles, Scotty Swift. Thunder and Sterling interrupted the excellent titles match between Swift, Johnny Lions, and The Kings of Catch at Summerhill Showdown, putting a beating to both teams. After they then defeated Swift and Lions two weeks ago in Montrose, it’s time for The Masked Wonder to head into singles action against The Red Haired Warrior. Johnny Lions won’t be there on Saturday due to obligations elsewhere, putting Swift at quite the disadvantage. With William scheduled to be at ringside, Swift will need all the luck he can get if he hopes to walk out of Peterhead with a victory to his name.


WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
Mr P (c) vs Ryan Riley

Since capturing the Tri-Counties Championship at Christmas Chaos, Mr P hasn’t had the easiest of reigns thus far. He first had to fend off both Zach Dynamite and Bradley Evans at Summerhill Showdown, and then had to defeat Evans, Crusher Craib, and Ryan Riley earlier this month in Montrose. As we’ve come to expect from Mr P though, he’ll put in his best effort every time he laces up his boots. His next challenger is a man who’s already challenged for his gold, Mr Ryan Riley. The Inspirational One suffered a career setback last week when WrestleZone management revealed that it would be Zach Dynamite facing PAC at Aberdeen Anarchy, despite Riley’s constant pleas to be the man to face The Man That Gravity Forgot. He’s lost 7 stone! If he can muster up enough inspiration, perhaps he can put an end to Mr P’s fairytale in Peterhead and take the Tri-Counties Championship away to his local gym and treat it to a protein shake.


Dino Del Monte vs Chris Archer

The seemingly neverending rivalry between The Outfit and The Rejected will continue inside the Palace Hotel with two singles contests, the first of which sees Dino Del Monte taking on Chris Archer. It all began back in Turriff last July, where Dino and Ted O’Keefe defeated Chris and Mikkey Vago, albeit after interference from Aspen Faith. Since that fateful night, the wins have been traded back and forth in both singles and tag action, including one moment in August where The Outfit almost captured the Tag Team Championships within 5 months of making their debut. The tag title scene right now is pretty busy with the teams of Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions, and Blue Thunder and William Sterling both chasing the gold held by The Kings of Catch. Once that’s all died down, you have to imagine The Outfit and The Rejected will be eyeing up those titles.


Ted O’Keefe vs Mikkey Vago

At Summerhill Showdown, The Outfit were victorious over The Rejected, which came after they focused their entire attack on the leg of Mikkey Vago. The Heavy Metal Hooligan had to be helped backstage, with the severity of his injury unknown at the time. Clearly, it wasn’t anything too serious as Vago was back in action in his hometown of Montrose, besting Dino Del Monte in singles competition. Now, the powerhouse of the former four-time Tag Team Champions comes up against Ted O’Keefe. When The Outfit first came on to the scene 11 months ago, I just knew they’d be something special. Both Ted and Dino bring something different to the table and if they keep going the way they’ve been going as of late, you’ll be calling them the WrestleZone Tag Team Champions in no time.


Kaden Garrick vs William Sterling

Poor Kaden Garrick. He still hasn’t won a match since May 2018, which was his only win so far since returning in last year’s Regal Rumble Match. The last 11 months haven’t been too kind to Kaden, with losses coming against the likes of Crusher Craib, Damien, and Ryan Riley. No matter how much effort he puts in, it’s never enough as his opponent always gets the better of him time and time again. Someone who’ll be looking to continue the losing streak for Kaden is William Sterling, with this being his first singles match back since taking some time off after the dissolution of Sterling Oil at Aberdeen Anarchy X. The multi-time Tag Team Champion made a surprise appearance at Christmas Chaos and since then, has ambushed Scotty Swift, Johnny Lions, and The Kings of Catch, with he Blue Thunder back on the same page again. After the realigned duo defeated Swift and Lions in Montrose, they’ve staked a claim to challenge for the Tag Team Championships. Although he’s in singles action here, expect to see William do everything in his power to ensure the next tag title defence is against The Thunder Buddies.

As always, tickets can be purchased via, priced Β£12 for adults, Β£10 for under 14s, and Β£35 for an online-only family of four ticket. Fans can also pay at the door upon entry. Doors open at 7pm, with the first bell at 7:30.

Announced Matches
Zach Dynamite & Bradley Evans vs Damien & Shawn Johnson
Blue Thunder w/William Sterling vs Scotty Swift
WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Mr P (c) vs Ryan Riley
Dino Del Monte vs Chris Archer
Ted O’Keefe vs Mikkey Vago
Kaden Garrick vs William Sterling

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