Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘Disco Derby 2019’


Discovery Wrestling are bowing out for a few months but before they take that well-deserved time off, they’ve got one last show to put on – the 2019 Disco Derby! Unlike last year, this year’s Derby will see 15 female stars enter the fray, all battling to walk out of the Jam House as the Discovery Women’s Championship. A tough task for Sammii Jayne, having to defend against 14 regular, debuting, and returning wrestlers.

2019 Disco Derby Match for the Discovery Women’s Championship
Announced Entrants – Sammii Jayne (c), Ashley Vega, Angel Hayze, Emily Hayden, Debbie Keitel, Jayla Dark, Kasey, Raven Creed, Jokey, Lana Austin, Lucy Cole, Moxie Malone, Rosie Nyte, Nina Samuels, and Martina

I love a Rumble. I’ll never get bored of saying that, and neither should you. They’re one of the best things in wrestling. Unlike typical Rumbles though, this one will be contested for a championship. Sammii Jayne will enter as the defending Discovery Women’s Champion but by the time 14 names have been thrown over the top rope with both feet hitting the floor, the landscape of Discovery’s women’s division could be turned on its head. As always, I never know what to really write for previewing a Rumble, so here’s my five picks to win it all:

Lucy Cole – Lucy Cole is making not only her return to Discovery Wrestling at the Disco Derby, but also her return to professional wrestling as a whole after taking a short while away. The last time we saw her in Discovery was actually the match to crown the first Women’s Championship back in November 2017, which was her most recent match according to There’s quite a bit of hype surrounding her return at the moment, with fans and colleagues alike wishing her all the best. It’d be a shame to have all that hype only to see her tossed out the ring – she’s my top pick to win it all!

Sammii Jayne – Could she do it? Could Sammii Jayne walk into a match with 14 women vying for her title, and still walk away with the belt intact? It would certainly be an impressive feat, seeing off all those challengers in the one match. You have to imagine Nina Samuels especially will have her eye on the gold more than anyone else, but who knows – perhaps The Main Event Empress will have some help from two of her proteges Angel Hayze and Ashley Vega. When you look at it that way, the odds may not be entirely stacked against her.

Nina Samuels – The former Buffet Club member (rest in peace) has had her eyes on the gold since the middle of 2018. Nina Samuels has tried and tried again to take that title out of Sammii Jayne’s possession, and each time she’s failed in her mission. She demanded this spot in the Disco Derby because she wants to be the one who ends the reign of the first ever Discovery Wrestling Women’s Champion. Just imagine if she finally got her hands clutched around that title – we’d never hear the end of it.

Jayla Dark – For some reason, Jayla Dark hasn’t appeared in a Discovery ring since September 2017, a time when she was a member of The House of Saynt. Since then however, Dark has reinvented herself and was able to capture her first championship, that being the Scottish Women’s Championship. The One Girl Gang was part of the inaugural Women’s Championship Tournament, being eliminated in the opening round at the hands of Lucy Cole. Now, not only does she have the chance to exact revenge on Cole, but she has the chance to lift more gold.

Raven Creed – At the moment, there’s a wave of Irish talent attempting to take over Fierce Females. One of the lasses involved in that takeover is “Unhinged” Raven Creed. The current OTT Women’s Champion, Creed aligned herself with Katey Harvey and fellow Disco Derby competitor Debbie Keitel in November, a trio that looks to have been rather dominant thus far. While they may not be aligned in Discovery, you have to imagine they may work together for a while to eliminate the opposition and show everyone how amazing Irish wrestling at the moment.


Y Division Championship
Joe Coffey (c) vs Lewis Girvan

A record for Discovery Wrestling sits on the line in this match. At the moment, Lewis Girvan holds the record for longest reign as the Y Division Champion at a staggering 666 days. That reign would come to a crashing end at the hands of Joe Coffey one and a half years ago, with The Iron King clinging on to the title ever since. If Joe’s able to retain here, it means he will be the champion until at least October while Discovery take a short break, meaning he will break Lewis’ record in the process. Despite losing to CCK back in January, The Renegade wanted his rematch with the Gallus member, doing anything he can to ensure Joe doesn’t break his record. Expect to see Aspen Faith attempt to help his Kings of Catch buddy reclaim the gold, although it didn’t exactly work out so well the last time…


Unsanctioned Match
Theo Doros vs Christopher Saynt

Christopher Saynt and Theo Doros used to be the best of friends under the banner of The House of Saynt but after ousting Grant McIvor from the group in November, The Superior Cypriot turned his back on The Patriarch, leaving The HoS with a few spare rooms. The two wanted their hands on one another in January, something Discovery management allowed in the form of a Fatal Four Way Elimination also involving McIvor and eventual winner Kieran Kelly. Then, Saynt snapped. An ambush on Doros in the backstage area led to his suspension, but Theo wasn’t having any of it. He demanded a match with his former brother in arms but with the situation being so out of control, management have made it an Unsanctioned Match. Anything goes in the Jam House – this one could get messy folks!


Triple Threat Match
Kid Fite vs Chief Deputy Dunne vs Aspen Faith

What a match this will be! Kid Fite, Chief Deputy Dunne, and Aspen Faith all in the same ring at the same time. The Dunno who stops the fun is on a mission to, as you guessed it, stop any and all funahhh being had in wrestling. That mission brings him to Discovery Wrestling with both Fite and Faith being convicted felons of breaking rule number one – enjoying themselves. The Demolition Man has been having a right laugh alongside Krieger and Lou King Sharp, while The Hardcore Hippie has been producing top quality entertainment in the form of Kings Road. This is all far too much for Dunne to handle, with the Chief making the journey all the way up to Edinburgh to put an end to it. He may require some backup though, so expect to see Los Federales Santos Jr. and maybe even Cadet Nelson waiting on standby.


Joe Hendry vs Kieran Kelly

Despite being the number one contender for the Y Division Championship, Joe Hendry is yet to receive the title match he earned in November after defeating Timothy Thatcher. Andy Wild jumped the queue by cashing in his Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament title opportunity, and now Lewis Girvan’s hopped ahead of Joe simply because he demanded the next shot at The Iron King. The Prestigious One, angered at not being next in line, issued an open challenge for March 3rd, a challenge that has since been answered by “Shotgun” Kieran Kelly. The reigning SWA Scottish X Champion was victorious in January’s Elimination Match over Christopher Saynt, Theo Doros, and Grant McIvor, and wants another chance to prove himself to the Discovery faithful. Joe Hendry is just the man to face if he wants to do so.


Shady Nattrass vs Josh Terry

Shady Nattrass hates wrestling fans. Shady Nattrass also hates Josh Terry. The rivalry has been bubbling since early 2018, when The Franchise Player accused Josh of taking his spot within Discovery. At every opportunity he’s had, Shady has made it known how much he detests Terry. Despite Shady’s views on him, you can’t deny how successful Josh has been since arriving in Discovery. Although he may not have always been on the winning end of things, he’s had the opportunity to step in the ring with the likes of El Phantasmo, El Ligero, and Polo Promotions. On top of that, he’s been lucky enough to have been used as enhancement talent on NXT UK under the guise of Josh Morrell. 2018 was quite the year for Josh, but 2019 may be bringing a sour taste to his career if Nattrass can get the better of him here.


Also announced for this show is the Discovery return of Chris Renfrew, who hasn’t been seen since losing to Andy Wild in the finals of last year’s Hotter Than Hell. What will the former New Age Kliq leader have to say to the fans of Edinburgh?

As of writing, limited tickets can be purchased from Doors at the venue open at 3pm, with the action kicking off at 4pm!

Announced Matches
2019 Disco Derby Match for the Discovery Women’s Championship – Sammii Jayne defends against 14 other competitors
Y Division Championship – Joe Coffey (c) vs Lewis Girvan
Unsanctioned Match – Theo Doros vs Christopher Saynt
Triple Threat Match
– Kid Fite vs Chief Deputy Dunne vs Aspen Faith
Joe Hendry vs Kieran Kelly
Shady Nattrass vs Josh Terry

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